How Much Does a Wall Mural Cost?

How Much Does a Wall Mural Cost?

How Much Does A Wall Mural Cost?

decorative pink floral wall mural on a light blue pastel wall

Until recently, paint and paper wallpaper have been the only realistic options as large-scale wallcoverings. Paint dates to the prehistoric era and wallpaper dates back to roughly 200 B.C. As technology developed, paint and wallpaper became more and more advanced, allowing for mass production, which meant that the everyday homeowner or decorator could apply it themselves.

Black and White New York city wall mural in an classic style office with a mahogany table and plant

Fast forward today, and there is almost an overload of options in the market, textured paints and wallpapers, matte, glossy. Recently, a more durable, photo-realistic option has entered the market: the wall mural. Traditionally, they bear photographs as opposed to simple patterns and are often custom printed on-demand to fit a space. In doing so, murals allow amateurs greater control of color, style, theme, and texture in a room on a budget. Before that, detailed custom painting required lots of money and the services of an expert. Furthermore, wallpaper comes in rolls, meaning the ability to put a larger, more photographic image on a wall was nearly impossible.

There are so many image options for wall murals! You can transform any room using one: your bedroom, bathroom, office, or even a garage. Newer murals give you even more flexibility with decorating by the development of peel-and-stick murals and removable wallpaper. Along with our line of peel-and-stick removable murals, Limitless Walls uses a more traditional paper surface and the newest forms of wallpaper: fabric-backed vinyl.

Pros and Cons of Various Wall Coverings


  • Pros
    • Easy and cheap for an amateur
    • Variety of colors and textures can be glossy to matte
  • Cons
    • Long prep time, need to tape room and cover objects
    • May or may not be washable
    • The customer might have to repaint room after ten or so years due to color fade
    • Potentially messy application
    • Limited in designs or patterns without an expert

Traditional Wallpaper

  • Pros
    • If appropriately applied in a space, can last a very long time
    • Common design idea, lots of options on the market
  • Cons
    • Traditionally simpler patterns or designs
    • Paper wallpaper may fall apart in high humidity areas
    • Some wallpaper is not washable
    • Wallpaper removal is a pain, even with a steam stripper or “removable wallpaper”

Non-Peel-and-Stick Murals

  • Pros
    • Fabric-backed vinyl murals are very durable
    • Can work well in tougher environments like bathrooms
    • Easy to remove
    • Can put high-quality, even custom images on wall
  • Cons
    • Not reusable
    • More expensive than traditional wallpaper or paint per square foot

Limitless Walls Peel-and-Stick Murals

  • Pros
    • Highest-quality material, very durable, and the thickest on the market. Our canvas is a high-quality proprietary material
    • Can reuse if the owner saves the backing paper
    • The only prep needed is to clean the area of wall for the mural
    • Easy to remove
  • Cons
    • More expensive than traditional wallpaper or paint per square foot

What Makes Wall Murals So Great?

Murals are great for homeowners. If you think that the purpose of a room will often be changing or if you're not ready to commit to a forever paint or wallpaper, mix up your space with a mural. Plus, you don't have to worry about kid spills, wall marks, and crayon drawings! You can wipe down all our murals with a damp rag (provided you dry it afterward). They're also a great surprise gift for a child with a picture of their favorite animal, for decorating with a beloved family or travel photo, or for putting the finishing touches on a themed room.

If you're a renter, you’ll surely want to decorate a shabby wall in your apartment or condo and make it feel like your own. Nothing is more frustrating than a landlord who doesn't care about customizing your space. While you have the luxury of not having to fix appliances or do significant home repairs, you still want to place you're living in feel like home! Murals are a great option. Easy to apply and easy to remove; they are an excellent way to personalize your home.

