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10 Simple Nursery Wall Art Ideas

10 Simple Nursery Wall Art Ideas

The joy of becoming new parents involves so many decisions, including that special first room for the baby. There are so many extravagant wall art ideas for a baby's nursery, but it doesn't have to be a complicated or costly decision. The bonus of a Limitless Walls mural is that you can easily change out your baby's décor as they grow. We've provided ten simple nursery wall art ideas that are guaranteed to get the ideas flowing and make your little bundle of joy's first bedroom special.

Primary Colors

nursery art decorated with red, blue, and yellow decals

Whether you're expecting a boy or girl, a delicate yellow print accented with bold and bright primary colors always provides a cheerful and stimulating theme to your baby's room. Find some brightly colored pillows or wooden shapes to accent that sunny nursery wall. If you're looking to expand your color palette, here are some paint color ideas for nurseries!

Budding World Traveler

nursery with various small prints taken worldwide: the golden gate bridge, a giraffe, a lion.

Want to instill the love of traveling? How about framing some of your favorite vacation photos against an adventurous earth wall mural. Alternatively, try a more artistic approach and have your photos printed on canvas. Even better yet, take one of your top picks and create your own custom wall mural.

Every Girl Loves Pink

girl's nursery with pink walls and pink decor

Are you looking for some ultimate baby girl nursery wall art ideas? Pink is still one of the top choices for that little princess' room. Try some solid pink walls with an accent wall mural in complementary tones. Or for a bolder choice, go with an entirely pink room. Accenting with white furniture will break up the solid color scheme and provide a contrast. Place some accent pieces to add variety and interest to the décor.

Bouncing Baby Boy Blue

Not only is blue still a traditional baby boy color, but it also provides a peaceful, slumber-inducing room. If your baby is your shining star, why not take it literally, and place a starry wall mural in your baby boy nursery. Add a painted white crib and matching chair followed by some blue and white accent pillows to give his room a homey touch.

All Creatures Great and Small

Every child, no matter the age, loves animals. Why not make a baby mobile of crocheted animals or stuffed animal toys to give your baby's room and you some DIY nursery wall art ideas? Taking inspiration from this cute mobile, add some forest or jungle wall murals to round out your nursery's wildlife theme.

Stencils or Stickers

nursery with simple bamboo and panda wall decals

Who doesn't love adorable pandas? Either stencil some cute bamboo or try one of our bamboo wall murals. Then either stencil, paint or place some panda stickers amongst the greenery to give your baby's nursery a whimsical look.

Grandma Will be Proud

Try some non-traditional colors for your baby girl's nursery. Your grandma will be proud of this idea: take some embroidery hoops and frame some complimentary material scraps to give it a DIY look. It'll turn the nursery into a cozy, comfy, cuddly room!

Cherished Quilt

nursery with various wall prints and vintage multicolored quilt hanging over the crib

Or use that cherished handmade quilt that granny made just for your sweet baby as inspiration. Take some of the colors from the quilt to give your baby's nursery a homey, welcoming feel. Alternatively, use a cute patchwork design as the focal point of the nursery.

Playful Accents

Use some of your baby's first toys for some playful inspiration. Place adorable stuffed toys along with some of your baby's bedtime stories to accent a whimsical wall mural for days of playful inspiration in his or her nursery.

Frame Those Precious Firsts

baby's first outfit: booties, bib, hat, onesie. and glove

For a personal, nostalgic touch, take some of your or your baby's tiny clothing and place in colorful frames that you can buy at a thrift or craft store. Sew the pieces to tiny picture frame hooks to display your or your child's treasured garments proudly. What a unique way to capture those moments against an adorable nursery inspired wall mural.

The sky is the limit when decorating your baby's nursery. From muted pastels to bold primary colors to whimsical animals or snuggly patchwork, your baby's nursery is sure to become a special and cherished room for you and your precious bundle.

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