10 Banana Leaf Wall Mural and Wallpaper Ideas

10 Banana Leaf Wall Mural and Wallpaper Ideas

Our Favorite Banana Leaf Wallpaper and Wall Mural Ideas

Banana leaf wallpaper is a classic, yet modern wallpaper trend. The flowy florals and the dark colors are timeless, and a great way to bring some nature into your space. If you don't have the time to take care of plants and are stuck in the middle of the concrete jungle, banana leaf murals can take you straight to the tropics!

Across the board, these wallpapers and wall murals evoke a sense of peace and tranquility, like the sounds of trees rustling in the warm wind. Banana leaves are used in cooking, weaving, and other cultural events around the world. With a wide range of botanical wallpaper options from stately two-tone to vintage retro watercolor print, you'll be able to find the decor you need to take your space to the next level!

1. Photo-realistic Chic

Gorgeous. These broad, yellow-green leaves and fronds cascade down the image on top of a slate grey background. The painted yet photo-realistic style of this mural gives it a chic, unique feeling among the other banana leaf wallpaper options, great as an accent piece in your fanciest room!

2. Black and White Bananas

With a simple black-and-white palette, this banana leaf wallpaper option is malleable and would fit in any space. Murals with clean lines and recognizable shapes, as well as a limited palette, are traditionally versatile, adding as an accoutrement rather than the focal point of a space. If you have a room that just needs a little bit of pizazz without overdoing it, this mural is your best bet!

3. Exotic Watercolor Botanicals

Wow! This simply stunning watercolor mural, with its muted, earthy tones would make a chic addition to any room. Add it to a dining area for some extra zest. Using this as an accent wall in a living room would be the envy of all your guests!

4. Blue Bananas

Similar to the black and white mural above, this two-tone blue and white leafy wallpaper is a versatile piece of decor. The cool colors and 2D layered appearance make this perfect for sunny areas of your home! Areas with lots of pre-existing natural light would benefit from the nautical feeling of this wallpaper.

5. Au Naturale

Cool and classic, this mural minimalist gives you just the basics: banana fronds on a dark background. In this stark, high contrast lighting, you're able to see the intense, verdant green of the palm fronds. This bold wallpaper would equally look good in a living room as a statement, or in a kid's bedroom to bring the jungle in!

6. Green, Airy Pastels

This simple green pattern is a clean, airy way to bring a natural feeling into your space. Two-tone wallpaper such as this, adds extra depth to the space, especially when one of the colors is white! Place this in an area with lots of natural light and pair it with some live plants to capture the freshness of nature.

7. Banana, Banana

Well, if you want banana leaf wallpaper, it doesn't get any more leafy as this! The entire mural is covered in wide, multi-shaded green fronds. If green works with your space, use this instead of green paint to add some nature and character. Your guests and visitors will admire the bold choice that is this mural.

8. Retro Leaves

This mural is tailor-made for Instagram! With its pastel coral pink background and stylish fronds, this banana leaf mural has a definite 70s vibe. What this mural lacks in the natural feeling that of some of the other murals, it makes up for it in sheer style points and flamboyance!

9. Mysterious Modern

This two-tone green and black mural has a truly sophisticated feel. Unlike the natural airiness of the lighter colored murals, this mural does not make your space feel larger, but it does make it feel cooler. The black accents give this mural a chic, mysterious feeling.

10. Nursery Watercolor

These blooming fronts and flowers would make for beautiful home decor, especially around springtime! The watercolor palette has a noticeably jovial appearance, making this stellar decor for any room in the house, especially a nursery!

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