How to Make a Photo into a Wall Mural

How to Make a Photo into a Wall Mural

How to Make a Photo into a Wall Mural

Everyone has their own unique sense of style and tastes. Why not handpick a special moment to capture the magic in your favorite room? From a panoramic view of the Pacific Coast to a momentous occasion like your wedding or graduation day, cherish every time you enter the room of your home or business with a wall mural made from a favorite photo.

Here's an example of how blowing up photos for wall art can bring some personality to your home:

A photo wall is a perfect addition to a common living area or entertaining room. It immediately tells your guests something about you the minute they walk into the room. Whether the photo wall is of a particular family photo or travel destination, a guest can learn a lot about what you value from a personalized photo wall. A photo wall can be displayed in the confines of any style. Vintage, modern, farmhouse, classic, or bohemian styles can all be conveyed through photo walls.

When trying to showcase a particular style in a photo wall, consider the textures and colors of products you're using. In an eclectic, bohemian style photo wall, use different colors, shapes, and sizes in the frames. A classic or modern style needs uniformity. Look for distressed or chipped frames at thrift stores for a vintage, farmhouse look.

Browse for Your Image

Interested in livening up your home with some special moments you've captured? It couldn't be easier than with Limitless Walls. Perhaps you have a scenic lighthouse panorama from last year's New England vacation that calls to your inner fisherman. Do you have a child's bedroom that you would like to capture their inner warmth and innocence? Try finding that special holiday photo as their eyes sparkle with delight when opening up the gift of their dreams. Perhaps, you have a peaceful study that needs an inviting and creative flair. Try taking a photo of your favorite tree that enticed you as a child to explore your budding imagination.

Custom Wall Muralsa wall mural of an old family recipe

The largest option for your photo wall is a wall mural. Wall murals are large, wallpaper-sized prints of photos that can insert you into your favorite places like the beach or mountains, or a memorable family vacation. Limitless Walls allows you to customize size and material for your mural. Don't worry if you're not technology savvy, choose the photo you would like to use, the size and material, and the rest is taken care of! If you have any questions about uploading or scanning your image, contact us here!

Wall murals are becoming more and more popular. If you don't have a custom photo you want to create a mural out of, LimitLess Walls has thousands to choose from, no matter your style. If you're going for a more upscale look, Limitless Walls even has fine art choices. Limitless Walls will make sure you're delighted with your wall mural. They're easy, clean, and long-lasting. Most of Limitless Walls' custom murals are peel-and-stick, making the application process a cinch.

Limitless Walls offers your own custom photographs, digital prints and patterns, photos, and illustrations as options for murals. Some creative options for wall murals are a digital form of a painting created by a loved one, a family portrait, or a memorable vacation spot.

The benefits of Limitless Walls murals are, well, limitless. They are easy to apply with their peel and stick nature, and can also be removed in one strip, stored, and reused. Not many wallpapers can be applied and removed so easily. A wall mural can be applied and removed with simply the help of one other person, and can be peeled off the wall, rolled around a cardboard cylinder, and stored. When you want to reapply, just peel off and apply back on the wall!

Don’t Just Want One Image? Make a Collage!

Perhaps you can’t decide on just one photo, or maybe want to use several images for a theme. A photo collage is a perfect solution for you. There are tons of photo collage wallpaper makers online. Depending on your skill, budget, and photo formats, you’ll have to pick one that suits your needs. Below are a couple of photo collage software suggestions.

  • Phototastic Collage
    • Free (Premium $4.99)
    • Free allows you 4 photos, premium 25
    • Free allows for a 1800 x 1800 96 dpi image (Premium: 4000 x 4000)
  • CollageIt
    • Free (Premium $29.90)
    • Free version has a watermark
    • Offers random layout of images
    • 2000 x 2000 for free version (12,000 x 12,000 for Pro)

Choose Your Size

choose your size

The next step is where you get down to business. You'll need to have some idea of how big your selected wall is.

For a featured image replacing that drab old framed painting, select the Small size or if you have more grandiose ideas, select the Large size for a room centerpiece.

Perhaps the pre-selected sizes do not suit your plans? By selecting the Custom Size, you can enter your desired width and height of your photo. If your photo is not proportional to your custom size, a cropping box will appear to show you how your photo will fit your wall.

Choose your material

At Limitless Walls, we have four different types of materials with which to turn your picture into a wall mural.

  • Standard Fabric is approximately 17 mil. and comes with self-adhesive backing. That means no messy paste, is removable and easy to install. It's also PVC free.
  • Premium Canvas is a thick, textured artist's canvas, and like the standard fabric, it comes with an adhesive backing. No paste is required for application, and the material is removable in case you need to reposition the location of your mural. It also has a category VI commercial, Class A Fire Rating, and is PVC free just like the fabric.
  • Paper is approximately 7 mil. It will require a separate paste for installation. It has a Class A Fire Rating and is PVC free. It has a tasteful, traditional paper matte finish.
  • Vinyl is 20 oz. per lineal yard. It will require paste for installation, as well. It is a Type II commercial Class A Fire Rating and has a lovely matte finish.

Still not sure which material is best for you? Let us know, and we can send you material samples. At Limitless Walls, we want to make sure your artistic expression is perfect for you and your home or business.


Limitless Walls offers some additional options when making your photo into a wall mural. Do you have a high traffic area such as a restaurant or daycare? It is recommended you select the Protective Top Coat to keep your mural looking great for ages. This protective coat is a sturdy liquid laminate applied over the top of your picture turned wall mural. Consider this option if your walls could come into constant contact with high traffic. The cost is only an additional $2 per square foot. Why not keep your visual investment looking great in your home or business?

Does your perfect beach sunrise image have the sun on the wrong side? Try selecting Mirror Image for your wall mural. We'll take your selected image and flip it horizontally, allowing your selected image to fill your chosen wall just right.

Want a striking visual statement for a room? We'll take any photo you select and convert it to black and white to give any image a retro, artsy feel — all free of charge.

Worried about measurements? Just let us know, and we can extend the mural an extra inch free to cover your entire wall.

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