Can I Put a Wall Mural on a Textured Wall?

Can I Put a Wall Mural on a Textured Wall?

Can You Use Removable Wallpaper on Textured Walls?

One of the biggest home decor trends popping up has been wall murals. They've become a more efficient and handier alternative to paint and wallpaper and can even be used to turn a blank wall into a Monet landscape or a city skyline.

So if you haven't jumped on the bandwagon just yet, it might be time to start checking out getting your own beautiful wall mural. If you're not sure your walls are the right size or that they might be too bumpy for a wall mural, look no further! If you want to learn more about different kinds of textures for walls, check out this article!

new york city mural on brick wall

Ok, so can you use removable wallpaper, like one of our Limitless Walls peel-and-stick murals, on textured walls? It depends on the texture of the wall. If you're talking about popcorn texture, it might not be the best option. The most textured we recommend a wall to be is similar to orange-peel texture.

Since highly textured walls have far less surface area than flat walls, the mural will not stick as well to the wall. For stippled walls, we recommend sanding the wall down and applying a coat of primer. If you have something like cinderblock or brick, they may stick well, depending on the texture. Contact us, we'll send you a sample, and you can see for yourself how well it holds!

Wall murals do not require completely smooth surfaces, which makes them the best option for renters, fixer-uppers, DIY fanatics, this-is-all-I-have-to-work-with moments, and so many more! With a wall mural, you can cover up unsightly walls that have years and years of hand oil rubbing against them.

If you're renting, you might be constricted by the landlord: no nails, no paint, leave it the way you found it. But what if the walls are painted lavender with puce green stripes? We got you covered, literally. If you're leasing an office space for your business, whether a startup or established, a removable peel-and-stick wall mural is a perfect option for you! It'll make the space feel like your own without adding any hassle when you move out.

installing a wall mural in a bathroom

If you're a little nervous that we're just pulling your leg, test it out before you invest! Grab scraps from a friend or previous projects and test them out in a small corner of the room. If you want to cover up the texture of the wall underneath, our thick canvas that will give its own slight texture to the wall and help cover up any underneath. In short, whether or not a peel-and-stick mural can go on a textured wall depends on how textured the wall is, and the thickness of the wallcovering material. Limitless Walls' materials are the thickest in the industry!

As always, make sure to test out your wall mural material on whatever surface you are going to install it on. We will say that if you are uneasy about a textured wall, invest in a thicker, darker wall mural, so cover up any bumpiness that the wall might show off. If you're not worried about the texture peeking through, then any of our material options at Limitless Walls will work splendidly for your new look.

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