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How to Make Customized Printed Wallpaper

Decorating your home or business doesn't have to be a complicated affair. With a few simple and unique wall art ideas, you can turn any room into a masterpiece. Whether you add a splash of color, a bold pattern, or a few conversation pieces, you can create a style all your own with ease. Even if you're trying to decorate a bigger canvas, we also provide wall art ideas for large walls! If you're looking for some ideas to ignite that creative spark, check out some of our favorites below.

Custom Wall Decals

Wall murals are created with a digital print, using high-quality photographs, illustrations, and graphics to your liking. Custom wall murals are a way to make wallpaper tailored custom to your home. You can order the exact dimensions to fit your wall, and your photo or design will fit nicely onto your wall. With regular wallpaper, you aren't able to personalize the color or pictures. Limitless Walls allows you to choose the exact photo or illustration you want to use, even one of your own! With a high-quality image or design that you have the copyright for, you can choose almost anything to outfit your wall decorated with old family recipe wall mural

For your office, you may want a wallpaper formatted with a team photo, the inspiration for the latest project, or your company's logo. At home, you can use a serene beach scene for the master bedroom, or a fun jungle view for a kids' playroom. You can even use the family vacation photo! Photos are much larger than traditional wallpaper patterns. It stands out and adds depth into the room. When using a custom photo, it's recommended that you use the wallpaper as an accent wall, rather than covering all the walls. This is it not overwhelm or consume the whole room, but add an interesting and eye-catching detail.

When making customized printed wallpaper for your wall, a high-resolution photo is needed. These usually need to be taken with a high-quality camera. They can be professional photographs or personal. The only requirement about the picture is that you have the full copyright to it. Before you decide on an image, make sure the copyright is acquired to ensure the use of the photo. Professional printers cannot print without the copyright, as not to illegally use the photos.

If you're using a photograph of you, taken by a photographer, they can usually send over the high-resolution photo for you to upload. High-resolution photos will come out printed clearly, rather than pixelated like a lower resolution. A photographer can also give you printed proof of copyright, so don't hesitate to ask, because you'll need it before you can get your printed wallpaper made!

How to Make Wallpaper

In order to create wallpaper, you'll need to know a couple things about your space: your dimensions, theme, and desired color. Once you have that in mind, you'll be able to proceed with creating your very own beautiful, custom wallpaper! Below are some ideas for how you can utilize wallpaper in a space.

Functional Pieces

painting on hinges to cover alarm

Painting on hinges to cover alarm. Picture from The Paper Mama

If you want your home decor not just to be pretty but practical too, here are a couple of ideas—for all homeowners, seeing the alarm system or fuse box can be tacky, especially if it is in a room where a lot of guests can see it. Try putting hinges on a painting and hide them behind a beautiful work of art. Another idea is to cut out the bottom of a box and place the box over the alarm system to disguise it in with the theme of the room. This covering will still give you easy access to turn on and off the system as necessary each day. Guests will never know it's there!

Monochrome (photo credit: Betty Wasserman

Monochrome colors are the perfect canvas for adding various accents to any room. To break up the color, try painting two walls in a cool grey shade, then paint the remaining two walls with a brighter color. Add some boxy shelves in various orientations and complementary colors to give a modern twist to bookshelves. Not only are the shelves useful, but by adding a variety of shapes, it provides a sleek, contemporary look. Or, you can use things like throw pillows and rugs, books, flowers, or other pieces on shelves to bring in color into the room. This way, if you have pieces that you want to highlight, you can have them stand out over your walls.

Plantsliving room area with plants and plant themed walls

Add a few simple single wall shelves in a natural wood color like maple or pine, then place some dried flowers in a vase along with some driftwood. If you want something more vibrant, hang several shelves and fill them with an endless number of potted plants. Be sure to have several different plants! You can add a more vibrant flower along with the green to add a splash of variety to your theme!

Accents and Panelsapartment dining room with blue-green geometric accent wall

Accents are ideal if you aren't necessarily looking for a picture or wallpaper to change the look around, you might prefer the idea of an object decor that will always be very popular and tasteful. Add sculptural or metal wall accents to give your room that artistic edge. Great to move around for any room in the house!

Panels are a simple and easy way to decorate your wall, yet it is so beautiful and eye-catching. It's great for mixing and matching to pull together colors of the room and act as a great accessory. It is advised that when choosing to go with panels, you make sure the panels are at least two inches away from each other or more depending on how big the wall is and how much space is desired to be covered.

Wall Mirror or Segmented Mirrorslarge oval wall mirror as an accent

The great thing about using a mirror as decor is they are available in many different shapes, sizes, and color. By hanging a mirror to the wall, it can add depth and be very intriguing. Mirrors tend to catch the light and expand the room and are fantastic for illuminating the relaxed expression of the decor. Also, a great DIY project if you want to make an inspiring segmented mirror like the picture above.


Wallpaper will always be fresh and fabulous. It can be used to enhance the walls and make the room appear more spacious, along with touching it up with a design. Ever noticed that most wallpaper is in living rooms or bedrooms, but what about the halls? Don't let yours be some dark and gloomy corridor to the brighter rooms ahead, bring life to the wall that can often be forgotten about. This decor can be inspiring and a pretty easy choice to make, considering you don't have to match it with a whole room full of upholstery.


shiplap wall mural behind lamp stand

The traditional way to get shiplap walls was to install planks or boards on your walls. If the boards were not painted, the daunting task of painting follows the installation of the boards. This can be very difficult if you're doing it yourself or very expensive if you are paying someone. On top of time and money, wooden shiplap will create holes in your walls due to nailing the planks to the wall. Want an easier way to get the shiplap look without the headaches? We have the answer!

Shiplap wall murals allow you to skip the process of nailing the planks your walls and painting. They're easy to install and easy to remove if the time ever arrives. Instead of spending days on getting a shiplap look using planks, achieve this look in hours using wall murals and wallpaper.

Now that the ideas are spiraling around in your head, you're officially ready to choose and hang wall art like a pro. Turn those boring white or unenthusiastic walls into a thing of beauty by choosing large, colorful, or textural pieces that add life to your space.

Decorating your home or business doesn't have to be a complicated affair. With a few simple but unique wall art ideas, you can turn any room into a masterpiece. Whether you add a splash of color, a bold pattern, or a few conversation pieces, you can create a style all your own with ease. If you're looking for some ideas to ignite that creative spark, check out some fun ideas below.

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