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Top Accent Wall Ideas for Your Bedroom

Top Accent Wall Ideas for Your Bedroom + Design Tips

Our bedrooms are where we can go to find peace, quiet and a little bit of respite after a long day of work or play. How your bedroom is designed and set up can play a massive part in how good that rest is actually going to be. This is why it's crucial to design and decorate your bedroom in such a way that when you enter it, you feel as if you've entered a haven of tranquility and not just another messy room that makes your headache worse. As you start to plan your bedroom or if you're looking to spruce it up, there are a few things to keep in mind when deciding on a bedroom accent wall that will help you get the haven you're looking for.

A Few Design Tips & Tricks


What kind of mood do you want to achieve for your bedroom? Maybe you're not a morning person and need some energizing colors to get you motivated in the morning. Also, consider the size of the bedroom. Darker colors make rooms feel smaller, while lighter colors make them feel bigger. Below are some suggested colors and what type of energy they bring:Design bedroom wall

  • Blues: Cool, relaxing, calming. Perfect for sleep.
  • Greens: Peaceful, relaxing, grounding. Also good for sleep.
  • Yellows: Optimistic, stimulation, good humor. Great for mood lifting and energy.
  • Oranges: Energetic, happiness, stimulating. Also good for energizing and mood-lifting.
  • Reds: Energetic, confidence, romantic. Great for couples who want to spice up the room.
  • Whites/Creams: Clean, airy, fresh.


Who says storage has to be boring? Use different storage options to create a dynamic and useful bedroom. If you have an understated headboard, try building or placing shelving above the bed where your headboard would typically go. You can either go slick and stylish with painted doors to hide the clutter inside or have fashionable open shelving to display your cherished memories and treasures.

minimalist shelves on a bedroom wall


Any room decor should have a focal point. This gives you and any visitors a place to focus their attention and aids in creating a theme. If you're unsure of what to use as a focal point, here are some ideas. Your most obvious one being the main bedroom wall. Here it could be a large and decorative headboard, wall sconces, a large painting, or grouping of photos. The sky's the limit as to what you can use.bedroom with large windows and lots of natural light

If you decide to use the headboard as a focal point, make sure it is large enough or eye-catching to draw the eyes immediately to it. Whether it's an ornately carved headboard, or subtly padded with a fabric covering, this can be the jumping-off point you need to decide colors, décor, or theme.


Windows provide more than just natural lighting. If you decide to design your bedroom wall with a window as the focus, there are plenty of window treatments that can customize the look to suit any tastes. Curtains come in a variety of materials and colors. You can either match the wall colors for a unified approach or use a completely different color or textile to add a dramatic punch to your bedroom wall. If you use a patterned material, try one that matches the overall theme of your bedroom.

Accent Walls

An accent wall is a perfect way to spice up a bedroom. It can be difficult to find the best way to add something new to a room and to find the time and creativity to think of a unique decorating idea. When you're busy at work, carting kids around in carpool, and trying to keep the house in order, a new home decor idea is not always at the forefront on your priority list. An accent wall for your bedroom is a great implement. No matter what the style of the room is, there's an accent wall that can fit the space just right. Even if you're renting your current home, there are options out there for you!

Accent walls can bring in a new element and layer to a room. With different colors and textures, accent walls are a great addition that gives the room a unique focal point. Consider a bold paint color to bring a new dimension into the space. If you're looking for a bolder, more vibrant option, you may want to add a decorative print or faux finish to your wall. With so many to choose from, you can find exactly the look you're going for.


If you want to paint your bedroom, try to stick to a neutral color. It's easy to want to pick something trending or in style, but these colors can quickly fall out of favor (remember mint?). Neutrals can also be a great canvas - paint your walls a light gray or white, and then bring color into the room through different means such as linens, lighting, and decor.


Today's wallpaper is far more versatile and convenient than the wallpaper your parents were using. If you do wish to go with a pattern or fun wallpaper, choose a peel and stick brand that can be easily installed and easily removed without damaging the walls beneath. Peel-and-stick wallpaper is also a better choice over traditional wallpaper because it can be changed out easily in case your tastes ever fluctuate, or if you're renting and can't paint per your lease. It will save you a ton of time.

