white room with shiplap wallpaper

How to Decorate With Shiplap Easily

Easiest Way to Decorate With Shiplap

The term shiplap comes from an ancient method of shipbuilding, in which grooved boards would be linked together to create a watertight seal, which, in turn, would create a seaworthy vessel. While the practical value of shiplap has diminished—if you're using a shiplap layer to establish a watertight layer for your kitchen, you may want to talk to a contractor—it's still a classic style of wall decor.

Shiplap is the look of wooden boards (planks) with space between the boards. While shiplap decor is traditionally a wall design, nowadays, it isn't just for your walls; it can be used on ceilings as well. The wooden texture can be all different colors, but the most popular is white as the main color for the boards (planks). Shiplap is a perfect design that adds texture and design to your walls without creating an eyesore.

white room with shiplap wallpaper

The traditional way to get shiplap walls was to install planks or boards on your walls. If the boards were not pre-painted, the daunting task of painting follows the installation of the boards. Installing or painting boards can be very laborious if you're doing it yourself or very expensive if you are paying someone.

Regardless of if you're a DIYer or hiring a contractor, installing a shiplap wall is a serious investment of time and/or money. However, there's an alternative that looks just as good that's far easier to install.

shiplap wall mural behind lamp stand

Shiplap Wallpaper!

Shiplap wallpaper looks just as real as actual shiplap planks. The color differentiation allows the wallpaper to look like it has depth between the boards. Using shiplap wall murals will enable you to skip the process of nailing the planks to your walls and then painting. Easy to install and easy to remove if the time ever arrives. Instead of spending days on getting a shiplap look using planks and paint, achieve this look in hours using wall murals and wallpaper.

White shiplap wallpaper in room

With Limitless Walls, you're able to completely customize your shiplap. By simply giving us your dimensions, we'll be able to tailor the shiplap design to fit your wall like a glove. With our stellar design team and helpful customer service team, you'll love how the final product looks on your wall!

While most shiplap colors are white, your personal shiplap doesn't have to be just white! Mix it up and make it stand out! Customize the height and width of the planks, color, design, and much more.

With Limitless Walls, you'll be able to customize the design to fit your needs without having to go to store to store to find the look you desire.

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