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The 15 Best Accent Wall Ideas for Your Bathroom

The 15 Best Accent Wall Ideas for Your Bathroom

Bathrooms tend to be a forgotten room. It's the room we get easily embarrassed about and always want to keep the door shut on. However, our bathrooms can quickly become an oasis from the outside world or chaos of the house with just the tiniest bit of sprucing. With a smaller space, you don't need to do or pay too much for decorating. Check out some of our favorite bathroom wall art ideas! No matter how big or small your bathroom is, you'll be able to find something to get your creative juices flowing. If you want to read more about accent walls, check out our accent wall guide!

1. Removable Wall Mural

bathroom accent wall ideas

At the top of our list of bathroom accent wall ideas is a removable wall mural. Unlike a painted mural, our removable wall murals will last in a moist bathroom setting. While they cannot be used to seal drywall, placing our fabric and canvas murals on solid walls or even shower tiles are great options to spice up your bathroom! At Limitless Walls, we have over 12,000,000 images to sort through to find something that you truly love and will work with your space. Most of our ideas below are murals. They're so versatile we couldn't pick just one!

2. Concrete

Many spaces are taking on a more urban feel with concrete these days, so why not utilize it in your bathroom? Concrete can be a lighter hue that won't darken the room will also add to the urban look. If you can't knock out a wall or don't want to use concrete tiling, check out a vinyl wallpaper that will give you the look of concrete without the hassle of installation.

3. Brick

A favorite bathroom accent wall idea is a classic urban look—brick. Brick is a timeless classic and never goes out of style. If you know that your walls are brick underneath, consider exposing it as a bathroom accent wall. If not, there are lots of options like installing real brick or getting a removable wallpaper or mural with a pattern of brick on it.

4. Woodblack and white photo of a room with a wood accent wall

If you want a more natural element in your bathroom, definitely consider this next bathroom accent wall idea: wood! Wood can add light and airiness to a bathroom and give the illusion of being in a cabin in the woods or an expensive spa, truly making the room a luxury getaway from the day's stress. Imagine taking a hot bath with a stunning wood-paneled wall next to you. Don't want to nail a bunch of wooden boards up? Many wall murals these days come with wood designs, so you can pick the right tone, install it quickly, and take it down without any hassle or without ruining the wall underneath.

5. Marble

dark marble feature wall

Similar to wood, it's no wonder marble is on our list of accent wall bathroom ideas. With lots of options to pick from, you can get a marble accent wall that incorporates the grey of your towels or the pink accents in the bathroom. Additionally, marble can give a fresh and expensive look. Can't afford a full new wall lined in marble? Get a wall mural of it!

6. Mosaic Tilemulticolored mosaic tile wall

A big home decor trend, mosaic tile, or other tile styles like honeycomb or chevron are an excellent bathroom accent wall idea. In addition, they are easy to care for in a wet and humid room. Here are some great, unique mosaic tile ideas!

7. Textured Panel

grey textured wallpaper in a bathroom

Consider covering your accent wall with a textured panel or a wall mural with the illusion of texture to add a bit of depth and class to your bathroom.

8. Tile & Stone

Among our favorite bathroom accent wall ideas is the ageless tile. Installing an accent wall of tile around your mirror or behind the tub and shower can change the entire look of your bathroom from something drab to fab! If your bathroom doesn't have a window, pick a light-colored tile for your accent wall. Tile can come in several different materials, which will give you tons of options to fit your uses and overall theme to your room. Be sure to explore some bathroom stone accent wall ideas. Stone can help give the bathroom a touch of the natural look adding to the relaxing oasis. Tile is easy to care for in a wet and humid room and can also be a lovely, unique decoration, especially if you pick a mosaic pattern.

9. Onyx

A rare look for bathrooms, onyx walls can make your bathroom feel more like a palace than the room where you just brush your teeth. We guarantee your friends don't have one of these—truly a unique bathroom wall art idea!

10. Patterns


Don't be afraid to explore patterns for your accent wall in bathroom ideas. Patterns can give your room spunk and show off your individuality. Use stencils and paint or pick out a wall mural with something you love.

11. Wallpaper

elegant floral bathroom powder room wallpaper wallcovering

Today's wallpaper options are far sturdier than your grandmother's options. Plus, they're not full of PVC or other toxic elements, and they can last in humid conditions like a bathroom. Wallpaper offers a great supply of bathroom accent wall ideas since you have a plethora of designs from geometric to curvy to even an image. Take it a step further and check out removable wallpaper that can be transferred from room to room or house to house if you ever move.

12. Flora & Fauna

Wild animals at sunset

A jungle-themed wall mural in a small bathroom is perfect. With a smaller space, you don't have to worry about overwhelming the room. Palms are always welcome, no matter the location of your home. You can pair a jungle wall mural with gold accents, straw baskets, and pops of color in your linens.

13. Cityscape Wall Mural

New York City In Sparkles Wall Mural

If you want something a bit more urban in your bathroom, instead of using a natural country scene, pick from Limitless Walls urban cityscapes. With a black and white photo, you can easily pair any linens or other accents you might want to put in the bathroom. Put up an image of your favorite city like New York or a map of the world to remind you of all the adventure out there waiting for you.

14. Wainscotroom with dark walls and white shadow box wainscoting

Many farmhouse styles install water-resistance wainscot in their bathrooms or beadboard paneling. This kind of paneling can withstand any water splashing or dumping that may come with frequent guests or children. Plus, it never needs to be painted. Wainscot has withstood the test of time for its traditional appearance, and it can be paired with a bright color on top to bring in a splash of fun.

15. Floralpowder room Chinoiserie floral wallpaper wall art

Florals are also great and don't have to be colorful. You can pick a classic black and white floral pattern for your bathroom and then pair it with brass or gold accents. A floral pattern gives a more cozy and classic feel. With a busier print, it's important to keep any other decor to a minimum. It can be hard to keep a bathroom counter clean, but you don't want to feel cluttered and overwhelmed when walking in.

These are ideal for the bathroom, but we have specific ideas for other rooms of the house as well! Here are our specific accent wall ideas for: bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms! We also have a general accent wall article as well.

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