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How to Decorate a Hospital and Hospital Wall Art Ideas

Hospitals are traditionally cold and sterile places; a little bit of color or wall art would not go a long way in helping your patients and patrons feel more comfortable! Feeling comfortable, especially in a place like a hospital that can feel overwhelming at times, is very important.

Don't go and color the walls in hot pink and sky blue immediately, but instead, start subtly with a few changes here and there. Implement more significant changes that will completely transform a room, the hallways, or the overall appearance of your hospital or healthcare facility. Here are some great hospital wall art ideas to help you get started.

Hospital Wall Art

Even directional signs or functional pieces can be wall art. You can put up large wall murals of the directions to the Emergency Room or Financial Aid office with arrows and other tidbits of information.

Rather than mess with hanging signs that fall or get knocked off the wall from someone rubbing against it, go for a smoother option. Murals adhere directly to the wall or ceiling and can last for years. They will not fall, damage the paint or wall beneath, and will withstand any amount of rubbing, kicking, scratching, or more. You can even install hospital murals with an extra layer of protection through a premium coating that goes over the top.

Do you have room changes now and then? Peel-and-stick murals can easily peel off the wall. Reattach to the backing paper (if you lost it and it's a small mural, and you're only storing it for a short time, use wax paper; if not, contact us). Store the mural in a cool, dry place and then reinstall once remodeling is done!

Another excellent idea for your hospital wall art is to install it actually on a window or two. Vinyl murals can be printed in such a way that they can cover a window but do not block the light. This way, you can install a mural on the outside of your hospital with marketing images that will highlight your hospital's services or achievements.

Pick an area or window space that has multiple windows that the image can span across to make an especially large picture. Also, make sure to pick a specific wall or section of the hospital that sees a lot of traffic. If no one sees it, your advertising will not be doing any good.

Hospital wall murals can also be printed so that they are light-blocking, or opaque. This could be an excellent solution for a window that needs to be covered for privacy but is a more unique option than blinds or curtains.

Personalized Wall Art for Hospitals

Among the best hospital wall art ideas is making sure you have images of your teams and the faces of the hospital up. Photos and images of your doctors, nurses, assistants, and techs are not only a great option for decorating a space. It can be multi-functional too!female doctor standing in hallway

You can help visitors find familiar faces, while also giving your employees a bit of a boost, knowing that you feel confident in them. Install portraits of the teams, physicians, and nurses of one clinic or department in their clinic space or office suite. This can help patients and patrons know whom they can expect to work with, and who is who in the office or clinic.

You are most likely already using images of your teams working on your website or as educational material. If so, you can easily turn one of those images into a custom wall mural at Limitless Walls. Just upload a high-resolution image onto the website and crop it to the specific size of the wall or window you wish to cover. Then you can order your very own, unique, and custom wall mural.

team of doctors and nurses discussing issues in the hallway

If you have hallways or areas that are appropriate spaces to decorate, transform them from the sterile and boring into something fun and exciting. Take any dull space and give it its very own pizazz. You can install a full mural to cover the entire hallway in panels or put up some fun but classy wallpaper.

Even better, host an art show and hang photos and paintings down by your very own employees and long-term patients. This is a fantastic idea for children's hospitals! Rent the wall space out to local artists and let them hang their own artwork up for sale on the walls for a couple of months each year. It's a great hospital wall art idea because it can help enrich the community while also giving your space a little something extra.

There are enough walls and hallways in administrative offices and other departments that a bit of artwork could go a long way.

Specific Departments

baby with hospital tags on

For each particular department, find a wall art or wallpaper solution that is specific to that department's focus. For the labor and delivery department, you could install photos or a wall mural of a newborn, or infants (stock images are great as they will not violate patient confidentiality).

This kind of hospital wall art is a great way to allow each department to have a little bit of fun with their decorations and space. You could install wallpaper with a pattern of hearts on it in Cardiology. Or put up images of young children in the Pediatrics department.

We know it can get confusing trying to make your way through each winding corridor, and each hallway can start to feel and look the same. With specific wall art for each department, you can help any visitors find their way around.

Have Fun

Just remember that as you come up with hospital wall art ideas that you do not have to stick to anything traditional. There are countless options to choose from at Limitless Walls that we are sure you can find something that will be appropriate and fun for your space.

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