How to Order a Textured Wall Mural

How to Order a Textured Wall Mural

How to Order a Textured Wall Mural

Ordering Process

Unlike traditional wallpaper designs, where the design is preprinted on the rolls, and the question you, as a consumer ask is: “how many rolls do I need?” the question you ask about our printed-on-demand wall murals is: “how big is my wall?” That’s right! Our wall murals are custom printed to fit YOUR wall! living room wallpaper

However, unlike our picture-based wall murals, which we can blow up to match the size of the wall, making pattern and texture-based murals look natural is a slightly more involved process. A common issue with textured theme murals (brick, stone, etc), is the size of the pattern. Our default setting, which works for picture-based murals, is to blow the image up to the size of your wall. However, if we were to do that with brick murals, you could end with a "brick" that's 2 feet long and 8 inches high! In these situations, we'd work closely with you to make sure the pattern is your desired size.


While we can send you proofs and mockups, the best way to visualize the size of the pattern is with samples. When you order samples, you can request the traditional image proof and/or quality proof.

An image proof is the entire image that will be on your full mural, just on an 8" x 10" sheet of whichever material you choose.

An image proof is this full image, just shown on an 8" by 10" sheet of paper

Image proofs are great for testing how all the colors in the mural will appear in your space, in the presence of all the environmental factors.

A quality proof is simply an 8" x 10" section of the entire mural. Imagine putting your full, complete mural up on the wall, and then cutting out an 8" x 10" strip.

A full wall mural with a small red box indicating the area that will be used as a quality proof.

This is what a quality proof would look like. It is the close-up of the image, indicated by the box in red. This is what a customer would receive.

Use quality proofs to test the resolution of the mural, the scale of the pattern, and how the pattern appears on textured mural surfaces.

Textured Walls

No matter whether you’re looking to update your decor for your apartment or to solidify a theme in a new house, textured wall murals are a diverse category where you will, without a doubt, be able to find what you need! Limitless Walls has five major textured mural subcategories: Marble, Brick, Stone, Metal, and Graffiti.

Marbleblack with white vein marble feature wall in bathroom

Our marble wallpapers enhance any space! Put a white with grey veined quartz background on your kitchen wall to create an elegant backsplash in a cheaper, long-lasting fashion.

Marble even enhances that room that is notoriously difficult to decorate–the bathroom! Dark marble with red veins or a chic green onyx mural will turn your old bathroom into a tranquil, exotic spa. You could even use it to cover chipped marble counter or tabletops! From full rooms to tasteful accent walls, marble will enhance and bring elegance to any space.


Brick is a wildly popular style today, bringing equal amounts of ruggedness and luxury to a space. No matter if you want to decorate a room or a single wall, Limitless Walls can help bring your vision to life, whether you want a tasteful orange brick or a grungey faded brick.

Thin faux-brick walls are one alternative to a full brick wall but are difficult to replace if they chip. Plus, if you put one up inside the house and they chip, it may become a temporary hazard, especially if little ones and pets are present! A brick wall mural is easier to put up and remove, 100% safe, and looks great!


Stone is similar to brick: a way to bring natural, rugged decor into a space without the cost or hassle, and still looking fabulous! Use it to decorate the sides of the counter under the countertop, the fireplace, or even a full accent wall! With a tasteful stone pattern, whether grey slate or soft pink Jerusalem stone, your space will gain brightness and personality!


Metal is a sleek way to decorate homes and offices.

For example, a sleek, smooth, shiny stainless steel addition to an urban office with lots of windows can help solidify the theme of a space. If you are decorating an office for a more industrial company, a more scratched, potentially rusted metal surface can provide a rugged, mechanical appearance.

The same goes for a home office! Metal even works well in kitchens—an old metal backsplash can make your home kitchen seem restaurant-tier!


pink graffiti on brown brick wall

Graffiti can bring personality into any space, whether room, office, business, or any other room. Our graffiti mural options range from tags in abandoned buildings, commissioned street art, to more abstract graffiti art. No matter what you choose, Limitless Walls has what you need to satisfy your rebellious heart!

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