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Kindergarten classrooms are a wonderful place to decorate, the options are endless as children as just beginning to learn basic colors, numbers, and letters. You can pick from a variety of fun and vibrant wallpapers or wall murals. Whether you pick a solid primary color or a patterned kindergarten wallpaper or a photo wall mural, finding a fun and functional kindergarten wallpaper is just a quick read away. Check out these top 10 awesome kindergarten wallpaper design ideas to turn your classroom into a fun place for your students and guests.

Solids & Stripes

One great option for kindergarten wall murals is to pick a two-tone wallpaper or to combine two solid color wallpapers into stripes. We love this idea as it can be a simple way to incorporate teaching primary colors to your students. Do not go too far overboard and use every single primary color or a rainbow of colors. This can be overwhelming to have on all four walls. Stick to two colors that complement each other like red and green or orange and blue, yellow and purple or a magenta and lime.

kindergarten wallpaper


Another great idea for kindergarten wall design is to pick a photo wall mural that shows students of kindergarten age working together or a kindergarten classroom participating in an activity. Chose something that could be familiar to your students so they recognize that moment during the day. You can put kindergarten wall murals on the wall where you hold that activity. This wall art idea is also a great way to introduce the area and space to new students. By picking a familiar activity, you can help them feel comfortable and know what to expect when they first attend your classroom.

kindergarten wallpaper

Light Colors

A simpler but still effective idea for your classroom is to use a solid color throughout. Pick a light-colored paint or a wallpaper that will come off easily. We love the idea of removable wallpaper for our kindergarten wallpaper ideas as it can make brightening and freshening up your classroom each year a lot easier than repainting. You can install the wallpaper, and then remove it at the end of the year and store in a cool, dry place if you ever wish to reuse it. Pick a light, pastel color like this option to give your room a soft glow without a blaring, in-your-face color that could make your students feel overwhelmed, especially if they have special sensory sensitivities.

kindergarten wallpaper

Play Area

A really smart kindergarten wallpaper idea is to install a wall decal that can be interactive during playtime. For example, you can install a mural that resembles a barn or house so that when the children are playing they can use that wall as part of their space. If you have a small classroom, this is a great idea as it helps you widen the range of space available for play or work.

kindergarten wallpaper


Transform your classroom in a simple way by using kindergarten wall art to brighten up the walls. Pick a fun, styled photo like this one to place in the hallway of your school or at the front desk. You can even use it on one wall in your classroom to show the endless things your students will be able to do, play, and create in your room. Pick objects that are in your classroom and style your own photo to create a custom wall mural that is personalized just to your classroom.

kindergarten wallpaper

Personal Wall Murals

Among our top kindergarten wallpaper ideas is creating your own custom wall mural or wallpaper. Pick artwork that your own students have made and transform them into unique wall murals. You can use one and cover one entire wall with it, or pick each individual child’s and have it installed over their cubbies or as a collage on one wall. Wall murals are a great solution for decorating as they do not require tape, nails or any other form of installation that could potentially ruin or damage the wall underneath it. This is a great approach, especially if you could be fined for any damage if you lease or rent your space.

kindergarten wallpaper

The Alphabet

We could not possibly have a list of kindergarten wallpaper ideas without including the alphabet. Whether you choose something funky and quirky like this one, or even if you go with a simple black and white option, you could cover an entire wall with the alphabet or pick a small section of the front of the classroom to install it. This wallpaper idea will not only give your kindergarten classroom some color, but it can also function as a learning tool throughout the day.

kindergarten wallpaper

Space & Butterflies & More!

Another great idea for decorating is to pick a subject that your students may study during the year and create or pick a wall mural in that subject to decorate with. If you study the journey of a caterpillar to a butterfly, install a wallpaper with a butterfly pattern. Or, if you focus on space and the planets, pick a wall mural such as this one to show the order of the planets. Do not forget to teach your students the song of the planets while you are at it!

kindergarten wallpaper

Art Class

If your classroom is used as a specific subject classroom like art class, you should definitely pick from among the kindergarten wallpaper ideas that are just for you! Pick a wall mural of a stunning famous work of art like Monet’s Lilies. Or pick a fun wall mural like the one below. We love that each classroom can be designed to cater to its specific subjects such as Art, Math, English, or more.

kindergarten wallpaper

Fun & Silly

Our number 10 idea for kindergarten wallpaper ideas is to just play it fun and silly. These are the best years for children and not only do you get to teach and mold them, but you also get to help them enjoy school, learning and life. You can reflect all of that in a wall mural like this one. Pick one from a stock company like LimitLess Walls and install it in the hallway, front office or at the back of your classroom. This kindergarten wallpaper idea is a fun way to show how fun kindergarten can be each and everyday spending it with your friends.

kindergarten wallpaper

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