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Wall murals are a truly stunning and fun way to decorate any room or space. They are really taking the home decor industry by a storm. You can bring the gorgeous parts of your family and the world into your home or office with just a few clicks of your mouse (and a camera). To figure out how to make a wall mural from a photo, check out our tips below.

how to make a wall mural from a photo

Picking the Right Image

To know how to make a photo into a wall mural, you will want to start with picking the right image. This can mean looking at an image you already have--please make sure that you own the rights to the image, this means you have taken the photo personally, or under "rights reserved" for an image, it states "commercial use" or that you have bought the image from a reputable site. Generally, if you had a family photo shoot taken, and you pay the photographer, you now own the rights to print the image.

how to make a wall mural from a photo

Once you have confirmed that you own the rights to the image, the next step for how to make a wall mural from a picture is to pick the right image. Pick an image that has the right effect on you and your guests. You do not want an image that can get old quickly or doesn't fit the atmosphere of the room. If you are decorating a library or home office, pick an image that can help calm your mind and focus your creativity.

If you are decorating a child's bedroom, pick an image of something they love. The great thing about wall murals is that even though kids' interests or tastes may change often, you can remove and install a wall mural quickly and without damaging the wall underneath. If they love to play music, choose an image of their favorite instrument, or a piece of music. Do they love sports? Install a photo of a surfer catching a beautiful wave. Does your little girl love Disney or fairy-tales? Search for an image in our large library of her favorite bedtime story or of a fairy-tale castle.

how to make a wall mural from a photo

There truly are endless options for how to make a picture into a wall mural. We have a library of thousands upon thousands of images that are sure to fit into whatever situation, room, or interests that you have.

Taking a Photo

how to make a wall mural from a photo

If you want to use your own work or take a photo and turn it into a personal wall mural, you will need to know a few things before just willy-nilly taking a photo. You do not need a high-end professional camera to take a high-quality photo for your wall mural, but you do need to make sure that the image is taken with the right amount of megapixels. Most point and shoot cameras have about 12-20 megapixels, whereas a DSLR or professional camera has 18-36. The more amount of pixels your camera has, the larger image you can get out of your camera, which, if you want to install a wall mural on a large space, you will need more megapixels otherwise your photo will be grainy.

Once you have a camera that has enough megapixels, there are a few things to know when taking your image: lighting, ISO, aperture. Most cameras have an aperture-priority setting. We suggest using this setting as it can be more confusing to set the aperture than most aspects of an image. Once the camera has the aperture set, you will want to set the ISO. The higher the ISO the more light that comes in but also the grainier it will be. So . . . take the image during the day. It is always easier to take an image during the day if you are an amateur with a camera.

how to make a wall mural from a photo

After the ISO, lighting, and aperture, make sure that the camera is steady and use the autofocus. You can use a tripod to keep the camera steady, or set it down on a solid, flat surface and use the timer to take your photo. Then voila! Now you can upload your image to LimitLess Walls and turn it into your very own custom wall mural.


Uploading & Printing

To upload a photo, go to and click on "custom mural." You will be directed to a page where you can upload your image. On this page you will click on "browse for image" and then you can select the image from your computer. You will then select the size, materials, and any other extra options.

how to make a wall mural from a photo

We have default sizes from Small, Medium or Large. Our smallest option is 7.4 feet wide by 4.10 feet high. The largest default option is 12 feet wide by 7.12 feet high. If your wall, door, window, or space does not fit into one of our default options, we also give you the choice of putting in your custom size. And do not worry, we know to give it a few inches either way for cutting it down to fit your space.

Out of our materials, you can pick from a standard fabric, non-adhesive paper, non-adhesive vinyl, premium canvas, or non-adhesive canvas. Our non-adhesive materials require a paste for installation, whereas our standard fabric and premium canvas are both peel and stick.

how to make a wall mural from a photo

Our additional options for our materials include a protective top coat, or the ability to change your image into black and white or flip it. The last two are done at no extra cost to you.

Once you have selected the size, material and additional options you can then purchase your photo. Now you know how to make a wall mural from a photo. We told you it would be easy!

If you have any questions, you can contact a LimitLess Walls' representative and we can help you get your photo turned into your very own, unique wall mural.

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