Using Wallpaper and Wall Murals to Decorate for Christmas

Using Wallpaper and Wall Murals to Decorate for Christmas

Using Wallpaper and Wall Murals to Decorate for Christmas

Christmas is coming up soon, and if you're hosting or decorating, you suddenly got a lot more on your plate. Among the logistics of travel, lodging, meal planning, and scheduling time off work, you'll need to figure out what kind of Christmas decorations you want to have! While light shows, full-size Santa-and-the-reindeer displays, and other outdoor decorations are one thing, we here at Limitless Walls have ideas for using Christmas wall murals and wallpaper for all your interior Christmas decoration needs! If you like your image, our peel-and-stick, removable murals can be removed and reused and used a temporary, seasonal decoration. Check out our full selection of Christmas murals here!

Village Wallpaper

This storybook Christmas image is just right for the season and is especially kid-friendly. The cozy home, the pine trees and lights strung up outside, and the falling snow add to the holiday ambiance in this photo. If you're trying to give a child's bedroom or nursery a bit of seasonal flair, this mural will look great!cartoon home during christmas season

Imagine spending the evening caroling house to house. The light snowfall and the cold temperatures force everyone to bundle up, but not only are they bundled up, but they all are also a bundle of cheer. After it's done, you and all your loved ones get back to your house, rosy-cheeked from the temperature. You cap off the festivities with hot chocolate, eggnog, and hot cider—a perfect end to a perfect day.northern village decorated for holidays

Fireplace Wallpaper

This cozy fireplace shot would pair well with the first village mural for a kid's room. The warm fireplace, the comfy chairs, the candles on the mantle, the mistletoe, the stockings, and the cartoony vibe all make this a great kid-friendly interior Christmas decoration.cartoon christmas fireplace

Forest Wallpaper

Almost Nordic in style, this mural captures the hidden magic of Christmas. Like you're walking around in the forest late at night, and you stumble across this reindeer with Christmas lights on the horns, lit up by the moon. You close your eyes, and the reindeer is gone, but the Christmas magic remains.reindeer in forest with christmas lights

Perhaps you want something a little bit brighter. This panorama captures a snowy forest after the morning frost. The morning sun shines on the forest, and the sunlight glitters and coruscates through the ice and snow.well lit forest with snow and frost

Christmas Tree Wall Decals

If you live in a small apartment without the space for a Christmas tree, but still want to have a tree as part of your festivities, then this wall decal would be great for you! Rather than spend the time running out to buy a tree, lugging it back to your place, setting it up and taking it down, decorating, and watering the tree, get a Christmas Tree wall mural instead! Easier to set up and take down, and a real space-saver while letting you decorate with a tree!

Christmas Scene Wall Murals

This is great if your interior is mostly decorated for the holidays, but you need a little extra oomph to really tie the room together. The pine tree, snow, bauble, and lantern make this panoramic mural just what you need to make your living room feel like decor with bauble, lantern, wreath, and snow

Christmas Windows

Christmas decorations make the inside of a house feel cozy and warm, combating the harsh, cold weather outside (if you live in the northern hemisphere). The windows are foggy with frost. Candles, lights, and a Christmas tree tie the whole room together!window with candles on sill


Nothing says winter like a snowman! Mr. Snowman here is very festive, waving to Santa and his reindeer team as they pass under the moon. The cartoony nature of this gives it a light-hearted, fun, family-friendly feeling for Christmas.


Yes, it's great to have our loved ones around during Christmas, but what about our pets? Our pets are part of the family too! This mural shows a pair of puppies sitting under the tree, waiting patiently for their gifts too!

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