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10 Christian Wall Mural, Decal & Wallpaper Ideas

Top 10 Christian Wall Art Ideas for a Church, Office, Home, or Study Room

Many churches, ministering offices, and family homes are decorated with beautiful Christian artwork. But, you might feel limited in what you can put up, and framed photos could get boring. You do not have to feel limited to traditional Christian wall decor options.

Consider some other ideas like a wall mural or Christian wallpapers. If you are not entirely sure just what that can entail, do not worry! We have some stunning and exciting ideas to help you give you a starting point. Check out these 10 Christian wallpaper ideas for your space.

Christian Wall Art Ideas


For a learning area, an excellent wall art idea is to get an image that shows study materials or students studying. This Christian wallpaper can be a way to help encourage your members to study the scriptures and further their understanding. Use this kind of mural to cover a wall or even part of a wall in your space. You can easily install Christian wall art with the help of a friend or two depending on the size of the project.

coffee, bible, and notepad on wooden table

Path to Christ

This beautiful image is a lovely way to remind your guests about the straight and narrow path towards Christ. These Christian wallpapers are both inspirational and aesthetically pleasing—the right mix of form and function.

An image of the Holy Land is a great Christian wallpaper idea for decorating a church building or minister’s office or even to display in your home!

pathway to cross on top of hill

The Cross

In Christian homes or churches, you will often see images of Christ or the cross that Christ was crucified upon. These images or items can be a constant reminder of what Christ suffered on the cross for us to be saved. A beautiful image like this one of the cross at sunset can be a reminder that there is hope through Christ. It will add vibrant color to any room.

cross illuminated by the sun

Word Cloud

Another great idea for Christian wallpapers something like this—a word cloud of everything the Christ means to you or his teachings. There are so many words that describe his teachings and all that he has done for you. Gather these words into a word cloud like this one so you can remember everything He has done in his life to bring salvation to the world.

word cloud of Christian themes on a wooden board

The Heavens

Putting up a photograph or wallpaper of the beautiful heavens can be an inspiring way to decorate your space. An image of the sky can remind your congregants of heaven, and to look up for hope in the struggles and hard times of life.

It is easy to get bogged down under the burdens and weight of the world, and sometimes we forget to look up to the one who can help us. A literal image for your congregants to look up to will help them think about their path and destination!

banner wallpaper of a wooden cross illuminated by the sun


Another good option for Christian wall art is to get an image of Christ himself. There are several great options for this image! Either use a traditional portrait or more of an action shot of Christ performing one of his Biblical works. Since Jesus is the center of Christianity, this image is an excellent reminder to congregants of that fact and focus them on what's important.

Jesus writing in the sand


Prayer is an essential part of Christian beliefs, so why not use it as a decorating tool. Install a larger-than-life mural of someone in the act of worship. Praying daily is very important to keep close to God and Christ, a part of the Christian faith. Give your congregants a reminder that prayer is vital and a helpful tool in their lives that will keep them close to God and strong in their faith.

hands clasped in prayer over an open Bible

The Resurrection

A truly important part of the Christian faith is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Give your members and visitors a reminder of the power that these acts can have in their lives; that can bring hope and redemption. A Christian mural like this is a beautiful way to bring color and light, literally and figuratively into their lives.

open tomb with image of the three crosses illuminated by a sunrise


Families are an important part of getting through life and having support in your Christian faith. Whether it is your family or the friends you lean on, displaying a photograph of your loved ones in your home or office can give you something to focus on. It can also show visitors what you find important in life.

three family members consoling each other

Quotes and Verses

Another great idea for Christian wallpapers is to install a wall decal of a famous quote or your favorite Bible verse. Or, put a colorful and bold wall mural like this one up in your chapel so that congregants and visitors can be reminded of why they enter that sacred space.

You will lots of different options for this idea because you can pick whatever font you want. With our premium Christian wall murals, you can install it and find that no matter how much rubbing, scratching, or wiping down, it won’t tear or fall off.

the word Worship in cursive over a bright background

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