When selecting an item or product for your home, it's essential to choose high-quality materials and businesses that provide you with a great experience and a great product. You want a seamless selecting and purchasing process, and a product that will serve your home well to get a high return on your investment. Some cheaper, lesser-quality murals may start to peel; peeling murals will deteriorate the visual aesthetic of your home. No one wants their home looking like its filled with cheaply-made, low-quality decor. Not only is this unattractive, but it could prove to be a safety hazard for curious children or pets. Though cheap murals may peel, this doesn't always mean they are easy to remove, either! High-quality wall murals from Limitless Walls will stand the test of time and are easy to remove.

What Are Wall Murals Made Of?

Limitless Walls offers four different material options: paper, vinyl (both flat and embossed), fabric, and canvas. The paper comes prepasted, like traditional wallpaper; the vinyl is paste-required, meaning that you will have to purchase an adhesive. We recommend Roman ECO-888 or Zinsser SureGrip 122 adhesives. Both the canvas and fabric options are peel-and-stick removable.

Traditional Wallcovering Options

Our paper wallpaper is like traditional prepasted wallpaper, only more durable, with a matte finish, and PVC-free. Our vinyl wallpapers require an application of paste on the back to put on the wall. Being fabric-backed, our vinyl mural options are a great alternative to paper in more humid or more high-trafficked areas. Vinyl is washable, making it perfect for a messy space, like a kid's bedroom. Our embossed vinyl is a thicker, more textured variety of our standard vinyl.

Peel-and-Stick Wall Murals and Removable Wallpaper

woman putting striped peel-and-stick wallpaper on the wall

Limitless Walls uses two different materials for our peel-and-stick murals: standard fabric and premium canvas (our exclusive, proprietary material). They are both of the highest calibers, but their differing texture makes this choice depend on your design preferences. Our fabric, while still the thickest fabric material in the industry, is thinner than the canvas. Being less textured than the canvas, it allows colors and inks to pop and stand out. As our own proprietary material, the canvas material is not available through any other wall mural company! The material is thick and textured, just like an artist's canvas. When choosing a fine art reproduction or looking for a high-end presentation, the canvas is your best choice—the canvas peel-and-stick murals are also the easiest to install!

Will Peel-and-Stick Wall Murals Damage My Walls?

Limitless Walls peel-and-stick murals are specially designed without growing agents. Unlike most adhesives, our quality adhesives do not increase tack over time, meaning you can shop without fear of what will happen to your wall at removal. Additionally, you can reuse the peel-and-stick murals two or three times if you save the backing paper attached to the mural. NOTE: reusing the mural requires proper handling—keeping the mural dry and dust-free. For more detailed information, explore this article!

What Surfaces Can I Put a Wall Mural On?

Our murals are also able to go on many different surfaces, even a slight texture. Painted drywall, glass, smooth cement, and finished wood all work well with our materials. If you're unsure, contact us and tell us the texture of the wall or ceiling to which you want to apply your mural, and we will help you find the right product! Here's a more detailed explanation of the importance of wall texture when ordering a mural.

How Much Does A Wall Mural Cost?

After outlining the pros and cons of different wallcoverings and describing our high-quality products, you are now hopefully ready to make the right choice for your wall—a Limitless Walls wall mural. If you're wondering about mural pricing, you're in the right spot. Limitless Walls has the highest-quality materials on the market but is easy on your wallet compared to other mural companies! Our murals cost $5.99 to $9.75 per square foot!

Limitless Walls Mural Pricing

We split our pricing into two levels—one for smaller murals and one for larger murals. There is no difference in cost between different images, only between different materials.

NOTE: We are nearly always running sales, so prices may likely be lower than square-footage cost calculated here.

