Customized Mural Sizing and the Crop Tool

Customized Mural Sizing and the Crop Tool

Customizing and Resizing Your Murals Using the Crop Tool

Did you know that you are able to customize the size of your mural or even choose a small section of the mural to print? Using the Limitless Walls crop tool on the product pages, you will be able to resize and crop murals so you can tailor them to your space.

Simply input your desired dimensions in the "Custom Size" width and height boxes, and move the crop box to encapsulate your desired elements of the mural. Once you've selected your size and the parts of the mural you want, continue on to choosing material. To begin, watch the video below and explore how you are able to customize the size of your mural!

Make the Mural Fit Your Space

We here at Limitless Walls understand that not every home, apartment, or condo is made alike. All homes have their quirks: weirdly shaped walls, strange dips, hard slants, the list goes on and on.

Note: The blue border line and the dashed grid lines of the crop tool are NOT visible when the mural is printed.

Pretend you're simply in love with an image, but you're presented with one of two issues:

  • 1. Your wall isn't appropriately sized to fit the mural.
    • Fortunately for you, if the wall and the mural are vaguely similar in shape, you'll be able to make the mural work for your space. Let's say you've fallen in love with a flamingo mural, but none of the stock images work for you. Simply input your dimensions in the "Custom Size" tab in the right-side information tab. When you do this, an interactive box will appear on the mural, which you can move around to select what you want to appear in your mural. Let's see what happens when you change the dimensions to 8'x5'.
    • Let's say that you want to keep as much of the image as possible, as seen below.
  • Now, pretend that you only want to keep an individual section of the mural.
    • The action above will allow you to get a full 8'x5' mural, but only capturing the top portion of the flamingos!
  • 2. You only want to use a specific part of the mural. If there's a single element you want from a mural, you can use the crop tool to isolate that element! For example, look to see how this planet was isolated out from a full mural. In this example, the wall in question will also be 8'x5'.

NOTE: If your desired dimensions are the same as the dimensions of the mural listed on our site, change the height by 1 inch, to activate the crop tool. From there, you are able to change the dimensions back while still keeping the crop tool active.

Completing Your Order

Once you've resized your images with the crop tool, chosen a material, and advanced to checkout, you will come across a screen like this. Contained in the red circle is an image proof—the image that we receive to print (all watermarks, like the Limitless Walls infinity logo mark, will be removed before print). Examine the info and click on the proof to ensure that we have received the proper image and sizing. Of course, if you have any questions, give us a call or send us an email at [email protected]!

Irregular Walls

If you have walls that are irregular (not rectangular or square), you'll still be able to resize your mural! Simply email us at [email protected] with an image of the wall you want to decorate, your selected image, and the dimensions of your wall. Our team will work with you, sending you proofs and mock-ups to ensure that even the most strangely-shaped walls can be decorated to the max!

Customize Your Own Wall Mural!

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