Two NYC Bridges Wall Mural
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Two New York City Bridges Wall Mural

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There is no better way to create visual interest in the home than with a larger than life mural. The Two New York City Bridges Wall Mural is a perfect example as to how you can decorate your home with beauty and simplicity. This mural features the Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge as they enter New York City. Fans of architectural beauty, as well as New York City, will enjoy having this lovely mural in the home.

Are you looking for an accent piece to decorate your living space or perhaps a full wall mural? Either way, this piece can be used to create visual interest in the home. This mural can be purchased in small, medium and large size as well as in custom measurements. Choose the small size in order to add a nice art piece to the home or create a stunning showcase wall by customizing the size of the mural to create an accent wall in the home.

The wall mural can be purchased in four different material types based on your installation needs. The standard fabric or premium canvas installation uses the peel & stick installation method while the non-adhesive paper and non-adhesive vinyl material use a paste installation method. Peel & stick is the popular choice among our mural enthusiasts as it is an easy application.

Additional features are also on offer. Choose the protective top coat which is a liquid laminate applied over the print. This option should be chosen when the mural will be used in a high traffic area. The mirror image allows the picture to be flipped horizontally or you can choose the greyscale option to remove the colors for a lovely black and white look.

This mural is a great choice for decorating the home in a New York theme or if you wish to have a quality art piece to showcase.

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Materials Standard Fabric Premium Canvas Paper Vinyl
Self-Adhesive Yes Yes No No
Commercial Grade Not Rated Type VI Class A Class A Type II Class A
Finish Slight Texture Canvas Texture Smooth Matte Smooth Matte


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Below is a link to our Installation instructions for our self-adhesive materials (standard fabric and premium canvas)

Fabric & Canvas Installation Instructions (self adhesive)
Paper & Vinyl Installation Instructions (paste required)
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