How to Create a Forest Themed Room

How to Create a Forest Themed Room

How to Create a Forest Themed Room

Whether you’re an arborist, tree hugger, outdoorsman, or love walking amongst the trees, a forest invokes a serene and calm environment. Why not bring a tranquil forest themed room into your home or office, or maybe create a forest-themed bedroom? With a few changes, you can have a room that not only treats the eyes to some natural beauty but relaxes the mind, body, and soul. There are many techniques and tweaks you can make to a room to give it a more natural feel. If you’re struggling for ideas, check out some of our suggestions below.


When envisioning the colors of a forest, one should expand their palette beyond simple forest green. Imagine many different shades of greens, browns, greys, creams, and whites. Or perhaps you want the looks of an autumn forest. You could use shades of crimson, oranges, yellows, and browns. You could even incorporate some shades of blue for the sky or clouds. If you want more of a sunrise/sunset theme, various shades of golds, oranges, reds, and even some purples could give the impression of the sky changing colors as the sun moves around the horizon. Or for a dramatic look, use blacks and greys. The sky’s the limit when thinking of a pallet for your forest themed room.

Forest picture with red leaves on the ground wall mural


Speaking of colors, suppose you want to apply some of these new colors on your walls. Using a glaze is an excellent way to give them some depth and organic feel. With glazing, you have a base coat of one color, like a beautiful loden green. Once the base coat dries, you could add a darker shade of green latex paint into a water-based glaze and apply it with a sponge or rag. Adding a few colors (but not too many as it may get muddy) can give your walls almost a 3-D effect of foliage in your room.


Using stencils or actual leaves to add some greenery to your walls is another clever way to invigorate your forest themed room. Use real leaves by painting one side then carefully pressing it onto the wall. Vary the colors somewhat for a more realistic look. Then you can take some of your stencils and paint in vines, limbs, or a whole tree if you want.

Using stencils, you can also apply plaster, giving the patterns a more three-dimensional look. Perhaps even add some tint to the plaster to add a bit of pizzazz to your plaster stencil. For a more organic look, you could either apply some plaster to the wall using a texturizing technique or for a more rustic, bark-like look you could apply stucco. Stucco has a coarser look which is perfect for simulating tree bark.

Wallpaper or Wall Decals

Don’t have the patience or artistic ability? There’s always plenty of nature-themed wallpaper to give your room just the right touch. Or you could add a few forests, or nature-themed decals like birds, flowers, and even small animals. Let your inner nature enthusiast out and explore.girl dancing on bed with wall decals on wall next to her

Wall Murals

We would be remiss if we neglected to mention using wall murals. A wall mural is an excellent way to quickly and easily add a forest theme to any room, and it is a great way to decorate a large or feature wall. Limitless Walls has many images to choose from. Or you can take one of your own photos and make your own personal forest mural.forest wallpaper


An obvious choice for flooring would be wood or bamboo. Either can have a dramatic or subtle grain that accents your forest themed bedroom. Also, with the floor, you could add some lovely accent rugs made from a variety of materials. Or if you want to go with an even more rustic look, try some palm leaf woven mats or rugs for a more jungle feel to your room.feature wall


With furniture, you could go the very rustic route and choose a natural wood look with bark. But any wooden furniture with any stain finish would make beautiful accents to your room. Choose complementary colors depending on what kind of forest look you want to achieve. For a bedroom, think about a four-poster bed. Those wooden columns can hint to the beauty of the trees in your forest themed bedroom, but also depending on the type and style of wood, could be actual rustic logs.

how to make a wall mural from a photo


Fabrics are a nice way to add warmth and a personal touch to a room. Whether it is the material for your comforter, curtains, or wall-hanging, consider some accent colors to tie the room theme together. Rather than make the fabric the centerpiece, use material to bring pops of color or texture to your room.

Window Treatments

Rather than using a standard valance in your room, why not add some textures by using silk leaves and flowers and attach to your valance. You could even wrap some vines around the valance to add some rustic flair. As for the coverings, try using understated bamboo or wooden shades to add warmth and intimacy while not distracting from the rest of the room.


To give your forest themed bedroom a realistic atmosphere, consider using softer or more subtle lighting. If you think about a heavily forested area, the sunlight is filtered gently through the leaves giving the area a gentle glow of light. To achieve this look, try some recessed lighting with dimmer controls. Or you could use lamps with multiple light settings. A favorite look is using LED candles to give the room a safe candlelit glow.


Last but not least: accessories. This could be some woodland creature figurines, rustic shelves with vines or flowers draped over them, or even some driftwood hung on the wall as rustic art. Find a few key pieces that will help tie the theme of your room together but not dominate its beauty.

You can see that there are countless ideas to bring Mother Nature into your home. Figure out a central theme and work some of these ideas to create a relaxing oasis from the speed of your daily life. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you for such a soothing room.

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