How to Decorate Your Office Space

How to Decorate Your Office Space

How to Decorate Your Office Space: Top 7 Ideas

On average, most people work eight-hour shifts, five days a week, which is equivalent to 57% of our waking time at work. That's 8,320 hours spent at work each year! With that much time put in, it would only make sense to make your workspace a bit more "you" by decorating your office walls. Most employers allow workers to decorate their cubicle or office because it makes them more productive and has shown to affect their mood and the way they think positively. Don't be afraid to ask your employer about what's acceptable and what isn't. Changing the scenery around can be refreshing and vital, along with being fun! Now the question remains how to decorate your office space? Whether you have a home office or an office at your company, here are some ideas and things you might consider when trying to add your personal touch to the mix.

Add Warmth with an Area Rugwarm-striped-area-rug-for-office

It's best to keep it as professional as possible. You want your space creative and inviting, achievable by adding a rug. A rug, especially one with patterns, will add a homey feel to the room. As tempting as it might be to kick off your shoes, be conscious of where you are. Your coworkers are not your family members and probably won't be so lighthearted when the aroma of your, should I say, "hard-working" feet fill the room.

Decorate with Curtains

Adding curtains can be a great splash of color in addition to your office walls. Even if the windows stay open most of the time, curtains can make the office feel more welcoming and a bit more relaxed. Use the curtains and a rug as a way to accentuate each other to make the style more complete. You can also try blind curtains if you are looking for light control and privacy. They work very well for offices.

Get Bold with the Desk

Ordinary desks are black, white, or another neutral color. If there is a color that brings you joy or some theme that transports you to your happy place, create it. Why not make it a statement piece for your office? It will help brighten up the area! Be bold and choose a vibrant color that will go with your overall look.

Create Your Own View

There's no better way to customize your space than with a custom mural you love! Available in peel and stick, so why not give it a try! We can't all be as lucky as the ones who have beautiful office views so we can create our own! These decorated office walls will be sure to create an inspiring work environment, along with it making an eye-catching piece no one can resist talking about. With so many options, the toughest thing about it is deciding which one to go with.

Incorporate a Piece of Home

cubicle decorated with photo gallery and chic lamp

Just by adding a lamp or some framed pictures can turn that bland desktop into a little taste of home. You can even make your office a little more spacious by ditching the frames and getting creative with pictures, by hanging them on a wire to display using paper clips to hold them up, making it easier to change out images to go with the holidays or most special moments in your life.

Small Decals Make a Big Difference

Don't want to make the boss mad by overdoing it? That's understandable. By simply adding some wallpaper and some greenery, such as flowers, can change the outlook of the room as well! You can even staple wrapping paper, or pin-up drapery or upholstery fabric to achieve the look you're going for. Plants are an easy way to brighten up your desk and give you a hint of the outside world. Especially if your office has no windows, you can almost feel trapped, so adding something from outside, maybe even a fish tank, will help create that escape. The end result is a customized, personality-top off that will give your work area a little more pizzazz.

Declare War on Office Clutter

highly organized office with various cubbies

Your office is your home away from home. You decorate your home to make it fit your idea of style and class; your office can reflect the same vibe. Except you will need to keep in mind, in it's a professional home and not one you can throw your socks off, kick back, and relax. You can create a cozy yet professional environment by decorating your office wall! We are all aware that tight schedules, manager's restrictions, and a low budget can make it tricky to prioritize designing your office space. However, these simple changes and ideas go a long way in keeping yourself and your employers happy and productive.

Clutter can be the kryptonite of productivity. When your desk or walls are a mess, it makes it very difficult to focus on work. That is why it is essential to keep your space simple, clean, and organized. Here is how we keep our workspaces organized yet decorated.

  • DIY Projects - Not only do we love doing DIY projects, but they also serve as great ways to organize and personalize your space. One example is painting mason jars to keep pens, scissors, and more clean and organized.
  • Cord Organizers - Whether you use a clothespin, binder clip, or a handy product, getting rid of your cord mess makes a considerable difference in the clutter that sits on your desk.
  • Labels - Don't just throw papers and supplies in random places. We highly recommend using labels to help you stay organized and keep your desk clean.

Working from home is a great opportunity, but you need to make sure you create a space that helps you stay productive and makes you feel comfortable. If you need further inspiration for decorating your workspace, feel free to contact us for help with wall coverings or head over to our Pinterest page for creative ideas.

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