living room area with plants and plant themed walls

7 Wallpaper Ideas for Living Room

7 Wallpaper Ideas for Living Room

No matter if you buy a house as-is, or rent an apartment with nothing on the walls, you'll still want to personalize the space for yourself. While you may have your own furniture, appliances, light fixtures, or other items, trying to decide on themes may be difficult. Here are eight of our favorite living room decor ideas!

1. Marble

dark marble feature wall

A marble wallpaper will bring character to your room but still keep it minimalist. Wallpaper like this can give any room a light feel to it. Pick a lighter shade, and the sun will bounce off of it, bringing even more natural light into the room. Make sure to pair your furniture pieces to match the theme of the wallpaper. Pair marble wallpaper with simple furniture, and clean lighting (consider floor lamps and table lamps). If you need to see how marble actually looks in a room, check out this article!

2. Floral

black and white floral print wallpaper covering archway

A trendy wallpaper idea for a living room is to introduce florals. Bring in florals from the garden inside with a classic wallpaper mural that showcases the country flora and fauna. Choose a season you love and then use that to guide your decision to which wallpaper to pick. Want a more spring-inspired living room? Then pick a wallpaper with gentle blooms in light pastels - subtle lilacs, springs greens, and blushing pinks.

If you're more interested in a bold look, then pick a living room wall mural that has soft hues affixed a black or darker background. If you don't want to cover the entire room in florals, pick an accent wall to install a larger-than-life living room wall mural of your favorite blooms. Pair the wallpaper with wirework pots and antiques to complete the whole room's look.

3. Urban

NYC Bridge Between the Buildings Wall Mural

To turn any living room into the urban jungle, pick a wallpaper mural with a black and white photo of your favorite city or skyline. Imagine a close up look of the Golden Gate Bridge or New York City's skyline right in the heart of your home. Your guests will want to talk of nothing else than one of these living room wall murals!

Additionally, the black and white color scheme makes it easy to pair any furniture or room accents. If you want a more modern look, pick a wallpaper mimicking concrete to give your living room a real urban look. A beautiful gray tile is also another way to turn your living room into an urban setting.

4. Landscape

Embrace your love for the great outdoors and cover your living room walls in a stunning landscape wallpaper mural. You can go for a more vintage look by picking a graphite-hue forestry landscape similar to a Victorian-era room theme. Pair the wallpaper with a velvet chaise in a matching blue hue, and with other room accents that pull out the blues in the walls. Wooden accents are an excellent match for any blue, so find special and unique pieces to hang on the wall or shelves.

If you're looking for a bolder statement, pick a color-filled landscape of the mountains on a misty, fall morning. With vibrant shades of reds, orange, and yellow, you can make your walls POP! Interested in a more soothing and calming view? A different set of wallpaper ideas for the living room is a beach or ocean landscape view. You'll be able to sit back and relax in your own home and practically smell the salt and sea air and hear the waves break on the sand.

5. Tropical

You can transform even the blandest room into a tropical paradise by picking a wallpaper that teems with exotic plants or a tropical landscape. A wallpaper with a white background and vibrant florals with exotic birds can make any room feel light and airy and full of summer memories. By using wallpaper that is printed on high-quality materials, you will feel almost as if you're there yourself!

Pull the jungle theme from the walls by including furniture and pieces in the room that match the style such as cane furniture, a cocktail trolley, and plantation shutters. Install wide French doors to give your living room an open porch feel like your favorite summer dream vacation home has—just without having to buy that extra home.

6. Tonal

Another great wallpaper idea for the living room is to pick a wallpaper that has different shades of the same color on it. This will create a subtle but stunning feature in the living room. Choose a simple design that won't overwhelm the space and use the furniture throughout the room to break up the wall design.

Install a wallpaper that is a mix of gray hues in a plaid pattern, then use accent items throughout the room as focal points such as a red velvet couch with gray throw pillows paired with a gray armchair and red throw pillows. Add in a red lamp or vase and a red rug. Highlight your color scheme throughout the room by picking every piece in the room, specifically with your theme in mind, even down to the florals, artwork, and books on the shelves.

7. Texture

living room with dark brick texture wall

One of the best wallpaper ideas for the living room is to bring in texture. Many wallpapers today mimic the beautiful looks of brick, concrete, wood, and more. Texture can transform any plain-Jane white wall into a gorgeous piece of work. Not only that, but you can turn any living room into something new depending on your interests and tastes - enjoy the look of a shabby chic cottage? Put up wallpaper that looks like whitewashed brick or reclaimed wood. Similarly, another excellent texture option is a mosaic tile wallpaper or another tile like slate.

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