Our Favorite World Map Wallpaper Ideas

Our Favorite World Map Wallpaper Ideas

Our Favorite World Map Wallpaper and Wall Mural Ideas

World maps are a traditional piece of wall decor that radiates classiness, intelligence, and worldliness. Many people hear "world map" and automatically visualize those decades-old world maps in the back of the classroom, which still featured the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, and other countries that don't even exist anymore! In reality, there are many different map projections and illustration styles from throughout history, one of which could be the perfect decor for your space!

1. Classic Physical World Map

This is often close to the traditional classroom world map, which is why we do recommend it for classrooms! A large scale physical map mural will not only be relevant educational decor, but the scale of the mural will allow students to examine it closely, taking in the shape of the earth. It's easy to get them to learn when they want to engage!

2. Old Double Hemisphere World Map

The double hemisphere is one of the most popular map projections and was especially prevalent among navigators in the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. Take a look at North America! You can see that the west coast is not yet drawn; this is because European cartographers had not yet visited the American southwest. With the parchment flavor of this mural, put it in a study or office area, or pair it with a bar cart in a living room!

3. Lake Michigan Educational Mural

This vector map would fit well in a classroom arrangement. As a vector, this mural can be enlarged and shrunk without any degree of distortion, and the pins below can be placed within the mural in order to highlight individual locations.

4. Watercolor World Map Wall Mural

While this mural may not be a practical physical or political map, it focuses on being an art piece, showcasing artistic and adventurous qualities. The textured watercolor pattern and rainbow gradient of this mural establish this as a fun, colorful, and vibrant wallpaper that would fit perfectly in any room, especially a children's bedroom!

5. Vintage London City Map Mural

Whether it's a city you have lived in, a city you've visited, or a city you dream of visiting, many of us have a city out there that's near and dear to our heart. A classic city map wall mural is a chic way to express your love and admiration for the city while being neutral enough to be paired with any existing decor scheme.

6. Ancient World Map Wall Mural

This world map is a Mercator projection, which is the most popular and widely seen style of map today. However, it goes for an old flair with its yellowed parchment style, continental drawings, and navigational roses scattered around the map. A truly classy pick.

7. Retro World Map Wallpaper

This map has an appealing, unique color palette. Rather than the traditional blue-green style, this map has an '80s flair with muted tones and a double-striped border.

8. Spices of the World Wallpaper

This is a phenomenal piece of decor for dining rooms and kitchens! In modern society, cuisine is an international activity; everyone eats. Even in our own kitchens, our spices and the things we decide to flavor our food with, as well as the fruits and vegetables we eat are sourced from around the globe!

9. 17th Century World Map Wall Mural

While the dual hemisphere map is an interesting, novel, and classic map projection, the surrounding illustrations are really what sells this mural. The elaborate drawings and figures, as well as the Latin writing, give this mural a visible 17th-century appearance.

10. United States Map Wallpaper

Like a good world map, a solid map of the United States is a must-have for American classrooms. However, you still should express your tastes and personality in choosing a map! For example, the map shown here, with its colored states and faded background, has a retro flavor, yet maintaining modern accuracy for the map.

11. Maps of the World

We don't want you to feel left out here if you didn't see what you want! Our map collection is vast, so if you're hunting for a quality map for a classroom or your own personal decor, we'll have it!

If you don't see what you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact us, and our customer service team will give you a hand!

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