9 Sunday School Wall Decal, Mural & Wallpaper Ideas

Published on: Dec 20, 2018 @ 15:36

You can easily and quickly decorate your ministry spaces with our Sunday School wall decals. Pick from several different wall murals that depict Bible stories, or photos of the Bible and congregants studying the scriptures. Decorating with removable wall murals is a smart way to liven up any space. Wall murals and wallpaper can be installed in a simple four-step process and they can even be removed and reused. Check out these top nine Sunday School wall decal ideas to give your ministering areas a new boost!

Sunday School Wall Decals

A great way to decorate your ministering or study spaces is to pick large Sunday School wall murals that depict a key element of your doctrine or text. Find an image of a crucifix or the Bible to remind participants of the main focus of their Sunday lessons.

sunday school wall decals

These styled images can be created by you or you can find an image online and obtain the rights to it. If you want to take your own photo, pick items that are important to a person’s journey through the doctrine and items that might give them hope or inspiration while studying. You can then set up the items on a wooden table and take a picture from above or from the side. Pick one of the items to focus on. Check out instructions here to create your own custom Sunday School Wall art.

Another way to decorate your ministry rooms is to pick images of priests or other teachers in the process of teaching. An image like this one below is a great idea as it gives your space a label without actually saying “hey this room is for studying!”

sunday school wall decals

You can take a photo of yourself or one of your teachers using the same tips outlined above. Or find a picture of Jesus Christ teaching like from one of the stories depicted in the New Testament.

The Bible is a key element in Christian doctrine—it is the doctrine. So putting up Sunday School wall décor that shows the Bible resting on a table or bed or being used is a great way to decorate a chapel or church or Sunday School room. Studying the teachings of Christ in the Bible is an important part of gaining your own belief and faith in God and Christ, so give your members a reminder of why they come each week to learn in Sunday School and during other meetings.

sunday school wall decals

Another beautiful way to decorate with Sunday School wall decals is to pick an image like this one that marks which room is which in your ministry space. This is a genius way to decorate as it can help visitors and guests know where to go if they are wanting to participate in Sunday School. Give them a sign that isn’t boring, but beautiful like this wooden one. This kind of wall décor can be installed above a door or even on a door outside of a classroom, or on the main room in a classroom so that as soon as you walk into the room you know you are in the right spot.

sunday school wall decals

Many times, a Sunday School classroom or lesson is aimed at teaching young children, so try to include an image in the classroom of a child studying the scriptures or Bible. This can be a fun way to decorate as it can show your class participants that it is important for them to read the Bible on their own to learn themselves.

sunday school wall decals

Very often, lessons in Sunday School do not include just reading, especially for younger members. Lessons can include playing acting, coloring, and more. So another great way to decorate with Sunday School wall decals is to put up an image of children doing other kinds of activities that center around them learning more about Jesus Christ. Like this image below, you can find photos of a child drawing or coloring an image of Christ teaching one of his parables or healing the sick and poor. Find several options at LimitLess Walls, or take your own photo and then upload it to create your own custom Sunday School wall art.

sunday school wall decals

Just like the last suggestion, picking an image of children or other students participating in an activity is a good way to decorate your Sunday School ministry area. A photo like this one is a great idea. You can get several photos of children and adults learning together and put them up in a collage on one wall or throughout the room. You can put a wall mural directly onto the wall and you will not have to worry about it damaging the paint as they can be easily removed and even reused if you ever repurpose a room.

sunday school wall decals

If you have several different Sunday School classrooms based off of age, consider this Sunday School wall decal idea place a photo of that age group holding a sign that says “Sunday School” on it. If it is for teenagers, have them stand in front of a solid background in a group holding the sign. Do the same for adults, adolescents, kids, etc. This way, visitors can know exactly which classroom they should go to when it is time for Sunday School and they will not get confused.

sunday school wall decals

Our last idea for Sunday School wall decals is this beautiful idea below. Our faith can be strengthened through the help of others along with our studying the Bible. So put all of that into one image like this one. It is a truly beautiful reminder and symbol of everything that we need in life to be happy and get back to God.

sunday school wall decals

We hope you enjoy these Sunday School wall decal ideas and that you are able to find one that will suit your needs and audience. Remember to pick something that helps your congregants or inspires them. Pick something that is functional and beautiful and inspiring at the same time.

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