5 French Learning Wallpaper Ideas for Schools

If you teach French in a university or high school, you may find that decorating your room can be hard or that it feels too kiddy. You want to make sure that your classroom decoration works for your class members and is not only fun and inviting but is also functional and works as a teaching tool. To give you some suggestions, we gathered up our top five learn French wallpaper ideas to help. You will love these cool and fun ways to bring some color into your space.

Travel Wall Mural

learn french wallpaper

Oftentimes, language learners hope to travel to a country that speaks that language. So for your French students, it is most likely that they hope to visit France. So find a travel wall mural that can incite that love of adventure in your students. This kind of learn French wallpaper can also be used to highlight famous buildings or specific landmarks in the history of the country. Find one that is not just meant to show off cool tourist spots. Pick ones that can show a timeline of the history of the country or the language. These are also important parts of learning a language so make sure to include photos or images or a learn French wallpaper that can also teach parts of the culture to your students.

Parlez-vous Francais? Mural

learn french wallpaper

Another great idea for your French classroom decorations is to get a fun sign or wall mural that says “parlez-vous Francais?” This kind of mural can be placed in the front of the room so that it is the first thing guests and students see when they enter the room as a welcome. If you do not have enough free space on your classroom walls, instead try installing the mural on the outside of your door. This can be a really great and fun idea for a high school or college so that students who might be in a hurry to their classes can quickly turn into the right classroom without skipping a beat.

One fun idea too could be to get a chalkboard wallpaper to put up on the door or wall. You can then put the “Parlez-vous Francais?” on the wallpaper or switch out the sign each day. Use the chalkboard wallpaper to update the class with homework assignments or vocabulary lists.

Conjugated Verbs Wallpaper

learn french wallpaper

For a really helpful learn French wallpaper, install a wallpaper or wall mural that outlines the conjugation of the most used verbs in the French language such as etre “to be” or avoir “to have.” Some other good verb options are aller, venir, dire, faire, pouvoir, and voir. These are all common French verbs that your students will use often, so installing a wallpaper with these conjugated verbs can help them memorize each conjugation. It will be especially helpful when they have to write essays. Do not want them to cheat during tests? Just hang a blank sheet of a poster over it.

Or take the vocabulary lists that you hand out in the entire year and turn them into a learn French wallpaper. You can create your own custom wallpaper with LimitLess Walls. You can do this by creating a fun image with the list of vocabulary words and then having it printed as a wallpaper or wall mural. You can install this on your classroom walls and cover them up during tests and exams. Having the vocab lists up in the classroom in a visible spot will help your students better memorize and learn the vocab needed to better master the French language.

Stylized Wall Mural

learn french wallpaper

This learn French wallpaper or wall mural idea is similar to the conjugated verbs and vocabulary wallpaper. Instead, you can turn the boring lists into something more stylized and pretty. Pick an image that has French vocabulary or verbs on it so that your students can learn at the same time. Make sure the image includes items that are relevant to the French language like a French dictionary, a small Eiffel Tower or other items. This can be a great way to also teach your students important parts of the culture—like what the French flag looks like!

Artistic Wall Mural

learn french wallpaper

Just like the stylized French wall mural, you can find a really fun and artistic French wall mural to turn your teaching classroom into a beautiful space. We like this learn French wallpaper idea below. It highlights some important parts of French grammar while also giving a really beautiful photograph. We highly recommend finding images for a wall mural that is both beautiful but also functional so that your students can get a breath of fresh air walking into your classroom and also learn something without hardly realizing it!

We hope these classroom decorating and learn French wallpaper ideas have given you a great place to start to get your classroom or learning space into a little bit of new feng shui. Remember to make sure that your ideas work for your student age. You do not want to use wallpaper that is for much younger audiences if you teach at a community center or university. The great thing about wallpapers and wall murals is that they are easy to remove and will not harm or destroy the paint or wall underneath. This is perfect if you do not own the space or work at a college where you might move rooms often. You can easily take down the wall mural and reuse it a few times. They are truly fabulous!

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