well-lit room with pastel chair and green-white striped wallpaper on accent wall

How to Choose an Accent Wall

How to Choose an Accent Wall

What is an Accent Wall?

Accent walls, also known as feature walls, are a great way to solidify a theme for your space or dip your toe into bolder decor. In short, they're a single wall in a room that you choose to contrast artistically with your other walls.

Decorating a single wall in a space can be just what you need to make a large room feel smaller, give a small room a cozier feeling, or simply add to the ambiance!

well-lit room with pastel chair and green-white striped wallpaper on accent wall

Don't be afraid to indulge—bold colors, wild patterns—follow your heart! However, there are a few things to keep in mind: which wall to choose as your accent or feature wall, what color to use, and what themes or images to place on the wall to ensure that it's the focal point of the space.

How to Pick an Accent Wall

Which Wall Should Be the Accent Wall?

First, it's essential to choose a single wall to make your accent. If you genuinely want it to pop, select the wall opposite the primary entrance to the room, so you and your guests are always wowed by your design choice! Choosing the right wall is essential. There are no 100% hard-and-fast rules when it comes to selecting a wall—it's good to be flexible in your options, as all rooms are different.

apartment dining room with blue-green geometric accent wall

Another popular way to think about wall choice is line-of-sight. Where, in your space, are you and your guests looking at most often? For example, if you have a bar area in the living room or a well-used kitchen range, placing your accent wall on the wall you face regularly is a great idea. You'll utilize the natural line of sight of the rooms, which will enhance the focal nature of the feature wall.

Picking Accent Wall Colors

Now that you've chosen your wall, you'll need to choose the proper color schemes. If you're painting, use paint swatches to optimize your room's appearance. Once you've narrowed down your color choices, test them on the wall, as paint colors look different on cards as they do in a natural environment.

If you're using wallpaper or a wall mural to be your feature wall, ensuring BOTH the colors and patterns match the rest of your space is essential. Choosing a color can be tough, but several websites utilize color theory that provide color palettes, which you can use to create a truly inspired room!

Having three neutral-color (typically white) walls paired with vivid color for your accent wall is a straightforward, easy way to bring some life into your space. Try painting an accent wall a cool pastel color that contrasts with the neutral walls in your space for an exciting pop of color! This will help draw attention to your chosen feature wall (which is the whole point!).

How to Design an Accent Wall

You've selected your accent wall and color palette, so now it's time to spice things up and choose a design! The world truly is your oyster when it comes to creating a feature wall.

For example, if you want to bring a sense of elegance to a space and you've decided on a red or brown accent color, try a wooden accent wall! On the other hand, a beautiful mahogany or cherry wood coffered wall would make a luxurious change to a previously drab space. No matter the color, wall, or tone of your desired feature wall, Limitless Walls will work with you to furnish the accent wall that best fits your space.

Accent Wall Ideas

Are accent walls in style? Like most things, it depends. A tasteful, well-done accent wall that complements your space will never go out of style. However, you have an accent wall covered with shag texture and chintz everywhere, THAT might be out of style.

Here are some of our favorite accent wall ideas you can easily set up in your own space—drop the interior designers and be the master of your own home decor!

Gallery Wallcollection of 15 smaller framed bird decals

A gallery wall is a personal and effective way to create a focal point in a room, which is why it's one of our favorite accent wall ideas! Whether you choose to display pieces of art, travel pictures, family photos, or anything else, gallery walls are effective at showing off your personality.

Green Thumb

living room area with plants and plant themed walls

Paint your feature wall a lush, jungly green color, and pair it with some live, low-maintenance plants! This will help give a staid, boring room some life and some zest. Bonus points if the wall is near a window.

Cozy Fireplace

Fireplaces are already a natural focal point in a room—capitalize on that and make that wall your accent wall. Rustic is a great look for a fireplace wall—add some brick trim and put some homey accoutrements on the mantel.

Geometrics and Stripes

bedroom with multicolored triangular geometric wallpaper

A classic accent wall idea. If you have plainer walls in a space, adding bold colors and patterns like geometrics and stripes will give the room a fun, quirky vibe.

For more accent ideas, check out our accent wall inspiration pages for bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen!

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