Awe-Inspiring Mountain Wall Murals

Awe-Inspiring Mountain Wall Murals

Awe-Inspiring Mountain Wallpaper for Your Space

Mountains are intertwined with legends throughout human history. Being millions of years old, mountains are an ever-present, stoic, powerful symbol. Rising high above the rest of the world, they are a source of tremendous power. Mountain streams provide water to communities, while avalanches can bury those underneath.

Mountains are also a place of tremendous peace, where quietness and solitude can be found amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Alpine lakes, surrounded by thick forests and massive mountains are some of the most tranquil places on the planet.

Bringing these mountain landscapes into your space will do wonders for your peace of mind. Putting a peel and stick mountain mural into your office or workspace will make it feel larger than it is by incorporating the vastness of nature!

Here are ten of our favorite mountain landscape wallpapers from across the globe.


panoramic shot of the snowy matterhorn

The Matterhorn, located on the border of Italy and Switzerland, is one of the most distinctive mountains in the world. With it's unique, insanely steep, arrowhead shape, there's no mountain quite like it. A mural of this would be a breath of fresh air in any space!


wide show of the alps and an alpine lake at sunrise

The Alps are a European mountain range that crisscrosses eight different European countries, which allow visitors to many different countries to experience natural Alpine beauty. These breathtakingly scenic mountains have become a part of life for dozens of cultures. If we're talking about cultural relevance, we can't forget the Alps have been the host for multiple Winter Olympics! Take your space to new heights with an Alps wall mural.


panorama of mount everest and surrounding peaks

If you're standing on the summit of Mount Everest, you are standing at the highest point on planet Earth. Mountain wall murals featuring Everest are phenomenal decor pieces for homes, office, sporting goods stores, and other relevant hobby shops! Mount Everest murals—you'll be on top of the world.


nepalese pagodas and himalayas in distance

Various cultures and religions in Nepal have sacred sites located throughout the Himalaya Mountains, some even calling them the "king of all mountains." In this mural, you can see the various buildings and religious pagodas high up in the mountains.


shot of aconcagua between the ridges of the valley

Aconcagua is the tallest mountain in the Andes, and the tallest mountain in the southern and western hemispheres. This gorgeous shot of the mountain taken from the valley shows off the beauty and simplicity of mountains across the world, ranging from ranchland valleys to snowcapped rocky peaks!


alpine lake and snow-capped andes mountains on cloudy day

The Andes are far and away the longest mountain range in the world, stretching 4,300 miles across seven separate South American countries. The steep elevation of these mountains provides for gorgeous scenes like this one, where an alpine lake is tucked away among the peaks and valleys of the range.


denali, or mount mckinley in the distance, behind a lake and prairie

Denali, also known as Mount Mckinley, is the tallest mountain in North America. This mural, which shows off the massive peak of Denali, is simply gorgeous, with its vast blue lake and amber grassland. This would look beautiful in black and white, and make a stunning accent piece either way.

Alaska Range

Alaska's state nickname is "The Last Frontier," referring to its vast stretches of beautiful, unexplored land. This shot of the Alaskan Mountain range is a vibrant, colorful mural that shows off the wild beauty of America's largest state.


This nature mural has it all! Rocky shoreline, sloping hills, pine forests, and massive, snowcapped mountains—including Mount Elbert, the tallest peak in the Rockies! For the adventurous types, this mural would perfectly show off their tastes and personality.


vibrant colorful panorama of an alpine lake in the rocky mountains

The largest mountain range in North America, filled with massive mountains, vast stretches of forest, and gorgeous alpine lakes. This mountain landscape wallpaper contains all of these, and has a vibrant orange, yellow, blue, and grey color palette that would make a statement piece in any space!

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