how to make a wall mural from a photo

How to Blow Up Photos and Turn Them into Wall Art

How to Blow Up Photos and Turn Them into Wall Art


There's no shame in sticking with the tradition of hanging photos throughout the house, but how rare it is to find a blown-up photograph of an image that means the most to you, whether it be a special moment captured, a place visited you adored, or a favorite quote. Keep reading to learn how to turn photos into wall art.

Here's how to blow up a picture:

1) Obviously, you need an image—whether it's an image you already have saved on your computer, a picture you plan on taking in the future, or a physical photo. Initially having a high-resolution photo, to begin with, is necessary for creating a large wallcovering. If you are planning on taking a photo in the future, refer to our guide on properly taking pictures for mural-sized end products.

2) You'll need to get the photo onto your computer. If you used a point-and-click camera, use the attached cord to upload the image to your computer. If you have a physical photo, use a scanner to upload the picture onto the computer. If you don't have a scanner in the house, you may need to go to a FedEx Kinkos or the public library to scan the image. You'll want to scan and save the image with the best possible quality—the best image formats are PNG or GIF (unless you are using vector style images, in which case PDF, AI, TIF, or other vector files will work well). 300 PPI (pixels per inch) is the recommended clarity for a large mural.

3) Your work is almost done! The last thing to do is upload the photo to our site. You can choose the size of the mural you desire, the material of the mural, and any other protective options. If you have any questions about this process, the Limitless Walls team is here to help get exactly what you want on the walls!

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Family First

A photo says 1,000 words, let's make them all about what matters to you. What better way to personalize your home than to have your family portrait turned into wall art. This type of art will be a conversation starter. It can also act as an excellent centerpiece for a room.

Home Wall Art for Weddings
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Getting married? Don't be surprised if "His and Her" towels or another cliche gift ends up being mentioned on a thank-you note that gets sent out. Turn photos into wall art and let couples have the chance to relive that special day over and over again by making it an addition to their home. Can't choose just one picture? Create a photo panel to display all the favorites! Sentimental gifts are the best, so impress the bride and groom with this "over-the-top" wedding gift! Frame several murals to turn them into a special-day-themed gallery wall!

Fast and Forever


We all know cars don't last a lifetime, but photos can. Why should the race, the speed, the sound, and rush only be short-lived? Keep walking down memory lane with a snapshot of your first car or a most prized possession! If you have a love for cars, then check out our collection!

Somewhere over the Rainbow

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Just because we're no longer in Kansas doesn't mean we can't place ourselves back there from the comfort of our own homes. We all have that special place that gives us complete serenity, perhaps more than one. Though it may not give off the complete essence of being at those places, it's pretty darn close. Don't be afraid to brag and show off your adventurous side by displaying all the places on the bucket list or the places you've traveled. Like this idea? Check out our World Map Murals to get started on your journey!

Words are Immeasurable

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With many ways to express ourselves, words are the most effective. We are often misguided that words are just words, but with such a variety of font and styles, we can seem to create personalities. From jokes to quotes, customize your home by adding this type of style that best describes you.

Wall art doesn't have to just sit on your wall and look pretty. It can be a statement piece that allows others to get to know you better. The greatest part about it, you can customize and chose whatever appeals to you! So you can skip the hassle of finding a parking space, waiting in shopping lines and the hours of debating on what to buy that would look great in your living room. Create your very own art today!

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