Get Out With Country Landscape Murals!

Get Out With Country Landscape Murals!

Open Up Your Space With Country Landscape Wall Murals

If we're stuck at home or in the office, sometimes we find ourselves dreaming of being in the great outdoors, surrounded by the openness of nature. While you may not be able to travel at the moment, these murals will help open up and brighten up even the most dreary space!

1. Emerald Lake Landscape

Truly a magnificent photo. The lake is a rich blue-green color, reflecting the trees from the center island. In the distance, massive gray rock formations rise from the earth, adding some color contrast to the otherwise vibrant mural. Even if you're not able to visit this lake in British Columbia, it'll do wonders for your space!

2. The Most Photographed Barn in America

This old dilapidated barn sits alone in the range outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The golden light from the sunset permeates the scene, making it even more expansive and beautiful. Just behind the barn, the jagged Grand Teton mountains rise from the earth. This panorama would look lovely in any room!

3. Bordeaux Vineyards

Take yourself on a trip to the French countryside with this mural! Versatility is a primary benefit of this scene—elevate your kitchen in fanciness, add some space to a living area, or make your bedroom a more romantic setting. The choice is yours!

4. Beautiful Alpine Chalet

This scene is so vivid and inviting you can almost feel the clean country Alpine air in your lungs. The grass is a lush green, the cabin is totally picturesque, the sky is a lovely shade of blue, and the rugged Alps in the distance tie the whole scene together.

5. Road Through an Autumn Forest

There's something extremely invigorating about being on a country road early in the morning. Here, the dew is still faintly visible among the orange wall of trees and the black ribbon of asphalt. Put this on your wall and take yourself through a New England forest at your heart's desire!

6. Painted Winter Countryside

This mural is a little bit different than the previous ones, as it's a painting, not a picture! Regardless, it captures the coziness and simple beauty of a village in wintertime. You could easily see this on a postcard, in a book, or on a puzzle—why not your wall!

7. Walk Under the Willows

Beautiful flowers and weeping willows are a common sight at Charleston's Magnolia Plantation and Gardens! This 400-acre estate is filled with natural beauty, and it lays claim to holding the first azaleas in America! The path on this mural will lead you straight out of your space into another world!

8. Turbine Sunset

This lovely sunset brings a golden tone to the fields of green grass on the hill. Rising high above the plains, a row of wind turbines extends into the distance, providing some verticality and scale to the mural!

9. Teton Ranchlands

The Tetons are one of the most beautiful sights in America: a steep, rugged mountain range surrounded by open grassland. Three horses graze on said open grassland with a wide expanse of space to roam on. Perfect to add depth to your walls!

10. Austrian Water Mill

This small cabin is a hidden gem, off the beaten path in the Austrian foothills. The perfect picture of natural living and serenity!

Get Out Into the Country!

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