Now that we've covered a few important tips, check out some of our favorite bedroom decor ideas:

Rusticrustic white horizontal shiplap wooden walls

For a more rustic look, put up a wallpaper that resembles a wooden or brick pattern or install shiplap. Shabby chic or farmhouse chic is a huge rage right now in the bedroom. Pick from whitewashed brick or a traditional red brick-patterned wallpaper or shiplap and then pair your wall with a sliding barn door and pieces you can easily find at vintage markets. This pairs well with wire baskets with wool blankets, and wooden signs with your family name or anniversary date.

Nature Scenestub with relaxing hidden island getaway wallpaper

A tranquil beach scene is a perfect addition to a chronically busy person's room. Kick back and relax with an under the sea look. Comfort and relaxation are enhanced in this room with an ocean view.

Not a beach fan? Try a mountain scene or a photo of your favorite hiking spot and transform it into a wall mural just for you to enjoy.

Bright Colorsbold blue accent wallpaper with mirror and table

Bright colored patterns are ideal when you're looking for something striking and vibrant. Using bright, but soft pastel colors are fun addition to any room. Perfect anything from the master bedroom, to a nursery!

Texturesbedroom with white walls and brick textured accent wall behind headboard

Faux textured walls are an excellent option for your bedroom. Limitless Walls carries a removable wallpaper that looks exactly like vintage brick, a look you're sure to love. Cozy and charming, a faux brick wall is exactly what your room needs. Whitewashed brick wallpaper is subtle, but adds texture and dimension to the room, making it feel bigger and brighter.

If you'd rather bring texture into the room with linens, pick a luscious rug and thick faux fur blankets for the bed. Alternatively, hang a quilt. There are several great ideas out there for bringing texture to your walls without including paint or wallpaper.

Floralpink flowers with morning dew banner mural

Floral illustrations make this room feel bright, airy, and larger. This wallpaper is natural and quaint but brings an upscale feel into the room. Not much is needed when you have exciting wallpaper for your bedroom accent wall. In fact, you can stick with very simple linens and decor, so that focus is mainly on your walls.

Urban Trendsdistressed concrete accent wall in an office

If your space or tastes lean more towards city life, then go for something a bit more urban. Pick a city skyline wall mural or even a textured wallpaper that mimics concrete. You can transform any bedroom into a studio apartment in New York look alike without the expensive rent. There are thousands of options out there to give you just the right bedroom wallpaper decoration and move your home from suburban to urban.

Tie-Dyemulticolored tiedye style wallcovering

A colorful tie-dye pattern can be especially attractive against a white bedroom suite. A tie-dyed bedroom accent wall doesn't have to look hippie-esque but can add a quirky, unrefined element that feels controlled but fun and purposefully unkempt. Here's a great guide about learning how to tie-dye walls!

Neutralsneutral grey damask peel and stick wallpaper

Pick from one of Limitless Walls' simple, neutral wallpapers and then pair it with rich autumn accents such as a rust velvet settee and throw pillows in dark mustard yellows. Your master bedroom should be the ultimate oasis from the hectic ongoings of everyday life, and with a neutral color like gray, you can create an almost spa-like getaway in your own home. Unlike white, gray can give you an overall feeling of hope and warmth. Just remember to rev up the energy in the room with stunning pieces of art, snazzy lamps, and other accents.

Skip Back to HollywoodMarilyn Monroe's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

On the other hand, a great bedroom wall decoration is to pick a wallpaper pattern taking you back to the glory days of Tinseltown. You can give your room some true Hollywood glamour by picking a wallpaper mural of a black and white shot from your favorite film or of your favorite actor (hello Audrey Hepburn!) Perfect for the old movie fan!

Two-Tone Ithotel room with red and white two tone walls

A truly elegant, classy bedroom accent wall idea is to stick to two tones throughout the whole bedroom. Install a textured wallpaper that mimics wainscotting. Or choose a patterned wallpaper. For example, if you pick red and white, you can choose a wallpaper with a red and white pattern on it. Then match your bedding to be a white background with a red pattern on top. Black and white is another great and classy combination. You can match the curtains, bath towels, and all other bedroom accents to follow this two-tone approach.

Another great option for the two-tone bedroom approach is the classic blue and white. Like the famous China tea set your grandmother had, you can transform your room into the perfect replica. Pick a sophisticated wallpaper pattern in blue and white and then pair everything else around the room accordingly.

Create Your Own Accent Wall!

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