17 Great Accent Wall Ideas for Your Kitchen

17 Great Accent Wall Ideas for Your Kitchen

17 Unique Kitchen Accent Wall Ideas

Want to add some pizzazz to your tired, outdated kitchen? Maybe you want to brighten up a breakfast nook with a splash of color. Trying to figure out what to do with the décor of your kitchen can be challenging, especially as the kitchen tends to be the social focal point of your home. Why not try one of our wall murals to add a dash of excitement to your culinary creative space. Here are some kitchen accent wall and DIY kitchen wall art ideas!

English Country

A traditional and cozy interior design idea for your kitchen is the English Country style. With pretty grays, brick, and wooden accents, English Country is a classic style that will last decades. Stick with a neutral palette and then pick smaller pieces to bring in color like vases of flowers. Especially roses or peonies. Display vintage bread boxes, baskets, and rustic, wooden cutting boards.


A lately trending interior design theme for kitchen spaces is tropical. With bold and bright colors, a tropical style can make your kitchen accent wall stand out exquisitely and uniquely. To get this look, pick a fun wallpaper in a botanical print and then pair it with simple cabinets. You can fill your shelves and the rest of the space with items to match your tropical jungle theme. Think bamboo or rattan bar stools, baskets for fruit, straw rugs, and lots of wooden bowls and cups.

Hacienda Style

With so many new removable wallpaper options, achieving an exotic style is a lot easier today. You can pick from a myriad of wallpapers to give your kitchen accent wall a stunning design. Find a wallpaper that mimics mosaic tiles or an antique-looking tile pattern requisite of warm summer days spent on the porch. You can pick white pieces to stand out from the wallpaper. Use floating shelves, so you don't detract from the lovely wallpaper design.


Many people are drawn to the clean lines and brightness of modern styles, so we are including it here! As a favorite design, a modern approach to your kitchen can give you a sleek and stunning design. Subway tile or other kinds of tile for your backsplash are a truly wonderful and fun way to add texture and a spotlight to your room. If you don't want to install tile or pay for it, go with a wallpaper that mimics tiling. You don't have to keep your cabinets white to be modern. Pick a tonal gray to match your tile or pick cabinets in a fun color like a light sage green. To warm up the white hues, choose warm brass fixtures.


kitchen with cabinets covered with wooden print wall murals and printed concrete custom wall murals

Texture isn't just a thing for textiles. You can bring texture into your kitchen through tile, rugs, but even through wallpaper. Lots of removable wallpapers have options that mimic some of our favorites like brick, wood paneling, stone, and more. Moreover, wallpaper isn't just always for the walls. Try installing wallpaper on the cabinets that will pair well with your flooring, then get another wallpaper to complement your cabinets to put on your backsplash. Removable wallpaper is a great interior design idea for kitchens because it won't ruin your walls or cabinets underneath. That way, if you ever want to change up your design or have to move, they come off so quickly!

Black & Whitecustom black and white kitchen back splash wall murals

Black and white will forever be one of the great interior design ideas for kitchens, no matter what century you're in. With white cabinets, you can install black countertop and use black handles on cabinets. Pick a fun wallpaper in a black and white pattern and go crazy with it. Choose small pieces throughout the kitchen to bring in color like a vase of flowers or dishware.

Rusticinterior design ideas for kitchen

Another great interior design idea for kitchen spaces is rustic. You don't need to go full-on barnyard, but think exposed beams and French-styled cabinets with dark fixtures. Wooden pantry doors and warm mahogany window frames can bring lovely warmth into the room. Keep your palette neutral and then use rugs, upholstery, and other small pieces to bring in color. Vintage Turkish rugs are stunning in a space like this.


shabby-chic vintage style dining area

For an exquisite kitchen design, pick out pieces of reclaimed wood or restoration hardware to give your space a special remodel. Buffets or china cabinets made from reclaimed wood or whitewashed are perfect for a space like this. Install a chandelier over the dining table or a rack of copper pots over the island. Bring in traditional bouquets in Romanesque vases and richly decorated lighting.

French Vineyard

tuscany countryside kitchen wall mural art

Among our favorite interior design ideas for kitchen spots is the French vineyard look. With contrasted vibrant and dark colors, you can turn your cooking space into your own weekend getaway. With dark wooden cabinets, a copper range hood, and hanging copper pots are great design ideas. To turn this into a vineyard, install a wall mural with removable wallpaper that resembles the very vineyard you're trying to recreate.

Tuscany Villa


Similar to the French vineyard is the Tuscany Villa design idea. Tiling and stone floors can be warmed up with rugs and copper or brass finishings. Dark cabinets in cherry wood or painted black can create the perfect background for fun pieces like hen figurines or exquisite vases. To finish the look, install wallpaper with a textured print like sponging. Use your appliances and pots and pans to bring in more color like red dutch ovens.

If a full themed kitchen is too much for your vision, here are some ideas for accent walls to give your kitchen some life!

Warm Accents with a Splash of Colortaupe chartreuse pattern

One of the most popular color schemes for kitchens this year is brown or earth tones on the walls with white cabinetry. Make a bold statement on your accent kitchen wall by adding one of the hot colors this year, chartreuse. This mural ties in those popular browns, whites, and a splash of chartreuse.

Subtle Two-Tone Patternmod_rococo_wallpaper_mural.1484919522

Alternatively, for a subtler pattern, yet still, a striking kitchen accent wall color, try this Mod Rococo wallpaper displaying lovely chocolate brown patterns on a taupe background. It's modern yet has a bit of feminine flair.

Coffee Breakfast Nookcoffee collage

Coffee beans are definitely one of our favorite kitchen wall art ideas! Have a kitchen breakfast nook, but it needs a fun and inviting look? Our Coffee Lovers Collage wall mural is perfect for that java-loving family member. What a great way to wake up and enjoy a tasty bite of breakfast while sipping on a steaming cup of liquid sunshine.

Stone Accents for Added Charm

stone wall

Many love the look of brick or stone in their home, but if you're budget conscious, why not try one of our stone wall murals? With brick or stone, it adds a welcomed, inviting warmth to any kitchen at a fraction of the cost that the real stuff would cost. Plus, if you want to change it up, our murals are removable and can be reused throughout the home.


Tying in those popular earthy colors, try adding a bold geometric pattern to pep up that dull, old kitchen. Using several colors in the same color scheme can break up a plain, white wall and add an exciting conversation piece as your guests mingle in your kitchen.

Retro Fun

mom's diner

If you're looking for a bit of nostalgia with your accent kitchen wall, try this timeworn diner sign mural. Reminiscent of the colorful and bold 50's-style road signs, anyone who loves the looks of a more innocent age will surely like this.

Bring the Outdoors Insidemossy stones

Another hot shade in kitchen accent wall color ideas is gray. Gray looks sleek, modern, and clean, but sometimes you want to bring in a smidgen of color to add some striking intensity to your kitchen. Mother Nature is the perfect artist to create a natural, bold statement to your kitchen accent wall.

We hope we've ignited your creativity with just a few ideas to liven up that tired kitchen. With Limitless Wall murals, the possibilities are endless.

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