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11 Science Wall Mural, Decal & Wallpaper Ideas for Classrooms

Published on: Dec 3, 2018 @ 18:44

Science decor or science wall art may not be something that you hear about often. But how do you decorate your classroom where you teach chemistry or biology? Likely, you barely decorate because science tools and resources may not seem like very artistic options. But have we got a surprise for you! We have rounded up some of the coolest ways to decorate any lab or science classroom with wall decals, wallpaper, or a wall mural. Check out our 11 favorite science wallpaper ideas below!

Periodic Table

science wallpaper

Our number one idea for a science wallpaper is a mural of the periodic table. This is such a simple and colorful way to liven up any space. Install this science wallpaper up in the back of the classroom where your students can reference it as often as they need to. You can find a periodic table image in simple black and white if you want a simple decoration, or pick one that is color-coded or illustrated to give your classroom some vibrancy!

Themed Wall Decals

science wallpaper

This science wall décor idea is simple and easy, especially if you have a small space or less than a full wall to decorate. Science wall decal ideas can include simple vinyl decals like this atom decal below. Install one as a focal point in the room, or several different science wall decals in a cluster or throughout your space to create a theme or overall specific aesthetic.

Artistic Muralscience wallpaper

Another beautiful and quick way to decorate your space is to go with an artistic mural like this one. It is a simple yet effective image, giving your area a professional yet creative feel. Pick subtle and light colors, nothing too bold or jarring for this option.

DNA Strandsscience wallpaper

An excellent science wallpaper idea is to decorate with wallpaper that has a pattern of DNA strands or a close up of DNA. DNA is a massively important part of many different branches of science. Therefore, you could use this wallpaper across several different labs or classrooms. With a single color image like this one below, it can be a very stunning and straightforward solution for decorating a space that you might spend a lot of time in.

Child-Friendlyscience wallpaper

If you teach science in an elementary school or to younger students, we suggest finding a science wallpaper that is kid-friendly and not too “scary” or overwhelming. Find a simple photo (or take one!) of a child participating in a simple task and install it on the wall. This will allow kids to feel more comfortable with science and "gross" stuff. If you want to use your own photo, you can then create your own custom wall mural!

Test Tubes

science wallpaper

This fun and colorful science wallpaper idea is simple yet a quick way to jazz up your lab or classroom space. A photo of test tubes can be used to cover an entire wall, or it can be used as a smaller mural to accent the theme of the room. This way, you do not have to worry about losing the functionality of the wall with your decoration. Do not worry, a wall mural like this from Limitless Walls is made to withstand rubbing and scratching and will last through a year (and more!) of rambunctious students.

Science Collagescience wallpaper

Rather than go with just one image, highlight several different aspects of science or the work you do in the lab with a science collage. Pick each photo carefully and make sure they each have a color in common. This approach will give your science wall art a common, coordinated theme. You can pair the photos with a label in the center of your laboratory name or the specific branch of science that your lab works in.


science wallpaper

One beautiful way to decorate your room with science wallpaper is to pick an abstract pattern or image to cover an entire wall. An image like this one below can be an ideal decoration for your room, bringing in a subtle bit of color. This lovely option for science wallpaper can transform any space from dull and sad-looking to something pretty and fun!


science wallpaper

Another great idea if you work with a younger audience is this science wallpaper below. We love that schools are making STEM a bigger deal, creating new organizations and after-school clubs. If you participate in one of these courses or clubs, decorate your space with a fresh STEM-centered science wallpaper. This will bring lots of fun color into your area, and it will complete the science aesthetic for your program's space!

Aromatherapyscience wallpaper

If your classroom or shop focuses on alternative science or holistic healing, you can find wall art for your shop or specialty such as aromatherapy or homeopathy. For instance, this science wall art below is a great way to decorate a space for someone who sells perfumes, essential oils, or someone who works in homeopathic remedies.

Tools & Resourcesscience wallpaper

Our last science wallpaper idea is a mural of the tools and resources behind your work, whether it's chemistry, biology, anatomy, or any other field. This kind of mural is a simple but great way to give your room a background image with a bit of color. However, it also is not something that will be distracting to students or yourself while you work. Give this a try!

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