For murals LARGER than 35 square feet (cost per square foot)

  • Peel-and-stick fabric - $5.99
  • Paste-required vinyl (normal and embossed) - $6.19
  • Prepasted paper - $5.25
  • Peel-and-stick canvas - $7.50
  • No-adhesive, paste-required canvas - $9

For murals SMALLER than 35 square feet (cost per square foot)

  • Peel-and-stick fabric - $7.50
  • Paste-required vinyl (normal and embossed) - $7.50
  • Prepasted paper - $7.50
  • Peel-and-stick canvas - $9.75
  • No-adhesive, paste-required canvas - $9.00

Protective Coating

After picking a material that best suits your space and your needs, you can also have us apply our protective topcoat. This is a liquid laminate that we can add to the top of your print, smoothing out the texture of the mural and giving protection against U.V. rays and scratches. It also allows you to use stronger products to clean the mural without damaging it, making it perfect for high-traffic areas! The price for the topcoat is $2 per square foot.

How to Purchase a Wall Mural

Here's a step-by-step guide to purchasing a mural from Limitless Walls. The first thing you need to do is get started is to click the "SHOP WALL MURALS" tab on the top of the Limitless Walls website. Once you do that you can explore the page or click on a category that interests you.

Some of our most popular categories are nature, fine art, beach, and space. Along with our photo-realistic murals, we do also carry a wallpaper category of more traditional wallpaper designs that we can print on any of our materials.screenshot of limitless walls website with various mural options

Custom Art

While we have the most extensive gallery of images of any mural company, we realize that people want to take a more personal route for their wall décor. If you have a photo you want to use, there is an option to make a wall mural based on your own photo or design. If you want our help designing a mural, we can do that too! For something truly custom, we do charge an art fee of $75 per hour. However, that is only when heavy artwork is required! With the endless options we have available and small custom tweaks done freely, you're sure to find something you love at a low price.

Measure Your Wall

Once you have picked out your image for your wall, it is time to measure the space, so you know how large or small your mural needs to be. Make sure to measure the height and width. Grab a friend or family member to help if your wall is extra tall or long. Also, we give a couple of inches of breathing room for your printed masterpiece, so do not worry about adding on any extra space. If want a more thorough guide for measuring walls, this article from Lowe's will be a big help!

Sizing Options

sizing chart on limitless walls website showing small, medium, large, and custom size options

In our gallery of images, the images come in several different dimensions. When ordering, we do include proportional small, medium, and large-size options while ordering, which will consist of the full image. However, we do not limit our sizing to just a few options. If you have a space that doesn't fit into one of our three standard sizes, we will customize the size of your mural at no extra charge. After selecting your image, the site will direct you to a page where you can choose the size and material. Just select "custom size" and put in the measured height and width of the wall that you want to cover. If your wall is extra-large, please note that your image may need to be printed onto multiple panels.

We do have among the broadest roll width in the industry. Several wall mural companies print their murals on-demand using the traditional wallpaper roll width of 24". Compare that to our roll width of 51" to 57", depending on the material. For example, a 10-foot-high panel of traditional wallpaper is 20 square feet. A 10-foot-high roll of our prepasted paper equivalent would be 42.5 square feet, meaning you get to avoid twice as many of the potentially awkward-looking seams in your mural!


Another great addition is our mirror image option. If you want to put your mural on the inside of a shop window for outside pedestrians and passersby to view, we can make the mural a mirror image so you can display the mural from the inside out. We can also turn any image black and white for a more classic look.

Payment & Shipping Information

Once you have entered determined the image, size, and material of your mural, you can select "ADD TO CART," and then you will be directed to the page below.

Here you will enter all the necessary information for your address and payment information.

If you have any questions about your order, contact us immediately! As you can see in the image above, we have two shipping options, our free shipping and then our rush-order shipping. With our free shipping, you will get your wall mural within five business days domestically. This depends on how far your shipping address is from our location in North Carolina. We CAN ship internationally. Shipping time will depend on location.

At this point on your wall mural journey, all you have to do is wait for your mural to print and ship.

Wall Mural Installation

We have installation guides for every product we have, whether it's the prepasted paper, adhesive-backed canvas and fabric, or the paste-required vinyl. With our easy-to-install wall murals, you won't have to worry about hiring a professional to help you install! That said, some of our larger murals may be tough to install without an expert, so here a website for an association of professional installers.

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