8 English Learning Wallpaper Ideas for Schools

Published on: Dec 19, 2018 @ 17:10

Wallpaper and wall murals can be a really helpful way to decorate a classroom for teaching how to speak English or for an English classroom in high school or college. You can use these learn English wallpaper ideas to help students practice the phrases often, or to help them remember important sentence structure elements. English learning wallpaper is an easy and fun way to decorate and it can also be functional for your teaching purposes. Check out some of our learn English wallpaper ideas below to help you find an option that will work for your teaching purposes.

Common Phrases

One great English learning wallpaper idea is to find several different common phrases in the native language with the English version next to it. If you are teaching a class, pick phrases that are common or most helpful that people would use often. Think of things a tourist may need to know if they visit an English-speaking country (such as “where is the bathroom?”, or “do you speak French?”) You can use these wallpapers in your teaching, and having them up on the walls through the year or semester can help your students take the time to consistently practice these common phrases.

learn english wallpaper

Sentence Structure

In most English classrooms and English learning classrooms you can find and see posters that outline sentence structure and all the elements. Instead of using boring white posters, try instead to pick an English learning wallpaper like this one below that puts all the elements and building blocks of a sentence onto a fun classroom wall mural. Pick a English Learning wallpaper that has students in the image or that has a black or green chalkboard background. This kind of background can help stretch the theme of your classroom into the wall art.

learn english wallpaper

Classroom Mural

For an English teaching classroom, a fun wall mural can be to pick a wall mural that can go near the front of the room announcing to guests, visitors and students exactly what they are coming there for. This learning English wallpaper is a fun and pun-intended way to get your students in the mood for learning English. You can install this removable wall mural at the front of the classroom above the chalkboard or even install it on the classroom door! A premium English learning wallpaper can be printed on high-quality materials that will not damage the wall or door underneath so you can remove it whenever you leave your position or if you switch spaces.

learn english wallpaper

Another option for a classroom learn English wallpaper is this example below. This idea is fun and artistic and a really beautiful option for not only announcing which classroom is yours, but also giving your space a fun piece or decoration. You can install this wall mural on a large blank part of your wall of even on the door. Installing it on the door can be a great idea for a high school or university, that way it will be easy for students rushing to class to steer right to where they need to go.

learn english wallpaper

This next example is a great idea for a classroom mural too. It’s simple but effective to keep a classroom theme in your hallway or space. Label your room so everyone knows which room yours is.

learn english wallpaper

Verb Tenses

This learn English wallpaper is another great way to decorate but also to keep functionality. Sometimes you may have a room that is small and every bit of space is needed to help your students learn. So this solution can kill two birds with one stone—give your space a fun bit of decoration and also give your students a reference sheet. Knowing the tenses of verbs is not only beneficial for English as a second language learners but also for English writing students. This kind of English learning wallpaper will give your students a quick reference for when they are writing essay or learning how to conjugate verbs.

learn english wallpaper

Building Words

If you have a space that caters to teaching English to younger audiences, go for a wallpaper that outlines how to learn English by the very building blocks, literally. This fun and bright English learning wallpaper is a fun way to show young children how to build simple words from the alphabet. You could even put up a learn English wallpaper that is just the alphabet. Most languages do not use the same alphabet as English, so this could be beneficial to a English as a second language course.

learn english wallpaper

Sentence Structure Decals

A fun solution for your English classroom is to put up a wall decal of each building block of a sentence: adjective, noun, adverb, verb, etc. If you do one of each of these in a smaller wall decal, you could then use cards to build lists underneath them on the wall. This will give your students a chance to learn how to build a sentence, the correct order of each element and which words vocabulary words go with each element. Other languages sometimes swap their nouns and adjectives, so putting up these kind of English learning wallpaper ideas is a great way to remind students that in English, generally adjectives come before the nouns.

learn english wallpaper


This learn English wallpaper solution is an easy way to decorate your space and outline to new students everything that they will be learning throughout the year or semester. The basic components of learning English are first having a student, then wording, listening, conversation, vocabulary, learning, talking and writing. These are the same components used in learning any language, but it can help remind students that if they are struggling, they should look at which component they are not working hard on and where they may need to boost their.

learn english wallpaper

Grammar examples

Similar to the sentence structure wall idea, this learn English wallpaper is another great way to help teach your students a great concept for learning English. Most English classes or grammar courses will teach you how to label each part of a sentence to learn better sentence structure. Most classes use the same markings, so getting a wall mural of these markings can be a great and functional way to decorate.

learn english wallpaper

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