Horse Wallpaper Mural Ideas For Your Space

Horse Wallpaper Mural Ideas For Your Space

Horse Wall Mural and Wallpaper Ideas

Horses are magnificent animals, capable of awe-inspiring feats of strength, speed, athleticism, and finesse. While certainly strong, they also have an intelligent, tender side to them, which allows them to make deep connections with humans. No matter whether you are a horse owner or simply inspired by the strength and intelligence of these equines, we have a wonderful selection of horse wall murals for you to explore.

1. Winter Stampede

Wild horses are indeed a sight to behold! This massive herd of horses led by a black colt is careening through the winter snow, creating an intense, dramatic landscape. If you're trying to inject some life and energy into a space, this might just be the mural for you.

2. Shoreline Race

These two powerful beasts are sprinting neck-and-neck along the beach. The crashing waves provide the perfect backdrop for this tense scene. For added drama, try selecting the black and white option on the product page!

3. Artistic Touch

This one's a little bit of a detour from the intense energy of the first two murals. A tastefully done watercolor design with nature scenes contained within the outline of a horse. You don't need to be a horse lover to appreciate this one, just have a solid artistic sense!

4. Open Pasture

Horses are happiest when they have large, wide-open areas to roam, which means that these horses are no doubt ecstatic! With the mountains jutting out in the distance, this mural is just as much about the landscape as it is about the horses, but both are beautiful.

5. Fall Foliage

Like the mural above, this mural is all about showing off the beauty of nature. A herd of horses grazes by a fence, while the autumnal foliage of the foothills provides a stunning natural backdrop. Use this mural as an accent wall to inject some color into your space.

6. Carrot Thief

This mural shows off the natural playfulness and mischievousness of horses. Feeling right at home in the winter snow, this equine is nudging the snowman, ready to steal the carrot right off his nose! A totally quirky and fun piece of decor.

7. Morning Pasture

Truly a gorgeous morning scene with billowing fog and the first light of the sun appearing above the horizon. A solitary horse lazily feeds underneath a tree. The peace and tranquility that this mural exudes is tremendous, making it perfect for both office and residential settings.

8. Mountain Pasture

A trio of brown horses grazes on the lush green grass high up in the foothills of Europe. In the distance, a jagged peak of the Alps looms high above the horizon in a stately, regal fashion.

9. Lonely Cowboy

This mural feels like a monument to the ranchers of the day—lots of long, lonely hours spent in the great outdoors. However, when mother nature blesses you with a sight as beautiful as this, everything feels like it's in its right place.

10. Beautiful Bay

For the horse lovers of the world, this wall mural is just for you! It shows off a beautiful bay horse in action, muscles taut, as he gallops through the open grass field.

This is merely a small sampling of our horse wallpaper and wall mural selection. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team!

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