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Elementary School Wallpaper and Wall Murals

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For elementary school teachers, classrooms are home for 8, 9, or 10 hours a day. If you spend that much time in one space, no doubt you'll want it to make it feel cozy and homey, and maybe even a little bit educational as well!

Classrooms are a wonderful place to decorate; the options are endless as children are learning the fundamentals of math, reading, and science. Make it fun and colorful, or chic and educational—it's your classroom! Check out these awesome school wallpaper design ideas to turn your classroom into a fun place for your students and guests!

Solids & Stripes

One great option for school wall murals is to pick a two-tone wallpaper or to combine two solid color wallpapers into stripes. We love this idea, as it can be a simple way to incorporate teaching primary colors to your students.

Do not go too far overboard and use every single primary color or a rainbow of colors because so many vibrant colors can be overwhelming for younger students! Stick to two colors that complement each other like red and green or orange and blue, yellow and purple, or a magenta and lime.

kindergarten teacher showing students how to finger paint

World Maps

World maps are an iconic piece of classroom decoration. No matter what grade your students are in, having a large, detailed map that will help them learn about the world is always beneficial! Choose something classic like a political map or go fun and artsy with a watercolor map.

vintage world map with retro color palette


Another school wall design idea is picking a photo wall mural that shows students of your grade level participating. These visual cues can help more shy students feel comfortable sharing. Chose something that could be familiar to your students, so they recognize that moment during the day. By picking a familiar activity, you can help them feel comfortable and know what to expect in your classroom.

children sitting in a circle being showed hand motions by man with guitar

Play Area

Play area murals are a great form of school wallpaper that's more appropriate for classrooms with younger students. For example, you can install a mural that resembles a barn or house so that when the children are playing, they can use that wall as part of their space. These visual cues can help spark and grow a child's imagination! If you have a small classroom, this is an excellent idea as it enables you to add some depth to the space.

student focused playing with toys in classroom

Personal Wall Murals

Create school wall murals that are unique to your school and your students! Have your students create a piece of artwork themselves, and then use those pieces to decorate! You can use one and cover one entire wall with it, or use them individually to decorate a child's space.

Wall murals are an excellent solution for decorating as they do not require tape, nails, or any other form of installation that could potentially ruin or damage the wall underneath it. The peel-and-stick nature is helpful, especially if you could be fined for any damage if you lease or rent your space.

decorated classroom cubby area

The Alphabet

We could not possibly have a list of school wallpaper ideas without including the alphabet. Whether you choose something funky and quirky like this one, or even if you go with a simple black and white option, you could cover an entire wall with the alphabet or pick a small section of the front of the classroom to install it. This wallpaper idea will not only give your kindergarten classroom some color, but it can also function as a learning tool throughout the day.

colorful alphabet

Space & Butterflies & More!

Another excellent idea for decorating is to pick a subject that your students will study and choose a wallpaper mural in that subject. If you study the journey of a caterpillar to a butterfly, install a wallpaper with a butterfly pattern. Or, if you focus on space and the planets, pick a space mural such as this one to show the order of the planets. Do not forget to teach your students the song of the planets while you are at it!

educational solar system wallpaper

Art Class

If you use your classroom as for a specific subject like art class, you should pick relevant pieces that are just for you! If you're an art teacher, choose a wall mural of a famous stunning work of art like Monet's Lilies or something more modern like a Picasso. Each subject, such as Art, Math, English, or anything else, can have subject-specific decor!

Fun & Silly

Our number 10 idea for school wallpaper ideas is just to play it fun and silly. These are the best years for children, and not only do you get to teach and mold them, but you also get to help them enjoy school, learning, and life. You can reflect all of that in a wall mural like this one. Pick one from a stock company like LimitLess Walls and install it in the hallway, front office, or at the back of your classroom.

smiling kids lying on the grass in a circle

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