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Bathroom Makeover with Wallpaper Ideas

Bathroom Makeover and Wallpaper Ideas

While the bathroom may not be the room we spend the most time in, it certainly is one where we tend to most want serenity and relaxation. Perhaps your bathroom is looking tired and outdated. Below, we've provided some spark of inspiration to get you on your way.

Tasteful and Elegant

black wallpaper with light gray abstract designs in the background

If you're looking for a classy look for your guest bathroom, gray coloring will be up your alley. Now you may think that gray is dull and boring but think of it in terms of polished silver or stainless steel. For a clean, yet sophisticated look, paint three of the four walls a light shade of gray that matches the fanciful pattern in our Black Damask Wallpaper. While the wallpaper is dark, by using it as an accent wall in your guest bathroom, the pattern won't make the room seem smaller. Add a few highly polished fixtures, some shiny faux jewels in a hurricane sconce, and you'll have the makings of a conversational piece for your guests.

Spicy Opulence

wallpaper with gold designs similar to snakes

Gold is a classic color scheme and often used in bathroom fixtures. Try spicing up those golden fixtures with our Gold-Brown Paisley Wallpaper! Make it part of your bathroom makeover—take some of that rich brown stippled with gold and put it on the walls. Alternatively, have three simple walls and make this a feature wall. It'll pop! For a bit of artistic flair, try laying pieces of gold leaf in either a specific pattern or as a faux chair railing. You could even cover some wainscoting with gold leaf if you feel like splurging to add a level of opulence to your bathroom. Your guests will feel like they've entered the Taj Mahal after seeing this special treatment.

Rustic Charm

six horizontal medium dark brown wall boards

If you love the warmth and welcoming styles of rustic country charm, try our Brown Wooden Planks in your next bathroom makeover for some homespun beauty. Break up the color and keep your bathroom from being too dark by applying the wallpaper to the bottom half of the room. Then the top half paint with an airy shade of white or cream. Follow up some shelving using wooden planks with raw edges. Wood accents will help enhance that country style! Follow up on your design with some creative lighting—take some old lanterns, and with a bit of re-wiring, you can give your bath some campfire fun.

Oriental Delight

wallpaper of minimalist green branch with two sparrows on a cream colored background

It seems no matter what decorating fads or trends come and go, the Oriental Style Bamboo Wall Mural will complement any décor. With its light and airy design, you can easily complete this mural with nearly any color and style. With bamboo not being a very dark color, any accents using it will not overpower the beauty of your bathroom makeover wallpaper. Using the green in the featured wallpaper can give you splashes of color to your bathroom. Try using green for window treatments or floor accents to add a pop of color to this bright wallpaper. Or if you love flowers, look for some cherry blossom branches in the silk flower department at your local craft store. These blossoms are often featured in many Asian inspired decorations.

Venetian Bathhouse

wallpaper of a light and dark tan venetian style mosaic tile wall

The Venetians knew how to decorate their bathrooms—lavishly! With this Stone Tile Wallpaper, you too can have that luxury as your bathroom makeover wallpaper. Make a feature wall from this beautiful wall mural. Try some glass sconces or lighting trimmed in gold to tie in the lush colors from the tile. To break up the pattern, try installing a tile border in the middle of the wall that complements one of the darker colors in this pattern. Finish off the room with marble flooring (or faux marble) to give it that elegant Roman finish.

Beach Escape

beach wall mural with clear water, clouds on the horizon, a white beach, and green palm trees

Anyone who enjoys escaping to your bathroom for a relaxing soak or energizing shower will sure appreciate the bathroom makeover wallpaper idea. Turn your bathroom into a tropical oasis with our Palm Tree Paradise Wall Mural. Add some live tropical plants or other greenery to give your bathroom that island feeling. Add candles as accents, which, along with this mural, adds to the spa-like atmosphere. To add some depth to the bathroom, add some floor-length mirrors, which will make your unique bathroom feel so much larger. Add a few woven reed or grass rugs to finish off that beach getaway.

Rainforest Rendezvous

hidden forest waterfall with mossy rocks wallpaper

Imagine the lush rainforest surrounding you as you sink slowly into your luxurious tub. With our Blue Waterfall Wall Mural, you can create your own rainforest rendezvous perfect for escaping the daily grind of work. With this bathroom makeover wallpaper, you have so many options to make that ideal oasis in your home. To give a nearly realistic tropical feel, try adding a waterfall showerhead to gently wash away the day's grit and stress. For a healing addition, if you're redoing the floor in your bathroom, take polished river rock giving your feet some delightful acupressure as you stroll through your bathroom. For a waterfall feel, try swapping out your bathtub faucet with one that dispenses water similarly to waterfalls. The sound is soothing, and the faucet can be a beautiful accent to the bathroom makeover. Much like the beach escape, by adding some mirrors, you can add spaciousness to any bathroom space while surrounding yourself in the lush rainforest.

Here's some extra inspiration if you need it; all of these are real-life bathrooms!

No matter what style or trend you choose for your bathroom makeover wallpaper, you can easily add your own style or flair to this often-ignored room. Decorating with a bathroom wallpaper makeover doesn't have to be expensive. With some shopping at your local thrift shops, yard sales, and even craft stores, you can accent that new wallpaper for any style or taste. We have wallpapers and murals for any décor. The only limit is your imagination.

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