Depth-Defying 3D Trompe L'oeil Wall Murals

Depth-Defying 3D Trompe L'oeil Wall Murals

Depth-Defying 3D Wall Murals

Many homeowners, home renters, and apartment renters are disappointed with the lack of space in an area, which can make it feel tight and claustrophobic. Limitless Walls' collection of 3D wall murals will help add depth to your walls and make your space feel larger! From futuristic spaceships to walking paths to retro geometrics, you can explore our entire 3D wall mural collection here!

Here's just one example of how one of our trompe l'oeil murals can help extend your space:

If you think that a mural would benefit your space, here are nine of our favorite depth-extending trompe l'oeil murals!

1. Path Under the Trees

The black and white nature of this mural will not only add some style and panache to your room but add a natural, organic vibe! Putting this on an accent wall will make your room feel like it extends far off into the distance, into some hidden forest.

2. Vortex Pillar

If you're willing to go bold, this vortex pillar mural is sure to get a reaction out of your guests! The curved lines give the impression of a 3D space—if you're looking to make this even more fun, try changing the color palette to something more exciting than the traditional black and white!

3. Pier on the Ocean

All of us dream of being able to relax on a beautiful beach. A trompe l'oeil wall like this will let your mind wander, and you can step straight onto the pier. Add this to a bathroom or lake house to accentuate the relaxing vibe of the space.

4. Covered Bridge

Covered bridges like this one are a classic piece of Americana, most famously featured in the novel and film "Bridges of Madison County." This mural is a great way to bring in that Americana style in a subtle fashion—try it in black and white!

5. Abbey Arches

Ancient monasteries of Europe are filled with timeless, traditional brickwork and endless hallways. Naturally, this trompe l'oeil wall mural would enhance the feeling of depth, but would also bring in a classical sensibility to your space.

6. Futuristic Spaceship

A total 180 in style from the previous mural, this futuristic spaceship interior will regardless, add a sense of depth to your space as well! Perfect for creative spaces, home offices, or bedrooms.

7. Red and Blue Tunnel

This tunnel feels simultaneously retro and futuristic at the same time! The long exposure red and blue lights curve around the side of the tunnel, creating an effect like something out of a sci-fi thriller!

8. Optical Illusion Hallway

The walls and the floor seem to twist and turn like a snake—but are they really? In many areas, the walls are straight, but the lines are purposefully curved in order to make the area safer.

9. Iron Arches Under the Bridge

The classic iron bridge construction over the avenues of New York City creates endless tunnels that will add layers of depth to your space. Not only that, but it'll show off your stylish sensibilities!

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