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Doctor Office Design Ideas, Wall Murals, Decals & Wallpaper

Doctor Office Design Ideas, Wall Murals, Decals & Wallpaper

Your doctor's office wall art doesn't need to be as dull as traditional options were in the past. Try taking your wall décor to a new level with some stunning and vibrant decorations. One of the quickest and easiest ways to give your space a revamp is to install a wall mural or decal. If you're not sure where to start with a wall mural, check out our favorite ideas for doctor office wall art below!


To give your practice's space a warmer ambiance, consider a doctor design wall mural that highlights the importance of caring for the patient. A close up of a heart and stethoscope like this option is a great way to remind your patients that you are focused on the details. It also shows that you run a space where you also recognize the importance of having a good relationship with your patients.

decoration of stethoscope next to heart with heartbeat ekg on it


Similar to the above idea, a mural of the tools and equipment you use is a great design idea for doctor's office décor. You can do a close up of the tools you use to help your patients lead healthy lives. Or the tools that might be used in surgery to save their life.



For a more playful approach, you could do large signs or a large mural with fun designs with words that describe your mission. Even better, paint a wall using chalkboard paint and use the space to update patients with important reminders. Also, put it in an area where young patients are, so they have a constant drawing surface! This wall is perfect because hospitals can be scary places for young ones, and allowing them to do a familiar activity, like drawing, can help calm them down.

chalkboard with the word "wellness" written on it in multiple colors

Department Ideas

Another doctor's office wall art idea is to install wall murals or wallpaper that is specific to each department in your practice or suite. If you work with neurologists, install something like the mural below. For cardiologists, find a mural or painting of a heart. If you worry about something being too realistic, find a more abstract image for an artistic feel.


Your Team

If you want to have a personal touch to your wall décor, put up photos or a removable mural of your team or practice partners. Get a custom wall mural of a photo of your actual team to help your patients remember that you guys are human, not just a pair of eyes behind a mask.


Pretty Things

Looking for something prettier and less sterile than your typical doctor's office wall décor? Try a photo that shows the importance of health, nutrition, and medicine to give your patients and guests the reminder that a good life requires a balance in all things.

food & stethoscope


Another beautiful idea for your doctor's office wall art is to find a beautiful landscape that can insight hope in patients and guests. Pick a photo that shows how important it is to enjoy life and everything before them. Remind them that there is a world out there to love and enjoy.


Quote Wall

For an inspiring idea for your doctor's office wall decals, go with a vinyl quote or a quote cloud that highlights your mission statement. It'll help remind your team and patients what is most important. Use words that have a positive connotation and give your entire office a sense of motivation and a goal to work towards.


Focus on Caring

This doctor's office décor idea is all about the patient and how important it is for a doctor, nurse, and other caregivers to focus on the patient. A photo like this one below is a great wall mural idea as it highlights the care and fragility caregivers give to treat their patients with.


Health Reminders

If you want something, less hospital-looking, go for a wall mural or wallpaper that reminds patients how important it is to focus on their health. Taking care of our bodies happens at home, not just in the doctor's office. Give your doctor office a makeover with a doctor's office wall decal that is bright in colors and full or appetizing images.

invest in your health

Motivational Posters

Unlike the typical motivational posters you might remember from your high school days, a doctor's office motivational wall mural can be way more exciting and full of life like this image below. Make it big and in-your-face so that your visitors can practically feel the power of the message vibrate through them as they check-in and out of your office or practice.


Small Decals

If you don't want want to cover a full wall, find several smaller images to put up on the walls as decals or accents. If they're thematically connected, they'd look great framed and in a mini-gallery of sorts. If you believe that technology can be helpful in how you care for your patients, go with something like the image below. It could also work to remind patients that your office utilizes online resources to help make their lives easier.

online healthcare

Road to Health

Finally, this image will give visitors and patients a reminder that getting their health on track is a journey, not something that can be done overnight. An image like this map is the perfect visual doctor office wall art to give this reminder and focus on your practice.

road to health

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