How and Why to Order Mural Samples

How and Why to Order Mural Samples

Ordering Mural Samples from Limitless Walls

Why Should I Order Wall Mural Samples?

Trying to figure out how to decorate your space can be tough, with many different factors to consider. What kind of and how much existing decor is worth keeping? What is the overall theme and tone of my space? Most people are generally knowledgeable about testing multiple paint colors, so let's compare that to ordering wall mural samples.

a book of paint swatches showing off a gradient of colors

If you were repainting a space, you'd prime the wall first, and then test the various paint colors to see how well the colors fit with your area. Sure, you can hold up paint swatches to the wall, but that's certainly not the same as viewing the actual paint on the wall.

There are so many environmental factors that affect the optical color of the paint, from the natural light, to the furniture, to the ceiling color, that in order to get a sense for how the paint will actually look, swatches just will not do the trick.

It's a similar line of logic for wall murals. While we do have millions of images on our site to choose from, they are digital image files, optimized for the computer.

There are many moving parts in play that will affect how your mural looks on your wall: the environmental factors of your space, the resolution of the image, the material of the mural, and any potential coatings on the mural. You could hold up your phone to the wall, but the best way to get a real sense of how great the image will look is to order a sample!

Use Wallpaper Samples To Test Materials


closeup of vinyl mural to show flat, matte texture

Closeup of vinyl mural to show texture. Flat, matte surface.

Closeup of peel-and-stick fabric to show slightly embossed, woven texture.

Closeup of peel-and-stick fabric material. Show slightly embossed, woven texture.

Closeup of peel-and-stick canvas to show slightly embossed, woven texture.

Closeup of peel-and-stick canvas. More textured. Thickest material on the market.

Closeup of paper mural to show flat, matte surface texture.

Closeup of paper mural to show texture. Flat, matte surface.

We have four different primary materials: peel-and-stick canvas, peel-and-stick fabric, as well as traditional pre-pasted paper, and paste-required vinyl (which can be either flat or embossed).

Our premium canvas is a proprietary material not sold by any other wall mural company; we recommend it for fine art murals or anything else that requires a high-end presentation. The thickness of the canvas will help mask slight imperfections on walls. It is also the easiest to install, due to its thickness.

The fabric material, on the other hand, is thinner than the canvas, made from extremely tightly woven polyester. It's a slightly thinner, less textured option compared to the canvas, and it allows the inks to really pop! Both of our peel-and-stick materials are easy to install and to remove!

The traditional pre-pasted paper is great for those for whom installing wallpaper is an old hat–soak the paper in water, let it book, and then apply to the wall like normal wallpaper.

The vinyl material, unless you choose to have it embossed, is a flat, untextured, matte surface. This allows the water-based inks and the colors to really pop.

Use Samples to Test Images

header to the request a sample page, highlighting that you can get 4 mural samples for $10

  • Our samples are a great way to test different materials and different images! For just $10, you can get up to four 8x10 samples, which can be any material and any image you want!
  • When you order samples, you can request the traditional image proof or quality proof. An image proof is a section of the full image that will be on your full mural, just on an 8x10 sheet of whichever material you choose.
  • Image proofs are great for testing how all the colors in the mural will appear in your space, in the presence of all the environmental factors.

Visualize putting your full, complete mural up on the wall. A quality proof is simply an 8x10 section of the entire mural. Use quality proofs to test the resolution of the mural, the scale of the pattern, and how the pattern appears on textured mural surfaces.

How to Order from Limitless Walls

There are two primary ways to order wall mural samples.

The first is to order straight from the product page. On the right side of every product is the three-step checkout process. In the third step, right below "ADD TO CART" and "Commercial Quotes" is the "Order a Sample" button.

showing the location of the order a sample button, under "add to cart" and "commercial quotes"

Once you've clicked "Order a Sample" a pop-up will ask you to indicate which materials you want to include in your sample packet.

A second way to order a sample is on the samples page. Please select "samples," third down on the information tab.the location of the sample page is third down on the information tab

On the ensuing samples page, you are presented with a variety of options. Per $10 sample envelope, you are limited to 4 total samples, any combination of materials and images. If you simply want material samples for one image, select your desired materials in the space below.

If you have a more complicated sample request (multiple images and/or multiple materials), follow the template like so.

For example, if you wanted two paper samples of this beach and a fabric and a canvas sample of this Paris scene, fill out the form like so (the item numbers are visible right below the image on the product page). Note: If you are trying to get samples for a custom upload mural, email your image and sample requests to [email protected].

Ordering quality proofs? Read the selection below. If you're just ordering image proofs, skip to the final section below.

Ordering Quality Proofs

To order accurate quality proofs, we will need to know two things. The first thing is your chosen image. The second is your wall size (if you're covering your full wall with your mural) or your mural size.

When requesting a quality proof, be specific as to how many quality proofs you would like, the material you would like it to be, and the image it's for.

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Trying to find the perfect decor for your wall is difficult. That's why we understand if you need more specificity than can be found in an order form. The best way to do this is to email our customer service team at [email protected]! Happy hunting!

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