Fun Fruit Wallpaper and Wall Mural Ideas

Fun Fruit Wallpaper and Wall Mural Ideas

Our Favorite Fruit Wallpapers

The kitchen and dining area is one of the toughest places to decorate. Kitchens often have very strangely shaped wall or backsplash areas, making decor difficult. Dining rooms, on the other hand, have a different issue. Finding on-trend, food-themed decor that matches the vibe of the space is extremely difficult. With Limitless Walls' custom printed fruit wallpapers, we can solve both problems—strange shapes and proper decor!

Pastel Apricot

This fun apricot mural is great for quirky types and boho spaces! The pale pastel green and orange of the apricots are complementary colors, which adds an artistic vibe to the mural! A mural like this would surely liven up any dining area space.

Fruit Explosion

A stylized mural such as this is the middle ground between fun, quirky maximalism and artistic values. Dozens of fruits and plants are scattered around this mural, while the light blue background anchors everything. This fruit wallpaper is great if you're trying to establish a retro vibe!

Classic Lemon Wallpaper

This wallpaper is straight out of the '50s—you can almost visualize this as the wallpaper in your grandmother's old house! As it always happens, old things that have once faded out of style nearly always come back on-trend as "retro," such as this lemon wallpaper.

Fruits of the Rainbow

Eating various fruits and veggies spread throughout the rainbow is a great way to get different nutrients and stay healthy—not to mention it looks good too! A mural like this will show off your healthy side, with a dash of fun as well.

Artsy Modern Fruits

Unlike the mural above this, which is a simple food rainbow, this mural takes a wildly different artistic approach. It is made up of very flat, 2d objects stacked on top of each other, while various grasses, flowers, and oranges are clearly defined.

Quirky Pineapple

This trio of blue pineapple stands coolly against a soft coral background. A quirky mural like this would add a little bit of levity to your dining area, making it a place of love and joy in your home.

Cute Kiwi

Kiwifruits are one of the most distinctive fruits out there, with their fuzzy brown exteriors and bright green interiors. One of these kiwi murals is a great way to add a splash of color to an otherwise drab kitchen.

Refreshing Blueberry

If you don't want to get a full wall design, this minimalist blueberry wall decal might be right up your alley. While this design may seem simple and unassuming, these blueberries will establish your kitchen as a place of true refreshment!

Tropical Blast

Your favorite tropical fruits are all on display here: oranges, kiwi, coconuts, pineapple, mangoes. All on top of a light pink background! Such fun freshness is sure to complement your space, especially if you're one who loves to cook for pleasure!


This slightly different tack than some of the previous wallpapers listed in this article. The green of the palm fronds mixes delightfully with the yellow packs of bananas—it's more of a traditional wallpaper, and not limited to just the kitchen!

As you can see, there are so many different styles of fruit wallpaper which can work with whatever vibe or style you require. They're fun, chic, and totally unique ways to decorate your kitchen!

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