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7 Cool Space and Galaxy Wall Mural Ideas

7 Cool Space and Galaxy Wall Mural Ideas

If you’re looking for a statement wall that will wow your guests and inject a sense of personality into your space, you’ve come to the right place! Our space and galaxy wall mural collection offers unique, out of this world home décor that’s sure to elevate the style of any room in your home. There’s no better way to take your home’s interior design to the next level than by adding a spectacular galaxy mural wallpaper. View our full collection and start shopping for the stars, or check out some inspiration photos below to start planning your own custom wall mural design.

  1. For a classic look that will add a pop of color, try something like this galaxy mural wallpaper. Its saturated hues are bright enough to create a focal point in your home while the image is subdued enough that it won’t overpower the rest of your decor. Impress your family and friends with a statement wall that stands out and packs a punch. Featuring a captivating starry night sky in the Milky Way, this galaxy wall mural is happy to sit in the background while offering a touch of whimsy to your room.

space mural of pink-purple nebula and star field

  1. Your guests will enjoy looking for the Big Dipper, their favorite constellations, and even the North Star on a realistic mural like this one. Add some of the most famous constellations, like Ursa Major and Ursa Minor—also known as the Big Dipper and Little Dipper—to your home with a mural from Limitless Walls. Our full collection offers hundreds of high-resolution space and galaxy images optimized to print a clear, photorealistic home mural.

big and little dipper constellations

  1. A child’s bedroom is the perfect place for play when it means kids can take a trek into space, traveling to the moon featured on their space wall mural. Gather your team of astronauts and set off on an outer space adventure with themed game nights that will keep your family entertained for hours. This mural’s inspiring qualities and out of this world presentation make it perfect for game rooms and children’s bedrooms.

a pair of astronauts on the moon with earth in the sky behind them

  1. Space wallpapers can be a learning opportunity when they feature the solar system—create a space wall mural design with a labeled Milky Way solar system diagram. Children will feel like young astronomers learning about the galaxy while enjoying a cool statement wall in their home.
  2. For a space wallpaper mural that really makes an impact and gets the imagination going, consider a design featuring the captivating beauty of Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, or some other faraway planet. In a home office, the stimulating energy of a space wall is sure to get your creative juices flowing. For a wall mural that the whole family can enjoy, consider placing your new space mural in a family game room.

  1. Premium wall murals from Limitless Walls are as versatile as they are rich in color and can be used on a number of surfaces. This ceiling mural creates a mesmerizing setting for home theaters or movie nights. Perfect for living rooms, children’s bedrooms, home theaters, and a number of other spaces, these space wallpaper murals evoke a sense of wonder and amazement with their bold colors and vivid imagery.

ceiling mural with galaxies, planets, and stars

  1. Design a mural that mimics a clear, starry night sky to enjoy a night under the stars that don’t require mosquito nets and bug spray. Transform your ceiling and sleep under the stars every night with this cool ceiling space mural. Grab the flashlights and sleeping bags for a fun date night idea or an indoor family camping trip. Watch your favorite movie under the stars without worrying about the noise that comes with the outdoor viewing experience. The only thing missing is the movie snacks, so grab your popcorn and settle in for a Netflix marathon in a location that just can’t be beaten!

black mural with star field

Easy to apply and easy to remove, Limitless Walls products are safe for every wall in your home. Limitless Walls are the low commitment solution to revamping your space at an unbeatable price and without damaging your walls. Our high-quality materials ensure that your photorealistic Milky Way mural will last for years to come without ever fading.

Not only are these removable, but our self-adhesive products are also reusable. If you plan on moving or want the ability to switch out designs through the year, rest assured your new space wallpaper mural can go wherever you do. When it comes time to swap your space wallpaper mural for a galaxy wall mural, carefully remove the wallpaper to avoid tears. Store it while you enjoy a change of scene and reinstall it in another room or save it for future use. The self-adhesive wallpaper can then be reinstalled in the same way it was originally applied.

Available in standard small, medium, and large sizes, our murals are easy to shop no matter the size of your wall. If our standard sizes aren’t quite what you’re looking for, you can also shop for a custom-sized wall. Every wall mural from Limitless Walls is available in five different materials including standard fabric, premium canvas, and non-adhesive canvas. If you’re not sure what material will work best for your space, contact one of our customer service experts to learn more about the options available.

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