8 More Wall Art Ideas to Spruce up your Bathroom

Published on: Apr 8, 2018 @ 18:25

It's easy to spend lots of time taking care of bedrooms, kitchens, and living areas when it comes to decor. There is endless inspiration online and in magazines to pour over and perfect that space in your home. More difficulty lies in decorating the bathroom. With little space and lots of items that need storage, your inspiration may be running low. No matter what your style is, there is a solution to decorate your bathroom that perfectly matches your vision. You don't have do an entire renovation to be able to revamp this space in your home.

Learn how to add style at an affordable price and with little effort with these ideas. Before you start, you'll want to clean your bathroom from top to bottom. You'd be surprised how much this room can get neglected when it comes time to clean! The next step is to declutter. Get storage baskets for toiletries, consider adding shelves for additional storage if your bathroom is lacking. Below is a guide of inspiration for your bathroom for all different styles.

Adding a wall mural to your bathroom can immediately give the space a brand new feel! Wall murals from LimitLess Walls are peel-and-stick, so they're hassle free. Don't worry about getting your paint brush and spending a whole day on this project, when a wall mural can take minutes. Forget your grandmother's wallpaper that took a professional to apply without going crazy. Removable wallpaper simply requires a clean, uniform surface and you can peel the back layer off the wallpaper and stick onto your wall!

Ideas to Spruce Up Your Bathroom Wall Art Decor

bathroom wall art ideas
 Wood wallpaper is a great option to add a vintage twist to your bathroom. It makes the space feel much more chic and updated, especially with the mirrors and sconce lighting.
bathroom wall art ideas
A world map is an eye-catching addition to any space. Bring in decor inspired by the sea, your travels, or adventure to really bring the room to life. When paired with the white and blue elements in this room, it feels clean, bright, and airy!
bathroom wall art ideas
Flowers are always a great go-to when searching for the right removable wallpaper. They have a vintage feel, but are extremely trendy and modern when paired with eclectic fixtures. This print is feminine, and Victorian-era inspired
bathroom wall art ideas
This floral pattern gives a different, more cozy and classic feel. The black and white florals with gold fixtures show elegance. With a busier print, it's important to keep decor to a minimum. It can be hard to keep a bathroom counter clean, but you don't want to feel cluttered and overwhelmed when walking in!
bathroom wall art ideas
Palm trees are a fun and exciting display in a bathroom. With a smaller space, you don't have to worry about overwhelming the room. Palms are always welcome, no matter the location of your home! Pair with gold, straw baskets and decor, and pops of color.
bathroom wall art ideas
A stylish, graphic pattern is another alluring option in a bathroom. It needs very little decor, especially like in an accent wall shown above.
bathroom wall art ideas
An ocean-inspired wallpaper is perfect for the beach lover in your home! Add other beach-inspired decor and colors like light blue and coral, and choose a piece of driftwood for another natural element as a decoration piece.
bathroom wall art ideas
A natural texture like this linen-inspired wallpaper is earthy and gorgeous in this bathroom. It demands little else to accompany the walls. With a vintage sink pedestal, this room is complete!
You'll master your bathroom in no time with a quick and easy addition of removable wallpaper. It's easy to see how they can transform a room without paint, or even many decor elements. Make your job easier by incorporating a wall mural into your bathroom.

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