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How to Seal a Wall Mural | Limitless Walls

How to Seal and Protect Your Mural

So, you’ve invested in beautifying your home or creating an artistic statement at the office. How do you keep that investment looking fresh and new for years to come? Proper application is always essential, but another detail that may get overlooked is the proper sealing of your mural. If you’re looking for some guidance on how to seal a wall mural, we’re certain the advice on how to protect a wall mural will help in obtaining long-lasting results. Proper sealing will help to keep wall decals from falling off!


First, your proper application of the mural itself is crucial. First, remove any fixtures like switch plates, nails, etc. Fill any cracks or holes with spackling and be extra careful when sanding down those areas so that the section will be smooth. Try even running your hand across each section of the wall to check for any extra bumpy spots that might need a little sanding down. If you had to sand down the wall, apply a layer of primer. Let dry for two weeks.

Once you’ve done this, you will need to clean and wipe down the wall. If you’re covering an older section of a house, be sure to check for mold or moisture, especially if it’s in a bathroom, and eradicate it completely. Otherwise, it will get into your wall mural material, causing the mold to spread fully. You can do this by using white vinegar or ammonia rather than plain soap. When it comes time to wipe down your wall, ensure that you are using a fresh, clean rag and not one that could already have fuzz or dirt on it.

Make sure your chosen wall is completely dry and clean (free of dust, dirt, mold, mildew, grease, and even old paint), which can affect adhesion. Clean walls allow for the proper bonding of the mural to your wall.

Note: If your walls are freshly painted, please allow approximately two weeks before installing your wall mural. The time depends on the material and curing time of your paint.

Choose a Sealant

Whether you want to protect your mural from fading, stains, or scuffs, choosing the right sealant is the next important step. At Limitless Walls, we recommend a clear, water-based archival matte varnish. Using an archival varnish not only protects your image but will not cause the yellowing of your mural as it ages. Using a matte finish will not cause glare that could detract from the beauty of your wall mural.

Have Limitless Walls Do The Work

We offer a protective Topcoat that can be added to any material and any image! (even custom). It is an additional cost of $2.00 a square foot and allows your mural to arrive sealed and ready to go. By far the smartest option, if you want to prevent your mural from falling (and keep it reusable), is to protect it with a liquid laminate top coat. This protective coating isn’t just for helping your wall mural stay up, and to keep wall decals from falling off. It’s also one of the best resources for protecting a mural in a very highly trafficked area. Bathrooms, kitchens, and front entryways see a lot of hands and feet, shoes, elbows, and backpack after briefcase knocking up against them. It almost feels like destiny that sooner or later, the mural is going to tear, fade, or just give up altogether and fall to the floor. With a liquid laminate protective topcoat, you can extend the life of your wall mural and keep it looking pristine and as good as the day you first installed it.

If You Applied Varnish Yourself


Observe Product Directions

Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when it comes to use and application. If dilution of the varnish is required, ensure the proper dilution material is used. If water is required, make sure you dilute with clean, room temperature water.

Sealant Application

As with paint application, using a drop cloth to protect your floor is advisable. You’ll want to keep your flooring free from any drips or spills from the varnish. It is recommended that you use a wide paintbrush to apply the varnish; this way, you not only cover a larger area but reduces the likelihood of streaks and brushstrokes. Apply the varnish in a cross-hatch pattern (X’s) across your wall mural to give it a more even application and look.

Patience is a Virtue

Now it’s time to allow the varnish time to cure. Verify the manufacturer’s suggested directions in drying. Be mindful of your home’s humidity and temperature, as this can affect drying times. Make sure you keep traffic around your newly sealed mural away until it is completely dry.

Enjoy Your Sealed Mural!

By taking the time to seal your mural, you’ll be able to enjoy the artistic flair that a Limitless Wall brings into your home or office for years.

Tips and Tricks on How to Protect a Wall Mural

  • To clean your walls before application, try using a dust brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner or wiping down the walls with a tack cloth or cheesecloth.
  • Keep pets, children, and other unnecessary foot traffic away from the workspace.
  • If applying multiple coats of varnish, make sure you allow each coat to thoroughly dry before another application.
  • With some water-based varnishes, too many coats can cause the image to become cloudy. Check with the varnish manufacturer before applying multiple layers.

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