Alphabet Wall Mural, Decal & Wallpaper Ideas for Classroom

Published on: Dec 14, 2018 @ 15:56

You can find a wallpaper for just about all of your needs today. With fun images and better materials than older wallpapers, you can install a modern wallpaper or wall mural that is not only stunning, but functional and even removable. Oh, did we also mention it can be reusable?! These new kinds of wallpapers can make decorating a home, office, or classroom far easier than ever before. If you are looking for a fun way to decorate your classroom or daycare center, using a wallpaper, wall mural or wall decals that display the alphabet is a really smart and fun way to decorate. We have collected our favorite alphabet wall decals and alphabet wall decal ideas to give you a place to start with for designing your space.


A typical and traditional approach to decorating your space is to find a large alphabet wall mural of the entire ABC’s in the familiar shapes of the magnetic ones you often find on a home refrigerator. This alphabet wall décor is a great idea for a classroom or daycare center with its bright colors. If you want, stick with the primary colors and use it to not only teach the alphabet to your students or children, but to also teach them the primary colors. Or, pick a black and white approach so it can easily work with any decorations that already exist in your classroom.

alphabet wall decals


If you want a more artistic solution for decorating your space, we enjoy this fun alphabet wall art. Find one of our alphabet wallpapers that has the full alphabet in a fun shape or material. Imagine something like wood, tiles, people or other forms. Think about those posters or name plates where you can see photos of letters in hidden places throughout the city. This is a fun and unique way to decorate with an alphabet wall decal. This kind of idea can be used in not just a space where you would imagine teaching the alphabet happens, but could be put up in a nursery or office.

alphabet wall decals


Maybe you don’t run a daycare center or teach young children, maybe you teach a nutritional course or need something fun for a café or cooking space to decorate. If so, we have other alphabet wall decal ideas for you like this one below. Pick your café name and find letters shaped with food or drinks like this alphabet wall decal below to hang on your wall. These kinds of alphabet wall decals can be really cool for decorating as they have lots of fun textures and beautiful colors to transform any space into a piece of art.

alphabet wall decals


For a more abstract approach to decorating with alphabet wall decals is to find a fun image or photo like this one below. This is a really fun and pretty way to decorate and is not too childish and could work for an older audience. Use it for a writing course or English classroom for high school students (or even English as a second language). For younger audiences, the focus is on teaching the actual alphabet, for older audiences, the foundation of the alphabet is already been learned, but that foundation is now used to create sentences and words that form so many other things. Understanding how they all work together is the next step, which makes these kinds of alphabet wallpapers a fun way to decorate a room where you teach writing or reading.

alphabet wall decals


For some different alphabet wall decals, consider an image such as the one below to decorate a room with or to frame. Instead of putting the alphabet on display, you can show off just how you teach or what you teach in your classroom or center. This is a good idea for showing parents or visitors some of your teaching processes or curriculum so they can feel more involved. If you cannot find an image that you like in our large library of images, take your own photo and upload it and we can print a custom wall mural for you to install. They are easy to go up and even easier to come down in case you ever switch classrooms or spaces.

alphabet wall decals


Another great idea for alphabet wall decals is a typewriter alphabet wall mural. This kind of alphabet wallpaper can be put up in a typing classroom or a printing shop. Or, if you run an antique store, you can put it up to give your customers a fund historical looking piece or wall art. This is a great decoration idea especially as it is in black and white and can pair very easily with other existing décor, or as a good foundation to build upon. With such beautiful and sleek lines, you could use this alphabet wallpaper in a home office to create a fun black and white theme.

alphabet wall decals

Print Shop

If you run a print shop or magazine or newspaper, consider one of these alphabet wallpapers below. Pick an alphabet wall mural of the traditional pieces of printing pieces. These small metal pieces are the literal building blocks for magazines and newspapers and a reusable mural of them can be a really fun and pretty way to decorate with. These alphabet wall decals can be reused and removed and will not damage the wall beneath.

alphabet wall decals

Wooden Blocks

This alphabet wall decal is a really sweet and charming way to decorate a childcare center or even a nursery. The bright colors can be used throughout the room in the linens and other decorations.

alphabet wall decals


If you want reusable alphabet wall decals, go with a seasonal approach. Find several different wall murals that you can switch out for each season or holiday. Pick the first letter of your last name or do the full alphabet depending upon where you install this alphabet wallpaper. The texture the image provides is a really great way to decorate a home, office or classroom with. Plus, you can take it down and reuse it each year.

alphabet wall decals

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