12 Unique Ideas for Your Dining Room Accent Wall

12 Unique Ideas for Your Dining Room Accent Wall

12 Unique Ideas for Your Dining Room Accent Wall

One of the most important rooms in our homes is the dining room. We have defined parts of the day set aside that we spend in there, and it's a primary entertaining room. Finding the right ambiance and decoration is very important for your dining room. One of the biggest trends in home decoration is an accent wall, and what better room to have an accent wall in than your dining room? So we've gathered some of our favorite dining room accent wall ideas all in one place to make sure your number one room is ready for your next event!

Vintage Signcollection of vintage signs: coffee, ice cream, and more

If you want something a bit more vintage for your dining room, head to a flea market or garage sale. Try to find a sign or another piece of hangable decor. Or go on a scavenger hunt for a fun vintage Coca-Cola sign or petrol sign. Pair a couple of vintage signs together for a little chic gallery.

Graphic Wallpaper

dining room with funky multicolored accent wall behind it

Today you don't have to rely on your grandmother's wallpaper to feel acceptable to guests anymore. Instead, pick a graphic wallpaper that shows your spunk and personality—something with geometric shapes or even something with a ton of color can be a lot of fun to pair with modern furniture or even juxtapose with some traditional pieces.

Art Gallery

light blue themed room with gallery wall centerpiece above fireplace

If you are an artist or have kids who love to draw, consider framing and placing the work on the wall for a gallery that's uniquely yours!

Large Mirrorlarge oval wall mirror as an accent

People have used mirrors for hygiene for a long time, eventually mirrors developed into a decoration. Large mirrors are a noticeable, classic addition to any room. A great dining room accent wall idea, a large mirror that sits over your buffet is the perfect addition to any dining room.

Vertical Gardenbalcony with collection of herbs in baskets arranged vertically

A less traditional dining room decor ideas is a vertical garden. Bring the outdoors in with shelves or hanging shelves full of your herb garden or vines that will grow, turning your dining room into an indoor garden.

Wall Mural

vintage accent wall historical mural in dining room

One of our favorite accent wall ideas is the wall mural. With better materials available, you can create a timeless masterpiece without a single drop of paint. Many companies like Limitless Walls offer murals that you can easily stick on just like you would wallpaper. Because of this, the possibilities for dining room feature walls are endless! Pick a city skyline or an exquisite Monet painting and transform your dining room into a beautiful haven.


Another great accent wall idea for a small dining room is to have a functional wall! A chalkboard wall can be used to keep lists, a calendar, or even a great place for kids to have fun while you cook.

Plate Collectioncollection of unique plates hanging above a doorframe

Another fun one in our list of accent wall ideas for small dining rooms is a plate collection. Hang vintage pieces from your great aunts or your mother's china in gallery form to highlight your lineage. Here are some great plates for you to peruse!


Rather than sticking with a traditional paint job, here's a different sort of accent wall—wood! A wood feature wall in your dining room can give your home a rustic or extremely modern feel. Pick something rugged if you like a more cabin-in-the-woods feel, or something soft and finished to match your modern, urban apartment.


Also, among our ideas for accent walls in dining rooms is wainscoting. This stunning decoration style has slowing been coming back into style for its traditional and classy look. Paint your walls a deep rich color and then wainscot in white to give a beautiful contrast.

Brick or Stone

stone wall

Like our wood accent wall ideas for small dining rooms, brick or stone are also a great option for a dining room accent wall. If you don't want to hang actual stone or brick, consider getting a textured wallpaper to give the illusion and save a lot of time!

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