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Decorating a space can sometimes feel overwhelming; knowing where to start, the right items to pick to for your space, and more. Add in the struggle of a small room and your decorating process can feel impossible. But there are countless ways to maximize your small space with a few specific tips like mirrors, round furniture, etc. Another great way to make your small space seem bigger and to maximize the area is to install nature wall murals.

By bringing the outdoors inside with a mural nature scene, you can create the illusion of a large area without knocking out any walls. Our stunning collection of nature wall murals includes scenes from lush tropical forests to desert vistas.

Desert Sunrise

Additionally, you can pick from black and white to full color, or even as an aerial image. A black and white option can give you more options for your space, especially if you have your other decor already picked out. If not, going with black and white can make it easier for you when it comes time to pick out throw pillows and other accents. Black and white nature wall murals are one of the best options as it can give you a semi-blank slate for the rest of your decoration options in the room. This is also a great idea to go with if you like to switch things out seasonally like for holidays, then your wall mural will not clash with your Halloween or 4th of July decorations.

Picking a nature wall mural is a great way to decorate a small space. As you probably know, mirrors are often used in small spaces to make them look larger just like windows making it feel like there's another room or space next to your small room. Nature wall murals can do the same thing by tricking your mind into thinking there is a wide expanse just within reach. Why not trick your mind into thinking your favorite beach or mountain range is only a step away for you to enjoy every day?

A mural nature scene is also a stunning choice for a bathroom to create an oasis for those moments you need to relax. Whether in the shower, or bath, you can look up to the ceiling or wall and imagine yourself in a hot spring or on the shores of the ocean. Pair your nature mural with an ocean breeze candle and an ocean playlist and you will practically be there.

Want something less tropical? Pick a cool, winter landscape for a guest bedroom or living room. The chilly tones can give a sense of calm and clarity. It can also be traded out seasonally with a removable wall mural.

Sunrise over the vineyard

A nature wall mural is also a great choice for a small area such as a desk or office space. It can especially help as the colors green and blue can heighten your creative juices. Pick a landscape that gives you peace but also energy to keep you productive throughout your workday.

Each of our images has been hand-picked by our team to make sure that they are only of the best quality so that no matter what size you print your new nature mural at, it will be crisp and clear; no blurry images or grainy, pixelation. Along with this, all of our murals are printed on the highest quality materials so they will last for a long time, unlike other competitors.

In addition to our top-quality materials, all of our self-adhesive murals are reusable. So if you move, or change your mind about your space, you can remove it, store it, and then reinstall it wherever you wish. Just make sure to go slowly when you are removing the mural so you do not rip or tear it. You can check out our steps on how to remove a wall mural here.

nature wall mural

To order your very own nature scene mural, head over to LimitLessWalls.com or click on this link here. Once you find the best nature wall mural for you, you can select from our default sizes of small, medium, or large. Or choose "custom size" to guarantee that your mural will fit your wall or space perfectly. Just enter the width and height of the wall or walls you wish to cover your space in.

Next, select the material you want your mural nature scene to be printed on. We have five different options to choose from: standard fabric, non-adhesive paper, non-adhesive vinyl, premium canvas, or non-adhesive canvas. Each of these options comes with their own pros. Not sure what these pros are, just give one of our team members a call and they can walk you through it. If you are still unsure of which material to go with, we can send you a sample of each type so you can get a literal feel of the fabric.

After you have selected your material for your nature wall murals, you can choose from our add-on options like a protective topcoat, or have the image turned into a black and white mural. Do not forget to select the box about whether or not your wine cellar mural will cover the entire wall. This lets us know that we need to extend the image by an extra inch to make sure you can align it properly and trim it on the edges.

We promise you will love these nature scenes. They are truly luscious and stunning.

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