Counting Art & Wallpaper Ideas for Classroom Wall

Published on: Dec 19, 2018 @ 15:46

Decorating a small classroom for early childhood education can often times feel overwhelming, with so many different ideas out there. Sometimes, however, these ideas can be unhelpful in the child’s actual learning process. Instead of using simple artwork to decorate your room or daycare center, use counting wallpaper that can be functional and fun at the same time. We have found some of the best examples of counting wallpaper to help give you a start on decorating your space. You will love these amazing wall mural ideas!

Familiar Objects

counting wallpaper

One great idea for decorating your space is to pick counting wall art ideas that use familiar objects. Like this example above, you can use a photo of fridge magnet numbers, something that your students most likely have in their own home! Find flash cards or counting tiles that you often use throughout your teaching in the classroom or at home and take a picture of them. Use a good camera, and then upload your photo to create a custom wall mural. If you cannot take your own photo, you can find something here at Limitless Walls that will be perfect for your classroom.

Familiar objects area smart choice as it can help your students and the children you watch feel at home with items that they recognize. This solution is smart as often times, younger children might struggle with separation and may want to see familiar objects that remind them of home.

Young Children

counting wallpaper

Another great idea for decorating your space is to use counting wall art that includes children. If you used wall art with just adults it might be the wrong message for your audience. So pick photos that show young kids learning with a teacher or a parent. Make sure that the image includes counting resources. These kind of images give your students and visitors a visual representation of the fun and importance of counting and how it can further their education.

Pick an image that has high quality, generally a jpeg or tiff file that has a 2000 x 2000 resolution size with a 300 dpi. This will guarantee that your photo will print clearly and will be sharp and not blurry.

Counting Hands

counting wallpaper

Another great solution for decorating your classroom or daycare center is to use a counting wallpaper with counting hands. What young child has not used their hands to count before? Just about everyone has, and this cool counting wallpaper below can show the kids just how to count up to five with their hands! With the image of the human hands plus the colorful ones will give your room a really fun bright piece of wall art.


counting wallpaper

We love this counting wall art! Robots are something that lots of young children love and this image is such a fun way to remind them which number comes after the next. To help decorate, pick an image that has robots for wallpaper with corresponding numbers. If you cater to a different audience, or you know the favorite items of one of your kids, pick a different item and set up your own photo to decorate with like this one above.

This kind of image is simple, but can be a fun and sweet way to decorate your space with. It is colorful and bright and will give your classroom a fun option for a background space. With an image like this one, you will even have a lot of space to post flyers or other important information for parents. Or, use on day in art and let your students create their own paper robot to add to the counting wallpaper.

Student & Teachers

counting wallpaper

Another great idea for decorating your room is to use an image that includes both teachers and students learning counting together. This image is a great example as it shows a classroom setup and a student learning how to count with a fun and colorful abacus. Different kinds of counting wallpaper ideas should always include images of counting resources, whether it is the abacus, calculator, hands or something else. Make sure your wallpaper has items that the students will recognize and be familiar with.

Counting Collage

counting wallpaper

This counting wall mural is another way to showcase different resources for conducting math and learning to count. Like this example below, find several different photos that you like and put them up in a collage on one wall of the room. Make sure that you use an odd number of photos, and pick ones that are all edited with the same color filter or have similar colors in each photo. You want to have an overall vibe or theme to your collage and picking a consistent color theme in your photos is the best way to accomplish this.

Counting Poster

counting wallpaper

A simpler counting wallpaper idea is to find a poster of the numbers zero through nine. This is a simple idea as you can use a white background with just colored numbers. A counting wallpaper like this will blend in seamlessly with the wall behind it, making the numbers stick out in a very bold and bright fashion. If you do not want a rectangular wall mural, you can instead pick wall decals and put them up throughout the room, or put them up in a line like this below.

We hope that any of these counting wallpaper ideas will help get your creative juices going and help you find another great idea for decorating your classroom or daycare center.

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