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Building and designing a restaurant can be an overwhelming project, but it can also be fun. You most likely already have the food side of things down pat, why else would you be here then?! But it might be that while you have the food and chef side of things a-okay, designing your actual restaurant may still be a hurdle. Even if you have the best menu out there, the design and layout of your restaurant can either enrich or completely take away from your guests’ dining experience. With awkward seating arrangements or hideous decorations, you could end up pushing customers away rather than inviting them in. As such, we know how important it is to get the interior design of your restaurant done correctly. So stop wondering how to design restaurant interior and let us give you all the points you need.

how to design restaurant interior

First off, do not be afraid to ask for help. If you are a chef at heart and in training, be willing to hire an interior designer or architect to help you with the building side of things. They are trained in this and will know what to look for better than you might. Knowing some of the key points for how to design restaurant interior will also be beneficial to you as you move forward or for when you are looking for someone to help out.

If you are starting a restaurant that will be serving ethnic food, it will make the most sense to decorate according to that culture. How many times have we walked into an ethnic restaurant and heard 80s music on the radio or seen decorations iconic to Texas hanging on the walls? It can feel jarring to diners if they walk in expecting an experience but still feel like they have not even left their state. Pick decorations that are traditional to the culture or region of your food. Maybe they even have specific seating arrangements, use that. For example, many sushi restaurants will have individual rooms with floor seating with pillows rather than a table and chairs. Make sure to remind guests to leave their shoes at the door!

Aside from the theme or locale of your restaurant, color can play a huge part in decorating. Color has a huge impact on our brains, just think of McDonald’s with their iconic golden arches or the fact that most fast food joints use red in their logos. Red whets the appetite. This does not mean you need to splash oxblood paint over your walls, but remember how important color is when picking out wallpaper or artwork for your restaurant. Be sure to find wall murals or wallpaper that is warm and inviting.

how to design restaurant interior

The great thing about wallpaper and wall murals today is that they are far cheaper than so many other options on the market for design. Subway tile and wooden panels are a big hit right now with restaurants and cafes but they can be extremely expensive to purchase and have installed. A great alternative is to use removable premium wallpaper or a wall mural. Most wallpaper today is made from top-of-the-line vinyl that can last years of wear and tear and never tear or scratch or smudge. Plus, it can be removed without damaging the paint or existing wall décor in case your lease ends or you change your mind on your decorations. Even better, some wallpapers you can even reuse with a few times, so do not throw it away just yet.

how to design restaurant interior

Instead of paying an arm and a leg for that beautiful honeycomb tile design, pick a textured wallpaper that mimics the look at a fraction of the price of real tile. Want something more rustic like wooden panels? We still have you covered with textured wallpaper.

how to design restaurant interior

Do not forget too, that you can use wallpaper or removable wall murals as artwork. If your restaurant is focused on exquisite fine dining and you wish to decorate with stunning fine art, you do not have to invest in actual prints of artwork. Instead, get a wall mural to cover an entire wall, or just a part and throw a frame over it. Wall murals like this a better solution than purchasing several framed pieces of art as you can save far more money and still have the option of not using nails or frames and still have the choice to move things around without damaging walls with removable wallpaper.

how to design restaurant interior

Another important key to remember while you are discussing how to design restaurant interior

Is music. As we mentioned above, music can affect the entire tone and ambiance of a restaurant. You do not want disco pop blaring as your guests are trying to have an intimate night out for their 50th anniversary. Neither do you want to have Brahms or Chopin playing while your servers are skating around serving hot wings and French fries. During slow times at a restaurant, the background and music of the room can become very blatant and picking the right kind of music and décor can really affect a customer’s experience. Background music can also help employees enjoy their time while they are working hard. Some research has shown that rock music in pizzerias can help increase the number of orders, while classical music helps turn customers more towards finer foods.

Do not forget too that the smell of a restaurant will affect your overall success. This is especially important when it comes to restrooms. How often have you gone to a fine establishment only to use the restroom and practically run out gagging? Do not forget the importance of carrying your restaurant décor into the restrooms and keeping the smells at a minimum. Pick florals and candles that will help heighten the good smells of the kitchen like tuberoses and make sure to have potpourri in the bathroom or at least a could number of air fresheners and workers who will keep it tidy. Bathroom maintenance should be just as important as kitchen maintenance.

how to design restaurant interior

As for how to design restaurant interior layout, visual cues are important. You still need to be proactive about selling your goods, so you will need to create a visual pathway for your customers. There are specific points of a restaurant that are more observed by customers, so where you put the chairs and tables is important. A hostess’ stand is often pondered over, so rather than have buckets of cutlery needing to be wrapped in napkins, display bottles of wines or sweets; display the merchandise.

how to design restaurant interior

Although these are just a few suggestions to remember for how to design restaurant interior, always remember to consult a professional on any points you are unsure of. They know exactly how to help you get the best out of your space while also enticing customers to come back for more.

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