11 Best Boys Room Wallpaper Design Ideas

Published on: Nov 8, 2018 @ 19:40

For the precious boys in your life, it might be time to give their room and play space a little upgrade. Take your boy’s bedroom to a whole new level with some of these stunning boys room wallpaper design ideas. We’ve collected 11 of the best design ideas to help you kick start your creative juices to find the perfect theme for the bedroom. From ideas for the adventurous type to a room full of superheroes, check out the best boys room wallpaper ideas below!

Worldwide Adventures

One great boys room wallpaper designs is to go for an adventure theme. Pick a map wall mural that has a cute and fun design like this one below. With a neutral colored background you can design the rest of the room easily with pops of colors. Pick other special items to decorate with to give the whole room an ambiance of exploration, like a tee-pee or wall mounts of stuffed animals. Make sure to fill the room with fun stuffed animals!

boys room wallpaper

Black and White

If you want to keep things truly neutral for your boy’s bedroom, go for the black and white approach. This color palette is a great solution if you expect to have more kids in the future or if you might change the room around to a different space after the boy grows up. Plus, black and white can give you the perfect foundation to add some of the most exciting pops of colors into the room.

boys room wallpaper

Sports Fan

If your boy is a big sports fan, let them transform their bedroom into their favorite sports arena or pick a fun photograph of a great sports moment to hang up behind their bed. If you hang the wallpaper or wall mural on one wall, you can hang up a signed jersey from their favorite athlete on the opposite wall and pair it with their own trophies or other sports memorabilia.

boys room wallpaper

Ships Ahoy!

Really step out of the box with this fun nautical, pirate boys room wallpaper idea. This wallpaper idea is great to turn your boy's bedroom into a fun space for them to play and use their imagination. Their bedroom will no longer be just a place to sleep, but a place where they can hangout and have lots of fun.

boys room wallpaper


We couldn't create a list of boys room wallpaper without including this superhero idea. But rather than the usual simple superhero poster that just about anyone can hang up, go for a full wall mural that is as unique as your kid. This kind of wall mural will give the entire room the most exciting boost. You can really make the room boom with a bedspread, lamp, nightlight, stuffed animals, and shelves full of action figures.

boys room wallpaper

Two Tone Fun

A two-tone wallpaper is a great boys room wallpaper idea as it's simple and can lend to easy decor changes. But you don't have to stick with the typical, one color on the bottom half and another color on the top half of the wall. Instead, find a wallpaper with a pattern in just two colors like this fun safari wallpaper below. You can pick a simple white and gold wallpaper print or pick a color in two different shades.

boys room wallpaper


By far one of our favorite boys room wallpaper ideas, a beach or ocean wall mural is such a fun and exciting way to decorate. With stunning landscape views, a mural like this one can not only bring a calming presence into your boy's room but can also highlight one of their favorite passions like surfing or visiting the ocean. You can put the mural on the full wall or just a small section behind the bed.

boys room wallpaper


For you special universe lover, give their bedroom the full gamut with a space and galaxy wall mural. Paired with a galaxy mobile and fun posters of red dwarfs and nebulae your boy will be able to go to sleep literally seeing stars.

boys room wallpaper

Sky’s the Limit

If your kid loves the skies but not quite as high as space, transform their room into an aviator's dream. With model places and a mural like this one, your boy will love playing pilot in a room like this. The great thing about this boys room wallpaper is that it can be paired with other shades of blue.

boys room wallpaper

Accent Wall

If you want a more subtle makeover approach for your boy's room, don't decorate the whole room, but rather pick one wall and create an accent wall. You can give the bedroom a fun lift without completely overwhelming its occupants. We love this red and blue zebra print. It's a great way to give your boy's room a focused color theme and will make it easier for you to pick blankets, curtains and other items to match the wall mural with.

boys room wallpaper


If you have a bit older boy, give them the chance to decorate their room with some of their favorite interests or passions. If they're a wannabe musician, a wall mural like this black and white guitar is a fun idea for decorating a bedroom. If you pick a black and white wallpaper you can easily decorate the bedroom with pops of color.

boys room wallpaper

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