6 Designer - Approved Wallpaper Trends in 2024

6 Designer - Approved Wallpaper Trends in 2024

It’s no surprise that in 2023 interior design moved in 100 different directions. But, as we step into 2024, the world of interior design is undergoing another fascinating change with wallpaper resurfacing as the focal point. In the era of individuality, wallpaper trends have surpassed traditional boundaries, offering an array of possibilities transforming living spaces for renters, home owners and DIY’rs. From experimental placement to traditional designs, the wallpaper landscape in 2024 is one that needs to be recognized. Join us on a journey through the 6 wallpaper trends that are reshaping the aesthetics of homes and spaces and creating a beautiful blend between tradition and contemporary flair. 

In this day and age, it’s easier than ever to find wallpaper that matches your taste to a T. In fact, more people are buying wallpaper online than ever before according to our books. I mean, can you blame them…  people have had a lot of time on their hands. Thanks covid!  Being stuck at home, looking at the same four walls, drove the wrong crowd up a wall. That crowd being the DIY’rs. (Do It Yourself) In general, wallpaper usage is absolutely the new paint, but more importantly, specific kinds, styles, and applications are hitting the charts. According to designers, here is a glimpse into the anticipated wallpaper trends set to define 2024.

1. Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Archibald Gold And Maroon Wallpaper By Amy MacCready

If you are a beginner at limitless walls this product is not new to us! We've been in the peel and stick business since 2014. But, in 2024 more brands may start offering removable versions of their products. Peel and Stick options open up a world of possibilities for renters, people on a budget, and even indecisive decorators. Since wallpaper typically requires and more experienced approach, it's no wonder why our easy-to-use-peel-and-stick wallpaper will stay  #1 in 2024. What makes limitless walls peel and stick wallpaper stand out is our amazing customization abilities and high quality material that leaves no residue on your wall. Contact us about a custom mural or wallpaper! 


2. Artist Designed Wallpaper

Moonlight Lilies by Debi Coules

Don't be surprised if your favorite artist releases a wall mural collection! What better way to show individuality than to highlight your favorite painting or artist sketches on your own 4 walls!  In both our wallpaper and wall mural collections, we have an entire category dedicated to artists, photographers and graphic artists. Above is a painting by Debi Coules who is highlighted in our designer wall mural collection.


3. Murals

Vintage Drawing Landscape Wall Mural

One trend that we will see take off in 2024 is wall murals, especially vintage landscapes like this image above. This immersive style can bring anyone's favorite scene straight into their home. And, rather than paying someone thousands of dollars for a commissioned mural painting, apply a peel and stick wall mural for half the price and time.


4. Wallpaper in weird places

Foraged Collection Bricks Blue 3 Wallpaper By Jenna Rainey

Whilst we all conventionally use wallpaper on our four walls – consider the 5th wall aka the ceiling as another option – it provides a beautiful, decorative option for something striking and feels utterly modern. Not only is it a facelift  for a spare bedroom or living space but, it's also a lovely thing to do in a nursery to create some visual stimulation above the cot or bed! Genius!


5. Cottagecore Style

Denae Soft Pink Wallpaper By Amy MacCready

What the heck is cottagecore and why is it important? Cottagecore is an aesthetic that celebrates simple living, connection to land, particularly in the countryside. Cottagecore wallpaper specifically, should highlight or pair well with the whimsical and nature inspired lifestyle. What I mean by pair well with is, if your cottagecore aesthetic is coming from more of the decor rather than the wallpaper, you don’t want your wallpaper to take over the room - you just need it to pair well with it. Some ways to bring cottagecore into your wallpaper would be, florals, earth tones, whimsical creatures, greenery, vintage artwork, and striped patterns.

Again, we see that wallpaper is a quick and affordable way to achieve this style rather than expensive decor options.


6. Patterns in Warm tones

Tan Striped Pattern Wallpaper

Warm or Sepia tones are inviting and versatile in any space. This color scheme can be elegant in a dining room or playful in a nursery setting. Not only does it elevate your walls but it brings a beautiful vintage aesthetic to your space. Wallpaper can be used in a very loud and maximalist way but, warm tones accent the walls while adding that finishing touch that is missing from your home. 


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