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Can You Put Removable Wallpaper Over Existing Wallpaper?

Updated July 2024

Absolutely it's an option! It does depend on a few factors, so don't immediately take off your old wallpaper.

The Existing Wallpaperhow to remove a wall mural

A significant factor in whether or not your new removable wallpaper will go on seamlessly is the state of the existing wallpaper on the wall. If this wallpaper has seen some "extra love" over the years and is peeling or cracked, covering it up won't be feasible. Many wallpapers in humid rooms, like bathrooms, can become water damaged or might have begun to grow mold underneath, which can be a huge problem. Depending on the state of the old wallpaper, you may still be able to put removable wallpaper over it—just keep in mind that the removable wallpaper will only stick to your wall as long as the wallpaper underneath it does.

The Material

Another factor with the existing wallpaper is what material was used. If you initially put up a non-coated wallpaper, you shouldn't have any future problems with installing new wallpaper over it. If you're not sure what kind of wallpaper was originally used, you can check by wetting a sponge and then rubbing it on a small corner in an inconspicuous part of the wall. If the wallpaper starts to darken, it means that it does not have a vinyl coating over it, which is what you want! If it does have a vinyl coating over it, you will, unfortunately, have to remove the existing wallpaper before installing new wallpaper.

The Pattern & Color

The lighter the original wallpaper and the darker the new wallpaper is, the more likely you'll be able to cover your old wallpaper with the new one. If you're not sure, purchase a sample of the wallpaper before buying a full set of new removable wallpaper. Install the sample over a small inconspicuous area of the wall to test its density and opacity. We highly recommend this if you want a change from a darker pattern or wall mural to a lighter, softer look like one of our black and white photographs. Be sure to check the sample area in all different lightings throughout the day, as natural light can pick up the pattern underneath that a duller light bulb might not be able to.

living room with black and white peddle wall mural

If you have tested and checked the existing wallpaper and found that it will be suitable for installing a new removable wallpaper to update your room, there are a few things you'll need to know for installing it correctly so that the older, current wallpaper is completely covered and hidden.

If you're lucky enough to be able to save yourself some time and not have to remove old wallpaper, you will need to prep your wall like you're installing new wallpaper.

Start by removing any nails or switch plates and light fixtures that might be hung on the wall. You will next need to wash down the wall, but you need to do this carefully so as not to cause the old wallpaper to fall off or begin peeling. Use a much weaker solution to wash down the walls than you would if it was merely painted. You can create a weak solution by combining dish detergent and warm water, or simply just soap and water.

The installation process depends on whether your mural is adhesive-backed, paste-required, or prepasted.

If you're still unsure whether your new wall mural will truly cover up the existing wallpaper, contact us for a sample! But now you won't be wondering if you can put removable wallpaper over existing wallpaper.

how to install

If you’re still unsure whether your new wall mural will truly cover up the existing wallpaper, you can always tear it down and start fresh with a beautiful landscape by Limitless Walls. We hope we've answered your questions, but let us know if you need any further information!

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