How to Make a Photo into a Wall Mural | Limitless Walls

Wall murals are a truly stunning and fun way to decorate any room or space. They are really taking the home decor industry by a storm. You can bring the gorgeous parts of your family and the world into your home or office with just a few clicks of your mouse (and a camera). To figure out how to make a wall mural from a photo, check out our tips!

Hospital Wall Art Ideas | Limitless Walls

When you think of a hospital, you most likely do not think of art or decorations. Hospitals are stereotypically bare, but this does not mean that a little bit of color or hospital wall art would not go a long way in helping your patients and patrons feel more comfortable in a place that can feel overwhelming and frightening at times. Here are some great hospital wall art ideas to help you get started.

How to Design a Restaurant Interior | Limitless Walls

Even if you have the best menu out there, the design and layout of your restaurant can either enrich or completely take away from your guests’ dining experience. As such, we know how important it is to get the interior design of your restaurant done correctly. So stop wondering how to design restaurant interior and let us give you all the points you need.

11 Primary School Wall Decoration & Wallpaper Ideas | Limitless Walls

Try decorating your primary school classroom or space with a stunning wall mural. Primary school wallpaper is a great solution for decorating your primary school at a low cost while also protecting any existing paint below. Check out these 11 primary school wall decoration and primary school wallpaper ideas below to help you find a new way to give your place some color.

15 Ideas for Church Wall Murals, Decals & Wallpaper

There are so many great options for decorating a ministry space—tons of great images that help members and congregation goers remember the blessings of faith and the doctrine in their lives. Instead of using traditional means, consider decorating with removable Chruch wallpaper, wall murals, and wall decals to give your space some lovely touch-ups. Here are 15 great ideas for church wall murals, decals and wallpaper so help you find something that will really transform your space into a heaven of worship.

9 Sunday School Wall Decal, Mural & Wallpaper Ideas

You can easily and quickly decorate your ministry spaces with our Sunday School wall decals. Pick from several different wall murals that depict Bible stories, or photos of the Bible and congregants studying the scriptures. Check out these top nine Sunday School wall decal ideas to give your ministering areas a new boost!

10 Christian Wall Mural, Decal & Wallpaper Ideas

Many churches, ministering offices, and family homes enjoy decorating their spaces with beautiful Christian artwork. Consider some ideas like a wall mural or Christian wallpapers. If you are not entirely sure just what that can entail, do not worry! We have some really stunning and interesting ideas to help you give you a starting point. Check out these 10 Christian wallpaper ideas for your space.

5 French Learning Wallpaper Ideas for Schools

If you teach French in a university or high school, you may find that decorating your room can be hard or that it feels too kiddy. You want to make sure that your classroom decoration works for your class members and is not only fun and inviting but is also functional and works as a teaching tool. To give you some suggestions, we gathered up our top five learn French wallpaper ideas to help. You will love these cool and fun ways to bring some color into your space.

8 English Learning Wallpaper Ideas for Schools

Wallpaper and wall murals can be a really helpful way to decorate a classroom for teaching how to speak English or for an English classroom in high school or college. You can use these learn English wallpaper ideas to help students practice the phrases often, or to help them remember important sentence structure elements. English learning wallpaper is an easy and fun way to decorate and it can also be functional for your teaching purposes. Check out some of our learn English wallpaper ideas below to help you find an option that will work for you teaching purposes.

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