5 Engaging School Wall Mural, Decal & Wallpaper Ideas

Published on: Dec 3, 2018 @ 18:36

Decorating a classroom or school room can sometimes be difficult or frustrating. You may find yourself moving classrooms each year, requiring that you have decorations or posters that are easy to remove and put up without a fuss. It may be that you have given up on decorating your classroom entirely because it can get frustrating or hard to make it feel inviting and exciting for your students. But we’ve solved all of that for you with these amazing school wallpaper ideas. Check out our top five engaging school wall mural, decal and wallpaper ideas below!

Top 5 Engaging School Wallpaper Ideas

Personal Art

If you run a daycare, childcare center or early childhood education center, a great way to decorate your space is to pick a piece of artwork done by one of your children or students and have it turned into a custom school wallpaper or wall mural. You can easily scan a piece of art and then upload it on LimitLess Walls to create a custom wall mural printed to the exact size you need for your wall. Once your mural has been printed, it will ship to you, where you can quickly install it with the help of a friend in just four easy steps. The great thing about these school wall murals is that they can be removed without damaging the paint underneath. So if you ever move rooms, you can easily take it down without any hassle.

school wallpaper

Full Coverage Storybook

This school wall decoration can transform any classroom from a boring space into a fun and exciting area that fosters creativity and imagination. You can take an image from a child’s book or create an image from one of your favorite stories as a child. Then upload it to LimitLess Walls to make a custom school wall decoration. You can print it to cover every single wall in the room, even including the ceiling to get full coverage.

School wall murals like this can make any guest or child in the room feel as if they have just walked into their very own storybook fairytale. Make sure that you use a trusted printer like LimitLess Walls to print your custom school wall murals so you can guarantee that it is printed on the highest quality of materials and will last you ages. Not only that, with a premium school wall mural from LimitLess Walls any amount of rubbing, kicking, scratching or more from your students will not ruin the wallpaper or cause it to fall off the wall.

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School Supplies

It is a no-brainer that we have to include these school decal ideas in our list of the top five engaging school wall decoration ideas. School supplies are such a fun way to decorate any classroom space. You can pick a school wallpaper with a pattern of pencils, markers, crayons, or more to give your space a simple and fun back drop.

Or pick school wall decals that cover up a large section of the wall but not the entire wall. Look for school wall decal ideas that have lots of bright colors so the classroom does not feel stiff or sterile like a hospital. The school wall mural below can be installed on one of your main walls that has windows (or not). You can even turn the wall mural into an interactive space—allow your students to draw and decorate birds or planes that they can then hang on the wall by the clouds. They will love being able to see their own work up on the walls and they will feel that you really appreciate their creativity.

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Subject Specific

If you do not want to go with a general school wallpaper or if you have a classroom with older students, consider school wall decoration ideas that are more specific to the subject that you teach. If you teach Chemistry, find a wallpaper that highlight some of the most common chemical reactions. Or do a school wallpaper that has beakers full of colorful liquids. A more specific subject-based school wallpaper can really turn the theme of the room to be centered around what the students are learning about the second they step into the classroom.

If you teach art, cover your walls in famous pieces of artwork like Van Gogh’s, Monet’s, or Vermeer’s. If you do not want to hang heavy picture frames or cannot hammer nails into the wall, print wall decals or wall murals of the famous pieces to install on the wall. If you teach a language course, install a school wall mural of the country’s flag like France or Spain or China, etc. Or install a map of the country to cover the entire back wall of the classroom. This kind of school wall mural is a fun and exciting way to decorate your classroom.

No matter what subject you teach, you are sure to find a wall mural that will work for your classroom.

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Formulas or Charts

A sneaky way to decorate your classroom is to decorate it with charts or formulas that you often use in your teaching. Language or English teachers or professors might consider putting up wall decals or murals that show a list of often-used transition words or every preposition. A science teacher might install a school wall mural of the periodic table like this example below.

Rather than worry about bringing these posters out for a test or every time your students sit down to write an essay, you can keep these handy helpers up all year round. Plus, they wash easily, just a damp cloth with a gentle soap. And they are even rub and scratch resistant to common wear and tear.

school wallpaper

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